crypt's rogues
Crypt's rogues are a bunch of ideas I have that I'm putting here for someone else to use! Just a few simple things before any are claimed or anything like that.

I won't ask for any minimum of activity so if you're new and wish to claim one, let me know! However I do reserve the right to take back the adoptable should you fall inactive for three months (exceptions can be provided, just please reach out!) and it is under 100 posts.

Pretty much everything is flexible! I do request that the species and levels stay as they are, though.


Parveen Mishra
Suggested FC: Aaradhna
Turned age - 35 | Current Age - 37 | Common Vampire (Projection or Psychometry)
  • A serious woman trying to get back to the life she once lived.
  • Has had decent support her whole life, including the start of her undead life although they're gone now.
  • Cutting it alone is new and maybe won't last long.
  • Career choice is entirely up to player.

  • Humans & Psychics

    Elle Jones
    Suggested FC: Heather Baron-Gracie
    22-27 | Human OR Psychic (Truth Sense)
  • Family is local to the area.
  • If a psychic, it's likely a brand new thing (if a psychic, maybe power gets in the way of that?)
  • Pretty nosy, very into astronomy, habit for white lies.
  • Could work at Lauderhill Botanical Garden.

  • Claimed!

    Rosemarie Butler
    Suggested FC: Toni Collette
    45-50 | Human
  • Forever exhausted, forever over your shit.
  • Very blunt about her feelings.
  • Teaches a class of your choice at Alder Heights College.

  • check back later for more!

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