Ridgefield Comic Con Detective Bulma


So Natasha had absolutely no clue what was going on here, but she was absolutely living for it. Costumes were always fun, especially when it was outside of Halloween and this particular event was chock-full of different sorts of people and looks. She'd been to a convention once before, an old boyfriend had very interested in these sorts of things, and she was doing her best to be supportive, had even bought this very costume for it!

Needless to say, things between them hadn't worked out, but the costume still fit like a glove and it would have been a total waste not to wear it at least a second time. Plus, she looked absolutely adorable in it!

Bunny Bulma making her way through a convention all on her own, getting herself caught up in what appeared to be some sort of scavenger hunt. There were stickers scattered about the building, tucked within art, on exhibits, and hidden away in events, and Natasha was out to gather them all. Currently, she was looking for what appeared to be a girl version of spider man and she was having quite the trouble finding her.

You would think something pink and white would glow amongst all the other brighter colors, but nope, she blended right on in. Exasperated, she would turn to the nearest person, holding up the list of stickers in need of finding, finger pointing towards the wanted picture. "Have you seen this sticker anywhere?"

outfit is similar to this but with this costume

Oh no. Bubbles actually did in fact have that sticker on her person, in her actual hand. She conspicuously yanked both her hands behind her back.

"NNnOOPE!" she claimed, with a big adorable grin.
The outfit took Natasha by surprise, her eyes widening for the briefest of moments as she unconsciously moved her eyes away from the bug-like goggles that occupied the girl's face. The movement allowing her to notice that the girl was possibly lying to her at this moment. The hands behind the back reminding her of a child that might have just gotten caught stealing cookies from a jar.

"You haven't seen it a alllll?" She attempt, eyes still focused away from her face, because creepy.
"Neeeeverrrrrrr once," she grinned, delighting in the fact that the other woman looked way. She scuttled around, trying to get in her field of view.

"Why. Are you gonna pay for it??"
Ugh what was with those goggles?!

She was such a pretty girl, but the glasses ruined everything!!

"I wouldn't pay, but I could possibly offer a tasty treat instead?"
"Hmmm... what kind of treat?"

Rika could be very picky, so now she was looking to be impressed.
A very good question, and one that would take a moment to answer as Natasha did a quick scope of their surroundings. Plenty of booths on all sides, but not all food related... Oh, but there was one that specialty shakes, and who didn't like ice cream?

"Milk shake?" She'd offer hesitantly, a thumb pulling back in the direction of the booth.
"A milkshake?!" she repeated. "Nooooo. Those are a dime a dozen. What else you got!"

They weren't, but she was deciding to be difficult. Rika swayed her hips in place, a childish move for a lady dressed as a child. With power.
A dime a dozen?!

That didn't mean they weren't still amazing!! Ugh, what did you find just specifically at a freaking comic con?

Natasha's eyes would go back to searching the booths, squinting at their designs and offerings as she searched for something more special.

"Okaaaay," she drawled for time. "How aboooout.... Oh-knee-gee-ree?" Yeah she didn't know how to say whatever word was plastered on that sign. "Apparently they make characters out of it? That's special, right?" Granted she had absolutely no clue what this onigiri stuff was.
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