Tips for Posting Adoptables
All members of Passing Strange are welcome to post adoptables in connection to their character, for their group/potential group, or simply to share some fun character ideas. You can make your listing just a few lines to pique interest, or a more elaborate posting if you have a more specific idea in mind. Different adopters often are interested in different levels of detail, so feel free to mix it up between your listings!

We know offering up a character idea (particularly if it’s closely related to one of yours!) is a big deal, and for that reason, we’ve come up with a list of optional rules/restrictions you can put on your adoptable listing to help you find the right player.

These are all optional, and you’re welcome to pick and choose and adjust as you’d like! Be sure to note them prominently on your adoptable posting so that potential adopters aren’t caught by surprise.

You might want to request that:
  • Players looking to adopt this character must have been active on Strange for at least (x) consecutive months
  • Players looking to adopt this character must have at least (x) posts
  • Players looking to adopt this character must send a writing sample (prompts can be helpful here) or fill out an application (you decide what this requires, but it might include a description of why they like the character, ideas for how the character might bump into/join the group, or anything else you find compelling and useful!)
  • Players must use this character’s face claim/job/etc.

You’re also welcome to strongly encourage that characters from a list of group/potential group adoptables join that group. (IC exceptions may happen if they feel natural in game.)

You might also reserve the right to reclaim this adoptable if:
  • The character goes inactive for (x) amount of time
  • The character is posted fewer than (x) times in (x) months

If you’d like to add rules or restrictions beyond these, run them by a staffer to help us make sure they’re fair! If you find yourself nervous about declining a player's request for an adoptable or taking one back, don't hesitate to reach out and we'll be happy to help.

We also encourage you to be open about what parts of the adoptable you're flexible about! Remember: If an adoptable is played, they will grow and change as time goes on. That's character development! Keep an open mind (and open communication) and watch the magic happen.

Reclaiming adopted characters with over 100 posts will require staff approval. Adopted characters can often take on a life of their own, and after 100 posts, they may be more the creation of their player than the original writer of the adoptable. We'll work through this with you to make sure it's fair for everyone!
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