Looking for someone to turn a future character (were)

tl;dr: I'm looking for someone who is willing to have their character turn my character into a were. It can be intentionally or unintentionally, but intentionally would be way more fun.

First, quick rundown of my character. He is my half elf life cleric from DnD. My party killed him because he was evil and tried to become good too late to save himself. I barely got to play him and he was my first DnD character, so I am going to give him a second life here. Pretty much, his hell actually, since he was super racist to animal-folk and he is going to be made a were here. Anyways, here is Wonderwall...

[Image: 341full-charlie-hunnam.jpg]
Name: Kellis Arietty (this can be less fantasy sounding if it is too ill-fitting for the setting)
Age: Mid to late twenties
FC: Young Charlie Hunnam (and only young Charlie Hunnam because he stops looking like Kellis as he gets older)
Brief Bio: Kellis is the youngest son of five children in the Arietty family (although his second eldest brother has all but disowned the family [because he is also my DnD character which I took up after Kellis died and I don't want him in two places at once lol]). He comes from a strong line of psychics who all boast powerful abilities, except of course, for him. His sole ability is healing (but he will lose it when he is turned so this is really only for backstory) and thus, is looked down upon by the rest of his family, especially since he developed his ability later in life than the rest of his family. Even though he is looked down upon by the rest of his family, he wants to be accepted by them and will do next to anything to get their approval. In reality, what he truly wants is just to feel wanted and loved. (Cue sad violin music)

The Arietty family is very wealthy. Like... 1% wealthy. Like, they are probably in the illuminati wealthy. A good portion of that is old money, but a bigger portion of it is due to the family's current business, which is a management corporation which deals with overseeing and owning (or having partial ownership) of a web of businesses, land, properties, and other items of interest. When you see a big building with a single name emblazoned at the top, there is a good chance it is owned by them. All of this is actually just a cover though, at least it is now that they have dipped their toes into a new sort of business. They do own and manage these properties, but their true business is in the capture, conditioning, and selling of weres as body guards and/or other similar hired muscle. It is a very well kept secret, but there are some people that know of these dealings, but not enough for their claims to hold weight or be seen as anything more than wild conspiracies. This is where Kellis' plot comes in.

At the moment, the main Arietty pact consists of Inarie, Kellis' father, and Kellis' three older brothers (save for the brother who has fucked off). Kellis is not considered important enough to be part of the pact because Inarie sees him as the most disposable of his children. Due to this, if he is turned, no one can reverse the curse, making him the perfect target for a were(s) that want revenge on the Arietty family for growing rich and powerful off of the abuse and subjugation of the were community.

The were who curses Kellis can do it intentionally or unintentionally and it can be literally anyone who is interested. Ideally, I would like Kellis to become some sort of animal that has white/cream/tan/light fur to match his blond hair because thats how I always imagined him looking, but I am not unmovable on that point. I am thinking about a white/cream/light tan colored wolf, but I'm up for others as well! I'm also playing with the idea of him being a "stuck" were, either due to his own ineptitude/stubbornness or because he was forced to stay in animal form too long with the intention of making him stuck to make an example out of him and/or get back at his family.

I have lots of ideas and I am open to ideas too! Please post here if you are interested in biting this man or you can message me on discord! My name is "Eraser Rabbit#2233". I'm super friendly, but excitable because I am excited to write with you!
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