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just after sunset
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This was probably needless. They weren't likely to find anything. Three bears were too many for this task. Vampires didn't just crawl out of trees when you were on the lookout for them.

Those were all facts. Reasonable things that had kept Cliff from coming out here. That was until Amira got attacked by a random vampire out in the middle of nowhere. It had inspired some sense of paranoia in him. Made him feel like he should scout out the more rural areas around his home, where Weres were likely to venture. Just in case. The swamps had proven to be some kind of magnet for vampires. He'd been down in them a good number of times, and three of those times had been met with strange vampires.

The one in the tree watching him and Maxine. The one on the creepy porch drinking blood from a glass. The two in the trees when he got stuck in a trunk. Alright, the last time wasn't so bad, but two gathered together had to be something, right?

Maybe he was being a speciesist. But if there was a chance of vampires gathered here, then he needed to know.

Going alone was stupid, though. He knew he wouldn't be forgiven if he came back tattered. So, he invited his two that seemed most likely to hold their own in a scrap. Natasha was his strongest, and Locke had the most level head. He felt confident with him here. Though, he'd pay mind to how the grizzly was feeling through this night, considering the death of his friend had been caused by a vampire. Locke didn't strike him as vindictive, but grief did wild things.

The night was chilly, but not blustering. The air was thick with the smell of mud and moss. He enjoyed it, reminisced about his shifts with Maxine here. But he was wary, on the lookout as they trudged down a beaten path, one he was almost positive had been the one that brought him near that creepy house.

"Where would you guys live if you were vampires?" He questioned conversationally over the raucous song of frogs and crickets.
Of course, if Cliff was inviting her out somewhere, Natasha would make sure that her schedule was clear, especially when it was something in regards to the group. She wasn't really sure what his plans were if they found any vampires tonight, but that was a bridge she would cross when they got there. Natasha had a couple of vampire friends... Exactly two, but she hadn't really made any enemies out of the species either.

Knew that Locke had some bad blood with them though, didn't blame him given the circumstances. She probably wouldn't be fond of them either if they had killed any of her friends either.

"I guess Alaska?" She'd offered, a shrug of her shoulders. "The sun hardly exists half the year, right?" Or was that a myth....
Locke had jumped at the chance to patrol. His bear knew most of the area by heart now with so many full moons spend wandering the trees. However, to look at it with a fresh objective had the boy and the beast buzzing with excitement.

He hoped they did find a vampire, only because he'd take great satisfaction in scaring them off after potentially roughing them up a little – if they were assholes. His last vampire experience had been weird, but overall decent and Locke would reserve judgment until forced to decide. Didn't mean he wouldn't enjoy ripping apart any vampire that was a threat to shifters or humans alike. No, he'd revel in the opportunity.

Therefore, Locke kept his eyes and ears open for any sign of the other supernatural creature that stalked around at night. His attention was focused on something skittering in the underbrush, an opossum perhaps, so he missed his chance to answer first.

"I'd go for an underground bunker with one of those camouflage hatches. Jump out and scare the shit out of people passing by" He piped up after Natasha.
Alaska actually was pretty fucking brilliant. He wondered if the whole daylight sleep thing still applied even if the sun wasn't out? Was there a vampire that he was friendly enough with to ask those questions to? Probably not. He didn't think he wanted to be that close. It got sticky when you started knowing too much. Anyway. Locke's answer was true to his nature. All about the prank.

"Both much better answers than being a creepy lady in a swamp mansion sipping blood from a wine glass."
Cliff was never going to get over that strange lady, was he? This was like the third or fourth time she'd heard him mention it in the few years that she'd known him, it must have been a really impactful meeting for him.

It was hard to disguise the small smile that tugged at the corners of her lips as they continued their trek into the swamp.

"So is that who we're looking for today?" She'd ask, a raise of her brow. "Creepy vampire ladies?"
He had been given some background. Cliff made sure all the bears were aware of potential vampire sighting, although apparently not every detail had been shared. Locke's footfalls faltered as he sprinkler-ed his head from side to side. "Hold up. A swamp mansion? This vampire actually lives out here?"

That made no sense. The per capita of the area was dangerously low for a blood predator. Not ideal hunting grounds at all. However, It was secluded. Maybe the ritzy vampire liked her privacy.
He laughed. Both because the idea was hilarious and also because there was a twist of anxiety about the idea of actually finding that woman again. Haha! How fucked up would that be!

"Swear on my life, that's what I saw." He told Locke. "I dunno if she's around anymore, but," He glanced to Natasha, nodding, "Figure if she still is, maybe we can see if... I dunno, there's more of them out here?"

Natasha kind of hoped that they would be coming across this woman tonight, mainly because was dying to know how this woman looked, and if she was truly as creepy as Cliff liked to claim. If they did spot her again, maybe there would be a chance to create an image less creepy for him? Calm those nerves that seemed to pop any time he thought of her.

One could only hope.

"Like another group?" What a strange place to call your own, but Natasha wouldn't judge... Too much. "Are you wanting to set up a sort of thing that we have with Beauregard then?"
Locke's posture stiffened at the thought of an entire group. He knew of the ones in the area and it made sense in a way that vampires would also want to join up in safety, but the idea of walking into a crowd of them was freaky.

He shook his head in silent protest of coming upon more than one vampire tonight. And he might have voiced that opinion when Natasha offered up the idea of an alliance. Now that was interesting.

Good idea or bad, Locke looked expectantly to Cliff.
You know, this was why he'd brought someone else along. He didn't really think... that much into it. Maybe he should have. But a lot of this had felt more instinctual than strategical.

"I... think something like that. I'm not looking for a fight or anything tonight." He assured, his ears catching on a nearby snap of a branch and rustle of underbrush. He whipped his head in that direction, focus narrowing in on the source of the sound.
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