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Amira was sore the entire walk there, her bag in her hand and the tank top she was wearing sticking right to her weeping back. It smarted horribly with every step; at least she was able to bandage(poorly) the bite on her hand. Why her hand again? It was just healed up from the vampire and only had little marks but now it had teeth marks from another were and she was grumpy over it.

With a sighing huff, she finally managed to make it to the Dr's house. It smelt like jaguar but also another cat, that was odd, maybe he had a friend? It didn't matter, she would give a knock and step back.

Quietly she hoped he wouldn't judge her wild appearance; her hair a mess and her clothes a bit dirty from the post shift. She felt uncomfortable on so many levels like this so was rather glad she was able to come to him for some help.

House ref

The jaguar was as good as the knocking, letting off loud roos now that the tiger was close, Amira on their doorstep. Making his way over, he’d unlock and swing the door open with a smile edged with concern. Blood could be smelled, some other were attached to her now feint, but somewhat familiar. As for her appearance, well, it looked like she’d been through a hurricane.

”Hey Amira, come on inside. We can head to the kitchen and I’ll get you looked at there.”

Frank would move off to the side and let her in, shutting the door behind once through.
There was a bit of a tired smile on Amira's face as she saw Frank again; this time without being attacked by wayward hot cocoa. She honestly would have gathered that to her looking like this and needing some help again; it was a record twice within three months.

"Hello Frank, thank you, " she told him as she would step in side and slip off the flat shoes and wipe her feet on the mat so as to not track dirt into his nicely clean home. It was cozy! She and Butterscotch couldn't help but look around a little bit as she would walk over to where the kitchen was.

"There is a new were you should know of roaming on a train cart...its a mountain lion, or a regular lion...anyway, I was trying to convince him to leave and go to the woods where it was safer but uhm...failed, sorry, " she told him apolgetically. She had been trying to help it just played out very poorly for her.
As she got settled, he followed her further in, Dolce watching from the couch where she’d been trained to stay back. He offered her a head scratch as she then jumped off to follow into the kitchen, interested in the new arrival with happy wags of her tail.

News of a new were had his attention and the second itch of one being by the train carts made sense now. Frank sighed some, nodded his head as he pulled out a seat for her at the table. So, that’s who’d bit her too. ”Thanks for trying and the heads up. I’ll keep an eye out for them.” Maybe, he could get them in touch with the lion Mathis had mentioned off-handedly that one time.

As Dolce sniffed around Amira’s feet, he was quick to introduce her. ”Dolce here wants to say hello it looks like. She’s super sweet, but I can put her up if you’re not comfortable.”
Amira heard a sound and would turn and look, seeing a little fluffy dog, a big smile would rise on her face as she watched her sniff Frank and then head on over to her.

She would give a nod to that, "Of course...he looked like he had little clue what was going on and I feel bad I couldn't help him because his cat didn't seem to get that I just wanted to help get him somewhere safe, " she told him, a frown on her face before it would face at the little puppy dog who was sniffing her bare feet.

Slipping down, she would offer her ok hand to her, "No she's fine, she's not scared of us? My baba always told me pets or anything that could be a pet would be scared, " she told him in surprise as she would give a tentative scriff to her soft head, a little smile on her face until the pain from standing like this was too much and she would straighten and then move to sit on a chair now.
That wasn’t good at all. He could remember the first days after turning himself and how absolutely terrifying it had been. Amira had been trying to help, but she’d been conversing with a wild animal and was lucky that it’d only been road rash and a bite. They needed to find him and soon.

Watching as she bent down to introduce herself to Dolce, Frank smiled, relieved that she seemed alright with the pup. The background of a father or grandfather figure telling her about how pets were scared of them had him pull a thoughtful expression as he shook his head. ”It’s a, uh, recent development. I’m not sure what caused it to change, but animals don’t seem to be scared of us anymore, no. Once we noticed, it was hard not to get a dog,” Frank laughed in explanation.

Something pulled in Amira’s face and she was back on the chair. Right. He moved closer, ready to look at things. ”Let’s get you seen to. You said you fell off a train?”
Amira was surprised to learn this, it was new, wholly new and the reason why she had been told she couldn't have a hedgehog and it always made her sad. She loved the prickly little guys and found them to be the sweetest little things with their tiny spikes.

"Oh...I've been wanting a pet since...well forever so this is amazing; I think once I'm better I'm going to go see what I can find at the shelter, " she told him happily. Even if it wasn't her magical hedgehog, she'd gladly get some creature for her to love on and spend her free time with when she wasn't working. "She's so sweet, " she complimented them both on that one as she was already falling for a dog she just met.

