Ike Quarry A Dazzling Place I Never Knew

Sunset. Outfit.

This place was amazing. Rocky and quiet, no birds screaming or the distant sound of elephants leveling undergrowth. Not that she didn't miss home. It was warm and she loved her parents very much. But here there were no eyes on her. Except for Gram. But Gram wasn't here right now. And it wasn't like she was doing anything wrong or bad. There weren't any people here. It was still kinda chilly to swim, plus the sun was going down, revealing a pretty and perfectly circular moon trying to poke through the clouds. Nousher had the whole quarry to herself.

She would celebrate this by bolting back and forth across the rocky shore, occasionally bouncing an inch or so into the water before leaping into the air like it was made of electricty. Chuffs of delight rattled her sides. Nousha was blind to the world, enraptured by these moments only. A freedom she'd never truly experienced, a whole new life! She couldn't wait to tell her parents.
It was pretty easy for the bear to just ignore boundaries and wonder wherever it pleased, especially on full moons. Especially on ones where Emmett didn't quite make it to the group. Oops. So that’s how the grizzly managed to wander into Hollowstone of all places, the safety net of Cliff gone, the lapping of water calling his name.

Shuffling to the quarry, the smell of something familiar had his nose twitching this way and that. Splashing. That was splashing. Small ears swiveled around as he looked around a bush to see some sort of cat zooming around in and out of the man made lake. Huh? Wary, the bear carefully snuck its way, well as much as a bear could sneak, to the far end of the shore she’d just run from. He was interested in what she was doing, really wanted to get into the pool himself too, but wasn’t so sure about the cat just yet.
The water was chilly but the jaguar didn't pay much mind to it. She bounced with glee in and out before finally making a sloppy leap right into the water. Not quite deep enough to require her to tread, so she fought against the resistance and kept running, mostly in more tiny hops. Really she was making an ungodly amount of noise.

She bopped her nose against the surface of the water, snapping at it, before running into a complete watery sommersault, coming up sputtering and soaked. Her sides heaved with a joyful HAAAAAOR. The bear went unnoticed for now.
More splashing and thrashing and he watched warily, plodding to the shoreline dutifully. Paw soon going into the cool water, his tiny tail waggled before slowly going more and more in.

A sudden roar had him starting and backing up, partially in the water as a cry escaped from his own lips. Swinging his head towards the leopard, jaguar, giant cat thing, he let out another one, not sure if that had been towards him or not.
Oh my god. How had she not noticed him?

Nousha bounced up as she heard him cry out, tubey tail stuck straight out behind her in surprise. She rattle chuffed at him, ears folding back, head down and stretching out towards him. Not a real bear. Well, a real bear, but not really. "Fr-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-r-rend." Nousha bounded towards him, setting up to stop about a foot away, but she was trucking.
That had gotten her attention and some satisfaction burrowed itself into his chest at that. Good. But instead of running off, she was making a weird noise and actually getting closer. And then just RUNNING with more noises?

Nope, no thank you, too much, too fast. He back peddled, lifting front paws up to then slap onto the ground, splashes of water flying up in the air.
Woah, woah, woah!

He was very, very tall!

Thankfully stopping in the water was easy as pie and she was simply drenched further by the bear's mighty front splash. The urge to crouch and roll was tempting, but the water was a bit too deep here. So, Nousha slapped the water with a meaty paw, attempting to make a splash as big as his. And then another.

Splash splash splash
And sheeee stopped! Good! His tail waggled for it, an escape of air pushing through giant nostrils as he ended on standing with four paws again.

But then the cat slapped the water and he watched carefully. Another. Human brain kicking in without the sheer surprise from the bear, Emmett realized what this was — a game! Oh!

Breathing out, he lifted one of his own forepaws, waggling water off of long claws as silver eyes blinked at her. Was she watching? And then bam! Down back into the water like it was a pancake.
Nousher was definitely watching. Her whole body tensed as he lifted his paw. Yeah! Come on! Do it do it do it.

And he did and it was awesome! A huge sound and a wave of water hit her right in the face. He knew how to play. The girl's tail lashed in the air and she shook the wet from her eyes.

And then she powered up and JUMPED at him, because he totally got it now. Her wide wet paws stretched straight out to bat him around the shoulders.


A huge satisfying splash emerged and he watched with glee as the water landed squarely on her face. The bear had a snorting haaa of laughter escape as his tail wiggled happily.

He absolutely had not been expecting the cat to then jump at him in retaliation though. This was a water game and now he had a water cat coming at him to, to, to, push him at the shoulders. Oh! Playing! Well! Blinking, he backed up some before, carefully, swishing out a huge forearm to push back at her.


