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its me, the one that makes too many adoptables. These are a collection of characters I've built around colors and metals! Theres a range of species, and none are required to join with any specific group, or do anything involving myself at all. They're just concepts swirling in my head meat that I'd love to see come to life if you're interested! Alright here!


Suggested FCs: Zoe Kravitz or Charles Dance
Species: Tiger
Key Themes: Sacrifice, Love, Anger
  • A private and guarded person, with internalized rage at something that they struggle to cope with
  • Volunteered to be turned in an act of passionate love (this does not have to be romantic), which was not reciprocated
  • Fearful of the unknown, but willing to take risks if the odds seem in their favor

  • Yellow
    Suggested FCs: Tanya Burr or Michael B Jordan
    Species: Coyote
    Key Themes: Optimism, Dishonesty, Betrayal
  • An almost too cheerful person, who will often disregard when someone asks to tone it down
  • Was turned after witnessing someone close to them shifting and trying to hide it
  • Allegedly coping with it very well thank you for asking!!! :)

  • Blue
    Suggested FCs: Phoebe Bridgers or Joshua Karpeh (Cautious Clay)
    Species: Crocodile
    Key Themes: Calm, Timidity, Comfort
  • A laid back, mellow person with an almost eerie calm aura about them
  • A placid surface sometimes betrays turbulent uncertainty beneath
  • Gets intimidated by high energy, and will cull their own enthusiasm about things
  • Likes soft things, which is in direct conflict with how sharp of an animal they turn into

  • Psychics

    Suggested FCs: Maggie Rogers or Alex Lawther
    Power Suggestion: Mimicry
    Key Themes: Determination, Stimulation, Fascination
  • Driven to master every power they come across, teetering on obsessive
  • Holds themselves too much to high expectations, and can often become overwhelmed and frustrated when struggling with new things
  • Fierce loyalty and charisma can make up for the way they can sometimes disregard the other person in the equation

  • Green
    Suggested FCs: Nikki Reed or Tom Hopper
    Power Suggestion: Tychokinesis
    Key Themes: Luck, Generosity, Health
  • Absolutely unaware of their power
  • A near death experience that they miraculously survived has given them a new lease on life
  • Generous, caring, and almost naive for it
  • Each use of luck worsens a growing affliction or illness that eventually could claim their life

  • Violet
    Suggested FCs: Lydia Graham or Mark Sheppard
    Power Suggestion: Dreamwalking
    Key Themes: Grandeur, Independence, Extravegance
  • Open and flashy about their power, may even market “sweet dreams” online for side money
  • Everything in their life is exaggerated, almost as if they are living in a dream themselves
  • Sort of forgot to grow up, and believes anything is possible

  • Humans

    Suggested FCs: Anna Torv or Aidan Turner
    Key Themes: Authority, Formality, Mystery
  • A detective whos interest in the supernatural has grown unhealthy
  • The catalyst of their interest is something they keep close to their chest, often changing the story when asked for detail
  • Pensive, direct, and occasionally spacy when lost in thought
  • Unclear if they want to eliminate supernaturals or become one

  • White
    Suggested FCs: Alia Shawkat or Alexander Siddig
    Key Themes: Empowerment, Neutrality, Cleanliness
  • A geneticist whom has a near obsessive interest in examining the Were virus
  • Will go to great lengths to collect samples to study, often putting themselves at risk, and goes under the table to use expensive lab equipment
  • Studious, charismatic, and a touch unhinged
  • Doesn't mean any harm!

  • Vampires

    Suggested FCs: FKA Twigs or Chaz Bear
    Suggested Powers: Malleability, Illusion
    Key Themes: Courage, Power, Magic
  • Bold, conspicuous, and tends to speak too much. Struggles to learn from consequences
  • Eager to milk life for everything it has to offer
  • Drives a teal Ford Ranchero, yes that's a personality trait
  • Chose to be turned, embraces vampirism wholly and proudly