Once sitting, she would turn a bit and pull her long hair over her shoulder to let him see the road rash that was on her back that was still rightly dirty from the fall. "Yea...when he bit me, I lost my grip and couldn't pull up and I fell off of it while it was moving...never ever am I doing that again, " she told him as she would lift her shirt a bit but it was mostly stuck due to the dry blood that had been weeping from her back.
The conversation about wanting a pet, adopting one later, had him warming considerably. He hoped she found the right one just for her.

Watching as her hair was pulled away, Frank leaned in, getting a look of the rash and walking around to her back. Gingerly taking the edge of the shirt, she pulled it away from her skin enough for him to have a look, the smell of asphalt, dirt, and blood puffed up loud and clear. The shifter had bitten her while she was dragged by the train, god.

”You’re lucky this is it,” he said plainly. ”If you can take your shirt off, I’m going to clean and bandage it up for you.”
Amira felt rightly scolded for her stupidity...correction she was going to blame Butterscotch because she was the big strong cat who couldn't hold the hell on and now Amira had to suffer the painful consequences of it all.

She would nod at his request and would gingerly lift and peel off her shirt, whimpering a bit as she did so. "I don't think anything's broken...nothing feels broken at least but my back...hurts like heck, " she told him, not even hiding the pained sound in her voice as she would just hold both her hair and shirt against her chest now. Not that she was shy but mostly to hold onto something since this was probably going to be unfun as heck.
Concern softened his features more so at the whimper sounding in the kitchen as the shirt was removed. Busying himself in walking to the sink to wet a washcloth, Frank nodded to the comment. Nothing seemed broken, but it was something to check while patching her up.

”I bet it does.”

Turning off the water, he’d twist out the cloth so it was simply damp before returning. ”I’m going to wash the dirt out first, okay? Nothing too painful.” If she didn’t object, Frank would begin to do just that, starting at the top of the rash, trying to lightly scrub the blood and debris out.
Her leg was bouncing a bit as she heard him getting a washcloth and wetting in, her teeth biting at her lower lip a little as she tried to not fidget around while waiting for him. When he came back behind her, she would look over her shoulder at hm for a moment and then ahead again.

"Ok, " she told him nodding a few times, her fingers gripping her shirt tightly anticipating it to hurt a lot and not the little but...turns out it just stung a bit. Visibly she relaxed some as he worked to clean her back up, "So what's that other cat smell? " she asked him curiously, just wanting to talk about anything to keep her mind off of her back while he cleaned away the dirt and bits that were stuck in her skin.
Naturally, she was tense, but soon enough Amira relaxed and he carried on carefully while going at a good pace. The question had him breathing in, for a moment only really picking out her own scent as the one standing out in the house. Obviously, tiger, but that didn’t make much sense for her to want to bring up. Right, there was probably Mathis’ own mixed with jaguar that he’d just simply gotten used to.

”That’d be cheetah,” he explained, a small smile lifting the edges of his lips as Frank continued. ”The, uh, King of them, Mathis, lives here with me.”
Another king?! Two kings under one roof! It made her eyes go wide as she looked over at him in awe, "Holy wow that is awesome, " she told him as she would look forward again so as to not move anymore.

"So both of you lead over here? Or is he in charge of a different area? " she asked him curiously, wanting to know a little bit more about the cheetah king. Cheetahs were cool and fast, she had never met one before and wondered if she would tonight or if she'd have to be a nosey rosey and find him out to say hi.
He paused, her movement causing the cloth to be pulled off her back as she fixed him with a widened look. A laugh buffeting out of his chest at the response, continuing once she settled again. Almost done.

”We both lead in Alameda,” Frank explained, grateful that Mathis had decided to move over here instead of staying back in Reignhart. ”There was an opportunity to share territory and we took it.”

Done with cleaning up, he set down the cloth, letting the air and her natural body heat dry up the dampness while Frank focused on opening up alcohol wipes.
She would settle and listen in to what he was telling her, "Oh! So both of you keep Alameda safe, that's awesome, " she told him rather happily at that one. It was pretty cool, she hadn't heard of two leaders leading two different groups and then living together.

Thankfully, her dense backside didn't really realize what they meant but it meant little to her.

"What is a cheetah like? I've never actually seen one only on TV- if that isn't too weird of a question, " she would ask as her back dried off. It felt less gross thankfully and she would hope that was the worst of it as she just held her shirt.
The reaction was nice and he smiled through it as he unfolded what was needed.