Nousha didn't have any intention to hurt him. Maybe she played a little rough, but she kept her claws back and tried not to smack too hard. She ruffled through her nose as he swiped out at her shoulder. Bouncing through the water, she pounced at his broad side to headbutt him with a decent amount of force. Sure, her head might hurt in the morning, but it was in the name of fun!


He missed! >:[ Not fair! She was too wriggly.

Head following her, he somewhat shuffled to keep her in his sights and to be fully prepared. And then off she came to headbutt him. He quickly slunk off to the side without enough steps away to have her miss much like a bull in the ring.

Taking advantage of the lull, he lowered his head and charged at her, aiming to perhaps, slightly push under and into her frame before swinging up with his head once it reached the jaguar’s side.


It took her an extra second to realize that she hadn't actually hit him and she had been galloping into nothing. So it was dizzying to look up and see him behind her, completely having the advantage. It was too late for her to react.

Nousha honked like a whoopie cushion as he got his head under her just so to launch her off her feet and over back into the water. She hit the water hard on her side and flailed in the shallows. That was such a good one! She recovered, twisting back onto her belly where she hovered in the water like a reptile, crouched beneath the rippling and murky surface. Waiting to see if he'd get closer before she tried anything again.
Off she flew and he let out a bellow of excitement, warm breath puffing out in the spring chilled air while slaps of water from the jaguar could be heard.

Instead of coming back after him, there was suddenly quiet and nothing. Hmm. Head held up high, he lumbered over carefully where the bear had last seen her, on the look out for any movement.
Nousher had the upper hand! Paw. Mitt?

He lumbered close and she wriggled. The cool water rippled out around her. She didn't really know what she expected here, but so far it was amazing. Freedom and fun and other weres to play with. Hopefully all the time.

She launched herself at him, aiming to drape herself across her and hang on as tight as she could without using her claws.


Suddenly, she was there, all over him! Super camouflage!

A cry left him as she reared up, front paws flailing around as he Godzilla stomped, shaking vigorously to try to dislodge the cat.

Fail on shake off!

This was way more fun than trying to balance on a log in the river. OH, especially when he reared up, and, oh geez, sorry, she panicked and hooked her claws into his loose shoulder skin for a split second after he stood before double-panicking and landing hard on her back in the water.

hit and OOPS

It was a game until it suddenly wasn’t. Claws ripping into skin burned and his eyes widened, the playful cry turning into a forced one of surprised anger. The bear decidedly pushed Emmett’s reasoning out the door, turning towards where the spotted cat had fallen behind them. His back was hurting and their playmate had done it. If it wasn’t a game, it was a threat and the bear didn’t have enough space to hide and so...

Foreleg coming down, he swept it hard at her form hard, yelling loudly, making a point. If the bear couldn’t hide, he was going to throw his weight to remind who was on top here.

.... hit ;.;

Nousha foundered in the water, not even able to get up before he stomped on her! The jaguar sucked in water as she tried to get her feet under her. The rocky floor was slipping beneath her toes before she managed to get purchase and scrambled towards the shore. Her side hurt.

She hacked up water and looked at her side. It wasn't terrible, but a line of scratches seeped watery blood down her side. OW!
The bear hit her solidly and she scrambled off as he settled onto four paws again. Silver eyes clocked in on her as his teeth clicked together.

A shuffle of paws took him quickly closer before stopping, a wave of water continuing past him as he grumbled in warning.
The cat dripped on the shore looking like someone had knocked an ice cream cone out of her hand. She turned around to face the bear again as he grumbled at her.

"Srrrrrrrie." Nousher chuffed, her tail winding behind her.
Weird wordy sounded noises came over and Emmett was able to push through now that a point had been made. Jesus, move over ya big oaf.

”Hurt-uh.” Wow, words were always so hard. He’d let out a sigh, making to sit as the water lapped past haunches.
Slowly, she inched back towards her, her spotty belly brushing against the wet shored pebbles. She wanted to get a look at how bad she'd gotten him, maybe help a little. Cause she didn't wanna be mean like that. It was hard to make yourself look small and innocent when you were a large chunky cat. But Nousher swear! She wasn't trying to stalk him, just trying to move around to look at his back.
The cat got all slinky sneaky at that and he eyed her in question, not sure exactly what was going on.

”What do?”
Nousher stopped dead, one front leg still bent and hovering in the air.

Big bear brows pulled down at that, not understanding. Fix. It wasn't attacking or playing though.

He let out a great big sigh, air pushing lips forward. "Kay."
With his permission, she moved faster, just making a beeline for his back. Still a bit cautious, she stuck her neck out and sort of pushed up at the shoulders to lick at the wounds she'd caused on his back.

Fix. Even though it was a bit raspy.
Off she went in a weird fluid sort of way cats did. Pushing the bear's own want to start out of the way, Emmett took control of the situation fully. Swiveling his head as far back as he could, silver eyes watched as the jaguar lifted herself and.... licked him. Gross! Egh. Cat slobber.

