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Cobalt Ridge Sleuth

Bears • Cobalt Ridge Ski Lodge

Far up the northern mountains is the ski resort, Cobalt Ridge. Consisting of two buildings connected by a short skywalk, this massive three-story cabin is decked out in modern rustic decor and features and caters to locals and tourists in all seasons. In the winters, this ski resort is a local favorite as the snowy slopes are well maintained and lift tickets are affordable. In the summer, the resort transitions to be an exclusive get-away featuring zip-lines, hiking trails, and an on-site pool. Any time of year, feel free to check out the sauna! First floor features a lobby and a dining area towards the front. The soundproof third floor is were-only by invitation and requires a key card. It has a common room and two suites--one open for reservation and the other belonging to the King. It's not a bad place to be if you need some assistance, but it is most certainly exclusive.

When weres were outed to the world, it became quickly evident that they could not afford to stand alone. It is these circumstances in which Cobalt Ridge really began to form, pulling bears together in a quest for security in the chaos. For their king, it has always been about survival.

Rough and reactive, Levka's leadership is hinged on the moment. His dedication should not be questioned even if his methods may seem suspect. Every member is a vital part of what makes Cobalt Ridge what it is and no one will be let go easily.

  • If you find (or create) a problem, deal with it. If you can't, find someone who can.
  • Sleuth bears come first, but we play nice with our friends. Enemies should be carefully selected, not carelessly summoned.
  • Weres who don't cause trouble are allowed to live and work in the Ridge, but vampires are expressly forbidden. Keeping the presence of any a secret will come with consequences.
  • Exception to the above are bears who refuse to align with the Sleuth--dissenters will be evicted and barred.
  • Information about weres and the sleuth in particular should be shared with the utmost discretion. Any consequences of carelessness will be dealt with firmly.

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