As for what a cheetah was like, Frank turned thoughtful. ”Well, hmm.” Carefully, he introduced the wipes to her back, starting to sanitize the wounds.

Thinking back to the times he’d met a cheetah shifted, all of them on the jaguar’s side of things did leave a good enough impression for a description to give. ”They’re smaller than you expect I guess, but that might just be the jaguar talking,” Frank laughed. ”Y’know, very skinny, but strong legs and they can purr and make these funny squeaking noises. I don’t know,” he shrugged. ”I like them.”
The first touch of the alcohol pad made her jump, it stung and burned! Her head would drop as she just bit her shirt for a moment to get used to the stinging sensation as he cleaned the wound on her back.

"Hmm I mm gatta see who's bigger o-or tiger or mmm cheetah, " she told him with a bit of a laugh in her tone. "Man I wish I could purr...cats purring is always nice, " she told him as she let out a little hissy sound as he continued to clean but she was behaved still and stayed in place for him to continue taking care of her back.

"So what mm is the cheetah king like? Is he nice like you? " she asked curiously, trying to keep her mind just on talking and not on her back. Think happy tiger thoughts or just happy cat thoughts in general.
The jump was expected and he paused enough to let her adjust before continuing on.

Who was bigger, indeed. Maybe it was a bit of a pride thing, but the jaguar and him wanted it to be them. Though, it was probably the tiger, right? When you took in sheer body mass there was also something to be said there. He hummed in agreement to both that and the purring comment.

Pausing at the hiss, Frank would pick up what he was doing once more when he was sure she was alright. ”It is.”

As for the questions about Mathis himself, he nodded, though Amira maybe couldn’t see it. ”I’d like to hope so. He puts up with my award winning humor everyday, man’s on his way to sainthood by now I’m sure of it,” he chuckled.

Done with the area, he set the old wipes to the side and opened more before lightly tugging at the arm the hand that was bitten was connected to towards him. Frank needed to work on that now as well. If given, he’d start cleaning there as well, pausing if she needed a moment, but continuing on. ”But yeah, he’s easy to get along with. Hardworking, honest, easy going and the kind of listener and sound advice everyone needs.” There was no doubt fondness in tone as Frank described his fiancé.
Amira was doing her best to be the best patient here, to not squirm too much on him as she felt him cleaning the area more. Unhappy grumbles were leaving Butterscotch as she hated this as much as Amira did but couldn't do anything about it.

A laugh left her at that, a smile on her face as he talked about Mathis, "He sounds really nice and hey maybe you have a lot of good humor and don't realize it, " she told him with a bit of a nod. He had to if someone stayed and enjoyed it that much.

She was relieved when he finished with her back, those alcohol pads stunk to high heaven and stung! What she hadn't expected was him tugging on her twice bitten hand and pulling it to him. Amira wouldn't stop him but he'd see the older bite drag marks on her hand with the new ones. A little hiss left her once more when he started to clean that up as well.

"He sounds really great, like a great person to yea like you, " she told him with a bit of a child like summary on that. She would watch as he cleaned up the bite mark on her hand though, her fingers twitching unhappily at the touches.
That was nice of her to think even though she’d probably only heard just a smidge of the amounts Mathis had to deal with on the daily. As far as Frank was concerned, his jokes were award winning. Maybe, a bit too “dad joke-y”, but those were the best in his opinion.

The hissing had him slowing, making sure he wasn’t dragging out a tiger with the simple swipes of alcohol pads. As she eased into it though and provided a sum up, Frank laughed a tad. ”Well, thanks,” he smiled, brushing the wipe against the bite’s edges, following what the teeth had left behind. ”We try our best.”

Done, he pulled away enough to drop the bloodied wipe where the others had accumulated. ”There we go, all clean. I’m going to bandage the worst parts of your back and then we can see to your hand.”

Moving to the petroleum jelly and gauze he had ready, Frank uncapped the container. Pulling a glop onto a crook of fingers, he'd start applying that over the area with light touches so when the bandage was secured around the area later, it wouldn't stick to the skin.
Amira gave a little tired smile and nodded a little, "I think you're doing great, you've been nothing but nice and rather funny since I met you at the diner, " she told him with a positive smile. Sure this was the second time in person but this time counted more than any because he was being all sorts of great and helping her when he really didn't have to.

Taking a breath, she would pull her chewed on hand back and give a nod, "Alright...I almost was going to call my brother, Indra to help- I'll have to tell him what happened later...he's going to freak out a bit...he's a bear so I don't have to keep secrets but he's protective, " she told Frank as a sigh left her. She hoped he wouldn't be too upset that this happened, she hadn't meant to get all the way over here.

