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Kesi was humming a little bit, she wanted to feed and what better place to find someone than at a nice club that had decent music and drinks. She might not be able to enjoy the drinks but that didn't mean others couldn't and so she was hoping to be able to find someone who was tasty that she could lure into allowing her to nibble on.

With two non drinking drink in hand, she would walk around and look before finding someone to approach and holding out the extra to a person at the bar.

"Evening, care for a drink? Some fellow gave me two and I have a lighter tolerance so I can't drink two, " she would offer them. She didn't see it as weird just given too many drinks and couldn't drink both!


Clubs were an occasional part of Leon's routine. They tended to be noisy and crowded which dropped them to the bottom of his social list but he had gone so often for police work that it felt almost wrong not to stop by every once in a while. Besides he had gotten friendly with one of the bartenders at this particular club and it wasn't too far from his condo.

The night was still young and he had just found a nice spot at the bar and begun perusing the wine menu when a middle eastern woman approached. He tried to recall if it was someone he had met before but nothing came to mind as the drink was offered. The words offered along with spoke to no connection between them which made the encounter a bit suspicious. He didn't usually get a free drink from a stranger.

"Well I wont say no to a free drink."

He said with one of his charming smiles and took the glass. With one hand he would trace the rim of the glass looking to get a few drops of the drink on one of this fingers in a discreet manner. There were ways to test if something had been added.
Kesi offered a little smile at him taking the spare drink, unaware to her he was testing it only to find that it was indeed just a fruity alcoholic drink that had nothing special inside it. She would hold her other drink and lift it as a small toast and take a fake sip before setting it down.

"Long day? " the woman would ask him curiously as she leaned against the bar. She was confident and calm, her eyes looking over the what looked like, auburn haired man that she offered a drink to. He was cute and he smelt heavenly. What a lovely aroma that was laced around him. It brought her back to the smell of sweet bread coated in honey.

It took a fair amount of her willpower to just not be crass and try and get her way right away but no, manners. She had manners and refused to step back on them.
The drink wasn't laced and he would take a sip with the toast. A bit odd to get a free drink but everything looked fine. Maybe a new aggressive way to flirt? He didn't mind.

"I am happily on a break from work"

The less aggreges way of saying he was out of a job. Not that it was a big deal to him and his family money.

"Are you here to enjoy the sights and sounds?"

People watching he found was a shared interest for many.
"Oh, cheers to that one, " she told him with a little smile at that.

Work was tiring really, you work so hard and then for what sometimes? She liked her rather laid back lifestyle of not working unless she was absolutely bored out of her mind.

"I am; also to see if I meet anyone who's interesting, " she told him with a bit of a playful smile, "I'm curious, if you don't mind, what is one odd thing that you enjoy, " she would ask him as she took another fake sip of her drink to see if he was willing to answer her question before she gave her own answer.
Cheers indeed. He didn't feel particularly in high spirits about the STF, how they worked or how he had left. It was in the past and there was no point worrying about it. He doubted anything had changed.

"Is this a new form of a dating profile question?"

He did in fact own a tinder and grindr profile, solely for the purposes of one night stands. Not that he used the apps very often. There were plenty of ways to meet people without the oddity of swiping right.

"I do enjoy carrying my cat around even though she is quiet large and I always seem to get fur in my mouth."

It wasn't exactly odd as many cat parents did the same thing. Though maybe less with a main coon.
Dating? Oh what a fun thing, maybe it was and she could get something enjoyable from it.

"Maybe...but then I am curious to ask would you want to go on a date with me? " she asked him curiously, a brow raised as she brought the cup to her lips again and faked another sip.

Kesi would let out a little laugh, "Fluffy cat? " she asked him curiously, wondering what kind could be so big and get fur in his mouth.
Now Leon was a bit of a flirt, but he felt it was a rather fast ball to ask him on a date in this situation. Though he would admit the woman was rather stunning.

"I think a coffee date would be lovely if you're asking."

He said with a flash of a grin.

"My darling Esmee is a Maine Coon."

Esmee was his life. He would live and die for her, which was probably all she wanted. She was his sweet baby and he adored her. And talking about her meant he had to pull out his phone and show a picture.


Kesi would find herself smiling more, "Ever had Turkish coffee? " the woman would inquire curiously. Internally though, she was having a small worry over the fact that she couldn't walk in the sun; well that is unless he wanted to have a coffee date with a heron.

As he pulled out his phone and show her the cat and her heart melted a little bit.

"Oh she is lovely! How long have you had such a stunning cat? " she inquired curiously. Cat's were lovely creatures and she did wish to own one but that seemed rather tricky and she did fear them knocking over her process antiques.
He disliked American coffee though so maybe he should rethink any coffee dates. He preferred expresso a French press to go with the slang. Though he was quiet fond of trying new things American coffee was just bland.

"I've had it once when I was in Greece, it was quiet nice."

A bit more bitter then he had been use to but at the time he had needed something like a kick in the teeth to stay on task.

"I've had Esmee for about ten years now. I got her when she was just a baby."

