Cloud Cove Prowl Adoptables (Jaguars ♡)
This is what a jaguar sounds like.

Isn't it the most beautiful sound? Just honk, honk, groan, honk. What a majestic animal. Powerful, stocky, S-tier cat, just as at home in the water or in a tree as it is on land. Don't you think there should be more of these dinosaur-sounding chunkers?

Of course you do. Below are some adoptables for the taking; their details are not completely set in stone and are just ideas to work from, so if you're interested in any, feel free to hit me up on discord @hal#9090 and we can chat about them! And if you kinda just want someone turned into one instead, hit me up for that too and we'll see what we can get going. 


Chester Matheson
Suggested FC: Graham Rogers
• Common to Intermediate jaguar (turning up to player)
• 29-30 years old
Axel Hohlt's ex and sire. Generally comfortable with his jaguar, and also has somewhat loose restrictions when it comes to making others. Caring, happy to help anyone new to were life (especially his own kind), but a little self-centered. Works in landscaping.
• Has been in a prowl before. Would work towards soldier or medic.

Jason Chen
Suggested FC: Giullian Yao Gioiello
• New to Common jaguar (turned up to one year ago, up to player how)
• 25-27 years old
• Works as kitchen help. Giddily interested in were life, bright-eyed, enthusiastically polite, and is going to ask you a lot of questions. Sometimes needs to be reminded to give people a break.

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