A big raspy tongue on claw marks had the skin around there twitching this way and that. It kind of burned, but also because they were animals it was okay or something, well, enough that the bear quieted and was pretty chill about the cat again. Soothing was maybe the word. Yeah.
Nousher was bracing herself for some kind of a physical complaint from him. But the skin under her tongue just kind of itched and she tried to cover a slightly wider area so she wasn't just worrying the same spot over and over again, and sort of groomed around the area as well. She fell into a rhythm and eventually stopped keeping a cautious green eye on him and just licked, finding it soothing as well.

Fix fix fix.
Emmett wasn’t going to think too much into things and neither was the bear. There wasn’t any threat, it was just a friendly cat who wanted to play and help. The bear’s chest began to rumble in a motor-like fashion at the care, content.

Lifting a paw slowly from the water, claws dripped their way up to scratch at his chest, pulling through fur to get at the itch, before suddenly deciding things were done.

”S'kay.” Weight rolled to the left, so he could turn to look at her better, a question coming up in junction with his stomach. "Fish?"
Nousher wished she could purr. Cause she would have. Up until she got kind of tired of grooming and got the itch to play again. But it probably wasn't a very good idea.

Anyway the bear made up his mind and quickly distracted her itch. Classic misdirection. Fish.

Her tail lashed as she shifted on her big clumsy paws. "Fish!" The jaguar rowled and turned around to plod back into the water. Carefully. Right because otherwise you'd scare all the fish away. The bear had the advantage cause he could be tall. Nousher would look back at him to take the lead.
That was exuberant as he felt and the grizzly rolled to his paws once more. Carefully, he followed after his new found friend through the shallows, river rocks shifting under paws.

The look back had him figuring out he was point here and there was a kinda excitement that rose at fishing with a cat. How many more could they catch like this? So much!

Taking the helm, he slowly waded deeper, lifting onto his back paws to get a better look. Shadows, he was looking for shadows. Nose flaring, he let himself down before offering a grunt to the right with a swing of his head. Over there.

Heading over, he stopped at a good spot and waited, carefully watching the water and ready to pounce.
Nousher's toes curled into the smooth pebbles under them. She loved the water so much. She could only imagine how much nicer it would be when the weather really warmed up. Cause it was kind of chilly still, which made the water cold. Not that she really minded but she was used to much, much warmer weather.

The swing of the bear's head got her attention and she let the water lap against her belly fur as she crawled along, trying to minimize her disturbance of the water. Her eyes darted for shadows as well, knowing well enough how fishing worked once a good spot had been found. And when the jaguar spotted a darting shape, she swiped a massive paw out at it, claws and all. The skewered fish flew up into the air as she scooped and splashed hard into the water a few feet away. Oh. Nousher looked at her paw. Maybe it was dead anyway and they'd see a floating fish on the water in a moment.
From his peripheral, he watched as his new friend wade further towards where he’d motioned. Most of his attention was kept to the water in front of him, waiting ever so patiently for a shadow to tell of the prize just under the surface.

A sudden flash of action signaled the cat was successful in finding one soon enough. The addition of commotion though had him looking over fully, watching as she juggled, jumped and lost her prey. The lost look on her face had him letting out a huff of laughter, lips pulling rather humanly into a grin.

And then there, within a beat and a breath between the bear’s laugh, a fish would slowly bob to the surface, dead as can be. "Won!"
Nousher lowered herself a little to keep her green eyes level with the water. Fish, show yourself, please. The bear laughed at her and she honked, head tipping towards him as she showed her teeth in a grin of her own. Bears had so much lip. It gave them pretty smiles. Jaguar smiles felt like going to the dentist and having your mouth stretched too tight.

He saw the fish first, but she pounced on it, mouth first. A mouthful of water and tasty fish. She'd carry it to the shore. Now they just needed 30 more and they'd have the fullest tummies. "More?" The jaguar rasped as she dropped it on the rocks and waded back into the lake.
The cat was quick in snatching the prey up and moved to start a pile. As she called back to him, he gave a nod with a happy bear moan. They’d need so many, but it was a start.

Sloshing to the side some, he made to concentrate on a dark pool, really focusing. It’d be a while, but a dart of fins had him acting fast, a wide paw scooping through the water to dredge the fish up into the air. As it flopped in flight, he opened a mouth wide and bit down, scales crunching under the force before Emmett threw it off towards the shore where it bounced against rocks. Another down!
The satisfying sound of a cronch when the bear grabbed another fish without the struggled she'd experienced. But that first fish had been a warm up and she would definitely get it now. And they would have the best fish feast anyone would never ever see.
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