Ridgefield Street Scrap Gaze Information
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Street Scrap Gaze

Raccoons • Apparatus • founded November 2020

In the west end of Ridgefield, a historic firehouse has been redesigned into a living, breathing art piece. Owned and operated by two local artists, Apparatus has been coined as a ‘funhouse’ for adults. This multi-story firehouse is home to an extensive number of art installations by local and national artists. From sculptures to interactive rooms full of mirrors, bubbles, balloons, and more. The fire pole is functional, and an abandoned fire truck has been transformed into the central art installation that visitors are invited to sound the sirens of if they want to make some noise.

A large room towards the back of the building has been renovated into a home away from home for the local Gaze. The decor remains on the more artistic side of things, but others are welcome to add their own little touch if they so choose. Couches, a kitchen, and a fridge are available to all.

Street Scrap is a group of raccoons that prioritize their own safety above all. Unity and openness are expected, and betrayal of trust is not something that will be taken lightly. There are a lot of dangers in the world, and it’s nice to be around people who can both relate and back you up.

The Gaze is led by Alice, and while she is still very much growing into her role, she definitely has a fierce loyalty to her people. She knows that she can’t do this alone, and so the allies and connections she makes are very important to her.

  • Be friendly with other local groups, Cloud Cove and Rhiannon Court.
  • Don’t cause unnecessary trouble; if you do, let Alice know immediately.
  • The Gaze, and the members in it, should always come first.
  • Do not out yourselves. If you do, solve it.
  • If you are new, try to keep shifting near Ridgefield or with other raccoons.


Princess: Alice White


Guardian: Asher Lindsay


Imogen Thompson Ravenna Fiore
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