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Cove event
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Katya had both regrouped with Natalie as well as busted out her claim on her two free drinks. She had an Underwater Volcano in hand—which fit with her look, honestly—as her wolf worked with Natalie’s to pluck out Emily and Max in the crowd.

Max made it pretty fucking easy when he was a carbon copy of the photo she’d sent him.

Dropping the hood down, Katya aimed a little poke to the back of the dude’s elbow. ”Whaddup whaddup whaddup,” she greeted their seniors, eyes dancing over their godly costumes.

And, with boots which granted her a couple extra inches, Katya would go for a single kiss on each of their cheeks even if it caught them off guard.


Tonight was full of people, and snacks, and now games. Katya catching up with her, she’d follow her glowing friend, looking out for the two other wolves so they could team up for trivia. If there was one thing she was good at was random facts and Natalie was already bouncing with energy for it.

Coming up to familiar faces, a smile quickly bloomed towards them. ”Hi! Cool costumes!”


So, the whole situation of Max Is Grievously Injured So We Can't Do Much But Drink And Eat was working very much in Emily the Wallflower's favor. They had a small table off in one secluded corner, with drinks, food, good atmosphere, and plenty of people watching to pass the time.

The approach of the two other wolves was the first thing that had her looking up from her food, and scanning the gathering, the straw of her drink hooked in the corner of her mouth. Then as Katya and Natalie resolved through the crowd of people, a big grin pulled its way across her face. Emily was... Pretty happily drunk at this point! And she stood to greet the both of them, a gasp for Katya's costume, just before she was swept up in the little kiss.

The drinking had the nice side effect of ridding Emily of her usual social anxiety, so she simply followed up with a laugh and pulled Katya into a hug. Then she audibly crooned when she caught sight of Natalie's costume over her Katya's shoulder. "Oh my God, you two!" She gushed, moving on to hug Natalie before stepping back and letting herself be awed over their outfits. "You both look so amazing. Are you having a good time?"

Emily was, if that wasn't obvious! And now she was suddenly surrounded by wolves. Her people!

Costume, minus headband, sword, and shield + laurel crown

Grievously injured was an exaggeration, but Max wasn't feeling as energetic as he usually might've. Injured enough that it was more comfortable remaining stationary, so Emily being not too into the mingling meant he had company at their little table. Having just come back from another round with the food, he was standing, watching with mild amusement as Emily stole a fry off his plate, but thankfully she left his fish alone.

He caught their approach before he saw them, turning at the touch on his elbow. The sight of Katya's iridescent getup - whatever it was, it definitely made him think of oceans and pearls - teased a light laugh out of him, grinning at the sight. When she swept in for a kiss on the cheek, he leant down to give her an easier time of it, good arm coming up to give her a half hug greeting in return. She moved on quickly, swooping down on Emily, who'd gotten to her feet.

"Awesome costumes!" He complimented, giving the both of them a grin as Emily got her hug on. "You're the rainbow fish, right? I remember that book!"
Their people, man.

Wolves crashed unceremoniously, her own going for dumb sloppy smooches to the others. God. Little interactions like this made Katya feel whole in ways which weren’t actually human.

She moved from Max to Emily, giving them both warm half-hugs in return. Mindful to not spill her own drink, she held that specific arm a good foot or two out from the contact. Emily herself smelt like alcohol, big time. Which of course meant, ”You look spicy as fuck,” she whispered the hype-girl compliment during her hug with Emily.

For Emily’s ears only, okay.

Pulling back, she highly, highly, approved of Max’s costume. And she also kinda couldn’t believe he’d pulled through??! Fuck. What. Look at those sandals. Incredible.

”Hell yeah. And I’m so stoked you guys both managed to show up.” Hehe Katya leaned into Emily because WAS EMILY TIPSY she needed to test this with some fake drunken sways. ”Tell me you’re gonna stay till the costume competition?”
Max’s comment had Natalie grinning widely with a nod, delighted that someone had gotten it so quickly, bonus that it was a packmate. ”You nailed it,” she confirmed, moving her hips so the tulle and glittery scales moved about before offering a side hug in hello, wolf coming in quickly to give an excited brush against fur and a playful nip.

Unexpectedly, Emily came in for a hug then, Natalie wrapping arms around back with a soft laugh, her wolf all too eager to greet the other, fully fluffed and tail wagging glee ahead before the hold was ended.

Katya’s answer was more than eager enough to confirm for them both. It had been fun so far! For the costume contest though, there was only one allowed answer here. ”You have to, pleasssse! Your costume set is so cool,” she responded, hands clapping together. Medusa and a Roman soldier, it was really perfect.
Katya’s hype had the possibly intended effect of dragging a bright laugh out of Emily and she grinned widely. All sequined and back-bared, she absolutely felt spicy, but having other people notice was choice.

And yes, the drunken swaying was very real. Emily had put four drink tickets to very good use and now she hung off Katya like a sailor. Appropriate!

One arm over Katya’s shoulder, wolves rushing and playing, she admired Natalie’s scintillating costume with a bright sigh. That one should win. Or maybe Katya’s. Or both, she didn’t want to pick.

As for her own submission... Even if both Katya and Nat insisted they ought to join, Emily had to look down at herself and tsk, "Oh, it’s not even nautical." Grinning ruefully, she looked up at Max, helplessly drunk but completely open to suggestions.

They’d discussed this, but she hardly thought their little Julius Caesar with Pirates twist would fly with the contest organizers.
Cheered that he got it right, he 'ooh'ed and 'aah'ed at the shimmer of the iridescent bits of her costume. When she moved in for a side hug, Max returned it, their wolves crashing in a customarily enthusiastic greeting, before he pulled back to let Emily get her hug in. While he'd been cheerful enough before they'd shown up, the injuries had dragged him down a little, but with more pack and Katya there he felt a measure more relaxed. He couldn't help grinning at Emily's enthusiastic greetings, so different from her usual toned down approach. He'd heard about her meeting them, but didn't really know how it'd gone. This was promising, all in all.

At the talk of the costume contest, he looked at Emily, eyebrows raised. He probably wouldn't enter it, but he might stay until the winner was announced, depending on what Emily did. They were each other's ride, after all.

But then Emily was trying to weasel out of it, which wouldn't stand with how much time she'd spent on that headdress of snakes.

"Was there anything in the flyer about non-nautical costumes being disqualified?" He couldn't actually remember, but while the party had a theme, it hadn't listed rules with the contest, had it? "I didn't dare you to glue scales on your cleavage for nothing, come on!"
Katya quietly snorted as Emily threw an arm over her. She glued herself to the younger wolf, her free arm wrapped lazily around her back as she took a swaying sip of her cocktail.

Scales on her cleavage? Double spicy. Were they like-?

Katya threw a look to Natalie. She wondered if she’d picked up on that.

Flirting aside, boys and girls. ”Well listen. I swore to Max that I’d buy you guys a round, sooo. What can I getcha?” And then maybe they could join them for a bit. This lovebird corner of theirs was super cute and shit.
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