She had been so small back then, and now she took up his whole chest when he picked her up.
"Greece is a lovely place, the culture and people, " she told him as she lifted her glass to her lips and fake sipped before setting it down to rest in her hand.

A soft smile was on her lips as he spoke of her, such a sweet feline from the sounds of it!

"I haven't been able to come around to owning another cat since my Mimi passed some years ago. She was an Egyptian Mau, sweet girl and had a lot of energy but could claim your work space if she didn't have her own, " Kesi told him with a little chuckle.
He didn't care for small talk about other places, it would go nowhere, and they were talking about Esmee which he would push all his attention to. She was his darling. If she died he would die too. Well maybe not, but he would be crushed if anything were to happen to her. He was not above going John Wick on anyone that hurt his baby.

"Im sorry for your loss. I can't imagine loosing Esmee."

He did laugh at the image of a cat taking over a keyboard. How very like them.

"Esmee has thankfully never tried to claim my desk, though she is very fond of laps."
Kesi gave a little tilt of her head to the apology she got from him on that.

"Thank you. cats are precious creatures, " she told him with a warm smile at that. She might have to get another since she did miss having a pet but they'd have to be able to adapt to her nocturnal lifestyle.

"A lap is perfectly acceptable. By my workspace, I had a small cat sized desk with a soft computer cat bed that Mimi would sleep on- at least most of the time, " Kesi said with a bit of a chuckle at remembering that cats antics.
He was extremely fond of cats and could talk about Esmee for hours which was what he planned on doing even as he sipped his drink down.

"How long did that last? I imagine once they realized the bed was not your computer they came to bug you once more."

One drink became two, but Leon's tolerance was average and it would take more then a couple cocktails to make him tipsy.
"I managed that for two weeks before the decoy computer failed, " she said with a laugh as she passed over the 'empty' glass of hers to get a fresh one.

She was going to be happily sober during this interaction and it was time to step it up a smidge.

"I hope you don't mind...but I have a bit of a sense that you're not all...human, is that right? " she would ask curiously, her eyes slipping into gold before returning to hazel.
A shame, in Leon's opinion, the conversation took a turn away from cats. There sure did seem to be an awful lot of psychics in the area. He gave an amused smile even though he wasn't quiet feeling that emotion as she switched her eyes to gold.

"Oui, I am like you"

He would let his own eyes drift to purple as a confirmation.
Her eyes lit up more, "How extraordinary! " she praised as she nodded a little to him.

"If you don't mind my prying further, what is it you can do? " she asked curiously, leaving it to where he didn't have to answer if he didn't wish to but she oh so hoped. Learning of other abilities was always a boon in her book.
She did seem to be happy about it. If they werent in a crowded bar he might have considered showing off a little.

"Im a pyromancer. I control fire."

This time the smile was genuine.

"And you?"
If there was something that could make a vampire sweat, it was a psychic who was a walking torch. Keeping her calm, she would still keep her smile on her face.

"What a powerful gift, lovely, truly, " she told him with a smile.

"Mine is a bit darker. I can speak and summon the dead."
His brows raised at her response. A necromancer. He had never met one before. It sounded useful, imagine being able to talk to a victim. To figure out who the kill was from the get go.

Not police anymore, he had to remind himself of that.

"That's a powerful ability."
Oh now he was a flatterer. She would dip her head a little bit at that.

" It's different- would you, if you could, ever want to summon another from the grave to speak to them again? " dark question sure but only natural given what they were talking about.
Well if she was going to ask.

"Yes. I use to be a cop, there would have been a lot of crimes that we could have solved if we had the ability to speak to the dead."

He wondered if he was ever going to get past the point of telling people he use to be a cop. Maybe if he actually got a job. There was that new theater, although he hadn't seen any ads that fit him.
"Used to be? What happened- if it's not too much to ask, " she would tack on. She could tell it was a tender topic but her curiosity was still there and that was keeping her here still.

She knew she needed to be careful otherwise she might end up a pile a soot or just badly burnt.
It was a given to ask what had happened, just as if she had said she use to be a school teacher. A social curtesy, but one he wasn't feeling to fond of at the moment. He did not want to talk about what had happened with a stranger, even a psychic stranger.

"Just needed something new."

Was his lie. He was feeling a bit off put by the turn of conversation though, maybe he should wrap things up soon.
"A change is always good to have in your's too short, " for most.

She would smile a little though, her head tilting to the side a bit, "Well, if you ever wanted to try something...different. I use my talents to hunt down bits of historical pieces. If you ever wanted to come with for just a change of pace, you're more than welcome, " that was a dumb offer on her part. Firstly he smelt too good and secondly he could destroy her with just a thought. Kesi though, couldn't find it in herself to be rude to such a kind gentleman.
An interesting hobby. Leon did enjoy history, it was hard not to when he had lived in Europe surrounded be the remains of centuries past. There was something to be said for how humans had created such marvels. Notre dame had been one of his favorite places to visit, even though he was not religious in the slightest. Maybe he would take her up on the offer.

"Well it certainly is an intriguing subject. Could I get your number for future interests?"

It was a bit to late to delve into another subject, and if he did get the number he would find a way to wrap up. His bed was waiting.
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