This part didn't hurt as much, the goop was cool and felt rather nice as he coated her back in it. Amira was banking on a couple shifts and then being right as rain again with no problems- after he made her look like a partial mummy probably.
Wiping his hand off on a rag, he began pulling out gauze pads as she spoke. The mention of a brother had Frank pausing, wondering if he needed to say anything, before she went on to explain the man was a were himself. Okay, then, that was a relief on that aspect.

Making to situate the first of the pads, he tore some first aid tape, beginning to push it down lightly onto the edges. ”Well, I’m glad you called me to patch you up,” he started, adding another strip.

”Is your brother part of the bear group in Camp Baron by any chance?”
Amira gave a little smile to that, "Me do a much better job than I probably would have. Last time I got hurt I thought just covering it all with bandages would do it but no, it didn't, " she told him with a slight laugh at her own silliness.

The gauze felt a little funny on her back, the tape making her want to scratch at it as it didn't belong on her back but she behaved.

"Mmhm! Cliff is my boss even. I work at the Sanctuary in the kitchen to help out in the kitchen's for the guests that come around, " she told him a bit proudly. She loved it there, it felt comfortable and safe and she really lucked out with such a nice boss who let her take the time she needed to heal up before she could come back and continue working. This time around though, she wasn't going to take time off, she didn't want to seem like a problem worker.
At the explanation of how she last patched herself up, he grimaced through a laugh, sincerely glad that wasn’t happening now. ”No, I don’t imagine it would.”

Fastened, he focused on the next batch of gauze, humming in surprise at the mention of her working for Cliff. The Sanctuary was growing since the last time he’d spoken to the guy, judging and with a pit of anger stemming from genuine care after the shit show with Levka. He needed to actually pop in and talk to him and the staff some more sometime, catch up outside of were drama it would seem.

”Small world,” he breathed, a genuine smile in tone with it. ”The jaguars shift up there every moon. I bet we’ve just passed each other without knowing.” More tape. ”I’ll have to stop by for a bite sometime and try out your food.”
No Amira had to call Indra to help her on that one but she was glad she did, she got to try his tea and then just sit with him until she fell asleep from the insanity of it all. She would watch him a bit as he wrapped and taped her up, it felt better than just having them all exposed to the air honestly.

"Really? We might have! I try to shift there but I like the waterfalls a lot so it's hard to not want to stay out in the Fringes, " she told him a little sheepishly at that. Now though, she needed to stick to the Sanctuary until she was healed up all over again though.

A big smile rose to her face at that, "I hope to see you! I'm thinking cooking is going to be what I do, I love it too much, " she explained to him as she'd look over at everything that had been bandaged on her. She felt like a mummy, sort of, it was a pretty funny feeling. "Think I'll live? " she asked, her tone now more playful as she felt better than she had when she walked in.
That made sense and he nodded, not sure if she could exactly see him so Frank added a hum of understanding.

”One of the members in my group is a chef. You should meet him sometime,” he suggested, finishing up on her back. Pulling away to look at the work, a finger pushed down at a curled edge to flatten it at the question. ”I think you have a hundred percent chance.”

Satisfied, Frank stepped to the front of her. ”Want to give me your hand again?”
"Oh I'd love that! If you want to, you could give him my number and if he wanted we could meet up, " she'd leave it up to him to see if the other chef wanted to meet her. She wondered what they were like; nice or stand offish? Fun or stiff? So many questions!

A little laugh left her as she nodded happily at that and would look up more as he asked for her hand again.

Amira would hold her hand out to him to do what he'd like, "So how do I thank you for this? " she asked curiously; mostly meaning payment or something. Her head a small scramble and couldn't remember if she asked him before.
That was an eager enough reply and he grinned for it. ”Sounds good.” Andy would be hearing from him soon then, hopefully with a new friend to come out of it.

Taking the hand, Frank gave it another look before leaning over to the table to pull at the sutures needed he’d had readied. The question gave him something to talk about as he prepped. Numbing agent would probably be best based on her reactions from earlier. ”By resting and healing up,” he chuckled lightly, opening up the cream needed before lightly dabbing the areas on her hand. "Easy."
Amira could only give him a slight smile as she tilted her head a little bit, "I don't know how good at resting I am but I promise to do my best, " she had way too much energy for things so just sitting like a bump on a log was not for her.

Wincing as he started to dab the cream around her hand, her brows furrowing a little as she wouldn't pull away, "What are you doing? " she asked curiously. Not totally sure what he was planning on doing.
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