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Devin was feeling pretty hyped for tonight, and it wasn't just because she was getting blood, but because Naia was a pretty rad woman and she could see them having a blast together. It didn't even matter if she ended up losing out on a couple hundos, because it had been a while since she'd come out to a casino for only playing. Typically, there would be some sort of drop or negotiation going on, but not tonight.

No lead and only a pretty woman. Hell yes.

"Anything calling out to you in specific?"


She dressed nice for this because it was a fucking event. She was going out with someone who she would later make feel pretty good (drug blood in her veins for these vampires apparently) and Devin was good company anyway.

So when asked that question, she tried to be a bit friendly. Get close and comfortable! Maybe loop herself onto the woman's arm.

"Hmm, what are you good at? I want to watch you win big."
Holy shit, excuse her while she wiped the fucking drool from her mouth.

First, Merlo was looking fine as fuck. Second, she was totally chill with her being a vampire and was even holding on to her. If there was a paradise out there, Devin was pretty sure she was close as hell to it.

Gaze narrowing in thought, as she gave the casino as she scanned the casino a second time, this time more thoughtful. She was shit at cards but sitting there hitting a button for slots hardly seemed entertaining for either of them. She would just have to hope that either she or her lovely date were dealt some nicer hands tonight.

"You ever play Black Jack." Simplest of card games, even if she hadn't, she could pick it up fast enough.
"Like...once or twice what feels like forever ago." She answered honestly with some laughter and a light squeeze to Devin.

"I'm down to see if we can work some magic with the cards, though." She wondered how much nicer life would be if she had some sort of magic to change her cards or fool others into thinking she had indeed won.
Crazy, because Devin was wondering the same thing. Merlo was a psychic after all, and she hadn't ever gotten around to asking about her powers, so as far as she knew, Merlo was serious in her claim to work the magic. Cheating wasn't that big of a deal when they were the ones winning, so let her work that magic all she wanted, though Devin would definitely be making a mental note to ask about the powers later.

"Then let's go check it out." Devin beamed, leading them over towards the closest table, only two others were occupying, but they weren't really a concern when you were only playing against the dealer. "Games super easy, goals to get as close to twenty one without going over." Devin almost always busted, but that was because she had always had too much faith in those damn cards.
"Sounds easy enough. I bet we'll be a couple of pros at it." Offered with a wide, toothy grin. She would easily take a spot at the table they approached. Also kept her eyes peeled like a hawk for someone who might provide drinks.

"No peeking." She hummed with playfulness towards Devin. Admittedly she would not be hurt if the vampire opted to cheat a little, but she still wanted to tease her!
Devin's mouth would drop in mock shock as a hand came to place itself delicately against her chest.

"Me?" She gasped, "peek at your cards? Please, I would never." Except, now she was definitely edging herself backwards against her seat, head tilted as she purposefully reached to steal a peek.
Naia instantly pulled her cards close to her chest and put on her best dramatically shocked expression. Then gasped with mock hurt.

"Why?! Are my cards not good enough for you?" Cue the pouting.
Sly girl.

Devin's stool would thump back onto all four legs as she allowed her body to fall back into a proper position. The Dealer already beginning his passes with the man to their far left.

"Sorry, I got all the goods here." She teased, waving her cards. "Maybe if you ask nicely I'll let you look at my cards."
"I don't ask nicely." She quipped back with a smirk. "I what I want." And with that said she did try to lean and get a good solid peak at Devin's cards.

Except the dealer got all frumpy about it and Naia had to sink back into her seat like a scolded puppy. Then made big sad puppy eyes to her evening company.
Why the fuck did the dealer need to ruin their fun? It wasn't like you could actually cheat at Blackjack, asshole.

Sending a scrunched face towards the dealer, Devin would shake her head back towards her date. "Alright, because you gave such a valiant effort." She'd turn her cards around, glancing back towards the dealer as she did this. "Here."

If he kicked them away from the table then they'd just go party it up somewhere else. >:(
Here was the thing, it wasn't the cards that mattered. It wasn't the numbers, it wasn't the winner, it was not any of that.

For Naia, it was about the fun evening she gave Devin. The fun they created together by being nuisances in the casino. Which meant that her gaze went from sad puppy dog to thrilled dumb crush-like longing the moment Devin flashed her the cards. The dealer wouldn't kick them away for it but he did seem thoroughly displeased.

"Wow, my knight." Dramatic swoon in her voice. "Now if you win, we have to split it. Mainly because now that I's like we both won."
Devin would snort for the exclamation, eyes rolling as she brought her cards back around to her. The dealer moving closer to them as he worked his way through the people and their cards, quite a few busts going on, but the night was still relatively early for most.

"Alright, but the same goes for you." She returned attention back on Merlo. "You win, and you gotta split with me, otherwise, the deals off." Done-so my friend.
Naia would have hated to split winnings, but a deal was a deal and she liked Devin deals.

"Deal." She accepted with a firm nod of her head to her evening company. "Maybe we'll both come out as big ballers." Doubtful but dreamy!
Devin didn't bust, but that was because she wasn't entirely paying attention to her cards, and she'd stopped the man way too early. She'd fucking end up with the low ass number of five, which made her look like a total loser, but whatever.

Next round, she'd fucking high ball it. >:(

"Well, hopefully, you win." She'd offer unhelpfully with a laugh.
Naia's own hand went in the opposite direction. A total bust because her confidence had wanted to get as close as possible to that sweet number. Only to...soar right over it.

Okay then.

"Oh nooooo." She practically mewled before she laughed.

"Don't be disappointed in me?" Cue big pleading eyes.
Well shit, there went that win.

Raising a brow for Merlo's pleading, Devin would pull in a dramatic sigh. "I don't know," she answered, eyes closing with regret. "Really thought you had this one in the bag."
Scooched a bit closer on the edge of her seat.

"I coooould make it up to you." Such a dangerous game to play, but she loved it! "Night's still young after all."

Which meant plenty of vampire time left, duh!
Devin's brows would raise at the approach, doing her best to hide away the smile that was forcing it's way onto her face.

"Oh? And what did you have in mind?" Merlo had started this game, it was up to her to lead the way it went.
"Wellllll," She drew out in a playful tone. "The hookah lounge is pretty dimly lit and secluded in the right booths."

She knew the dangers of fire, but Takashi had been safe in there. Maybe Devin felt differently about the place?
In the past, Devin might have absolutely jumped at the opportunity, but given her current status and the effect of fire on her, she had to seriously consider this.

Silence would fill the air once more, but this time it was an actual consideration as her foot tapped in open debate. "Hmmm, I think if we're extra careful we can make it work." She eventually grinned, "let's just make sure we get an extra private table, yeah?"
"Of course!" Chirped with some joy. Mainly she loved convincing others to do what she said. Felt good. Felt powerful.

"I'll make sure to keep you safe, too. Can't have anything happen to my favorite person."

Laying it on thick? Perhaps. :3
"Aw your favorite?" Devin sighed wistfully, pushing herself away from the table.

"Been awhile since I've gone to a hookah lounge, this will be fun." But also super scary because one small mistake and she'd just be a pile of ash next to her date. :)
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