  • Silver
    Suggested FCs: Carey Mulligan or Claes Bang
    Suggested Powers: Projection, Shroud
    Key Themes: Wealth, Reflection, Clarity
  • A natural leader, with clear and unabiding morals
  • Spoiled by a life of ease and luxury, inconvenienced by opposition
  • A few hundred years old, finds some modern advancements unbearable
  • Still secretly fearful of their own capabilities, struggles with what they should be considered; man or monster

  • Bronze
    Suggested FCs: Tantoo Cardinal or Tommy Lee Jones
    Suggested Powers: Empathy, Shielding
    Key Themes: Reliability, Isolation, Solidity
  • Paternal/maternal, readily gives advice, but can feel slighted when it is disregarded
  • Fiercely loyal, but not blindly loyal
  • Tends to be uptight, and has to be told when they are coming across too intensely
  • Turned late in life, and was sad to outlive grandchildren. Disappointed with how vicious some vampires can be

  • Iron
    Suggested FCs: Mallory Merk or Ben Barnes
    Suggested Powers: Ferrokinesis, Pyrokinesis
    Key Themes: Sharpness, Courage, Envy
  • Prideful, boastful, but trustworthy
  • Handicapped by their own envy and mistrust
  • Secretly thinks violence is fun, and tends to push the boundaries, but doesn't truly want to kill someone
  • That being said, they will kill someone

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    H E L L O

    its me, the one that makes too many adoptables. again! this time, i bring you a dynamic undead duos! These are more concrete concepts that I have in mind, so things like FCs and some key elements of the history are things I'd like to remain the same. I'm open to chatting about it, though! I left a lot open, especially personality, and the actual nitty gritty of the dynamic between the two characters.

    Donald Osei

    Suggested FCs: Idris Elba
    Species: Vampire
    Level: New

    A man that should not have been a father. Once very successful in his career at the fault of making it his obsession, leaving little room for fostering a healthy relationship, let alone raising a child. Ended up getting a woman pregnant, and becoming a father, nevertheless. They never married, and he never lived with them, but he made sure the child was well taken care of.
    That was until her mother was suddenly (taken out of the picture in some way), and he was ordered by the court to take custody of her when she was ten. He wished to provide for her, but he was distant and placating.
    Eventually his wealth collapsed, and he became desperate. He was drawn into the business of selling blood to vampires upon a chance encounter. He got too close, let clients get too close to his daughter. She was turned. She turned him in her rage.

    Frida Osei

    Suggested FCs: Keke Palmer
    Species: Vampire
    Level: New

    A daughter that deserved a better father. Grew up well cared for, and deeply loved by her mother. Never let herself think too much about her absent father, but never saw a father figure in any of the men her mother brought around. Never called her father anything but his name when she had to move in with him.
    Their relationship was strained and guilt was a common theme, not just from her father’s end. Had big, big dreams. Had all of the confidence in the world to achieve them. Was staying at home with her father so she could save up the money to achieve those dreams.
    And then he got her turned. And she turned him in spite. And now they both are suffering, her dreams crushed. She holds him accountable.

    Constance Stern

    Suggested FCs: Nikki Reed
    Species: Vampire
    Level: Common to Intermediate

    A woman born into a drab and noble life. A princess, or heiress, or something of the sort. Luxury was suffocating, expectations were unbearable, and disobedience was harshly corrected. She longed for nothing more than to buck her restraints and experience the world. Her only reprieve was that of her best friend, Elaine, who was at first assigned to her as a companion, but they became thick as thieves. She had no problem in convincing her to follow along with whatever wild schemes she came up with. When she chose vampirism, Elaine did not question in following.

    Elaine "Stern"

    Suggested FCs: Victoria Pedretti
    Species: Vampire
    Level: Common to Intermediate

    Born very poor, and given to a noble household for service. Assigned to be the companion of the noble daughter, who was a few years older than herself. Easily fell into the role of her closest friend, yearning to be just like her in every way she could. As they grew older, that yearning transformed into something more. Love is a binding thing, even unrequited.
    She swore herself to Constance, vowing to never leave her side, and to be anything for her that she might ever require. A friend, a confidant, an accomplice, or perhaps one day a lover. She did not want to become a vampire, but the idea of remaining human and leaving Constance was unbearable. She will not leave her side. Ever.

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