Police & Supernatural Task Force Adoptables


Have you got a hankering to play the long arm of the law? Well, we've got some coppers for you! Names and face claims are optional, but personalities and histories should stick to the guidelines listed for each character. If there's anything specific you have in mind for changing, tap a staffer!

Supernatural Task Force Adoptables

Mhara Hatendi / Senior STF Officer
-Suggested FC: Thandiwe Newton
44-48 | Human
  • Mhara Hatendi understood the principles of law enforcement long before she ever joined the academy; having had educators around the home in the form of uncle/s and a father who served. But when she made her pledge, she also became the first woman in her family to wear the uniform.
  • Years ago, her public image suffered greatly following a vicious divorce and subsequent custody battle. Her ex-husband came from money she simply didn’t have, and she lost due to poorer representation. Recently he was charged with corruption, and full custody of her now two teenage boys was returned to her.
  • Composed, but fraught with restless energy. Tames it best when she enters her deep strategic mode and has to organise the cavalry. Her whole private life’s looked like cutting it close and barely making it to important appointments, but she’s a reliable and procedural team member who thrives efficiently when given the slightest opportunity to guide.

  • Chloe Nguyen / STF Officer
    -Suggested FC: Olivia Munn
    35-40 | Human or Psychic
  • A lawful good investigator with a quiet fear of supernatural beings that wars against her drive for fairness and liberty.
  • Has several years of police work under her belt - how long and in what way is up to the player - has only very recently joined the Ridgefield STF.
  • Has been attacked by a vampire in recent history, and has most of her memories about the encounter.

    Ridgefield PD Adoptables

    Xiomara Pérez / Police Officer
    -Suggested FC: Diane Guerrero
    27-33 | Human
  • A witty, curious journalist turned witty, curious police officer who has a knack for making friends on and off the beat.
  • Lost her wife to a suspected Were attack two years ago, but remains unprejudiced... mostly.
  • Sometimes butts heads with her coworkers, but is a reliable and fastidious officer.

  • Henry Moe / Crime Scene Investigator
    -Suggested FC: Richard Ayoade
    32-40 | Human
  • Fascinated with the root of all crime; persistently makes even his colleagues uncomfortable. Equally as intrigued by supernaturals in an academic way. Incredibly helpful and an asset when it comes to evidence, with unthinkably good memory and an attention to detail which proves useful, but he also has a notoriously unbeloved tendency of trying to befriend the task force team any opportunity he can.
  • Enjoys reading macabre tragedies and dark Reddit threads. Also enjoys conducting practical experiments in his garage. His heart’s in the right place, he just happens to be a frequent victim of misunderstanding. Like that one time he accidentally told a reporter everything he wasn’t meant to.
  • Moe was mute for a considerable time in his childhood, which might be why he has no filter now. Today he is textbook eloquent, but despite a lifetime of speech pathologists, he reverts to stuttering when he feels backed into a corner.

    Wes Sweeney / Narcotics Unit
    -Suggested FC: Sam Rockwell
    48-52 | Human or Psychic (Malleability)
  • Weston, man with not one, not two, but three middle names, spent his early years in a trailer at the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. His mother was a bohemian, and his father had a handful of faces, in that he was replaced every other month.
  • As a person, he’s deadbeat and lousy. His humour is flippant. The first thing he does when he comes home is make his way to the fridge, crack open a beer, and sink into an armchair. But it’s the type of attitude that’s necessary when he’s had to spend more time getting beat up on the job than making arrests.
  • In saying that, he’s recently finished a six year stint working undercover. The results of it look good on his profile, but he’s not always aboveboard, so he’s been told to clean up his act before applying for the immaculate STF. Oh, right. Why does he want to apply? He’s heard the salary’s better, and six years is a long time to impersonate someone he isn’t. He’d make a good detective. Swear on his mother’s name.

    Cormac Black / Police Detective or STF Detective
    -Suggested FC: Aidan Turner
    35-40 | Human or Psychic
  • A detective whose interest in the supernatural has grown unhealthy. Unclear if he wants to eliminate supernaturals or become one.
  • The catalyst of his interest is something he keeps close to his chest, often changing the story when asked for detail.
  • Pensive, direct, and occasionally spacy when lost in thought.
  • Could have his eye on joining the STF or already be in the org.

  • Adopted

    Joshua Tiffer
    -Suggested FC: Chiwetel Ejiofor
    38-44 | Human
  • STF Chief
  • A family man whose deep compassion and need for discipline makes him a capable and effective leader.
  • Joined the police academy at 18, and has been in law enforcement ever since. Was recruited for supernatural investigation in late 2018. His wife hates it.
  • Wears a silver wedding band at all times.

  • Pauline Rice
    -Suggested FC: Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs
    25 | Human or Psychic
  • An enigmatic but fierce young woman who is eager to learn more about the science of supernatural people.
  • Graduated from college in New York with a bachelor's in forensic science and moved to Ridgefield in late 2019 after securing a position as a forensic analyst.
  • If she is a psychic, she will only just have discovered it!
  • Mike Haas
    -Suggested FC: Anthony Padilla
    30 | Human or Psychic
  • A soft-hearted rookie who feels he's late to his calling and is determined to prove himself in helping to pave the way for supernatural justice.
  • Moved to Ridgefield after dreams of becoming a comedian in Denver never came to fruition.
  • After a year under Joshua's wing, Mike has only recently been released into the field, but always with a partner.
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