Fernsby Place It's just a house


Paulina of course heard of this place, who didn't? So what did she do? Grabbed her purse and stored a few essential items in it and went for a casual walk to then see what this place looked like and if all the spooky crap was real or not. For safety as well, she had her own badge- not cop badge but forensic but still a badge- clipped to the outside of her purse as she made her way to this creepy place.

Up close, it wasn't that intimidating. It was a creepy house sure but it didn't freak her out or anything. It felt weird though- lots of weird house vibes for sure. She would then start to walk around, just taking her time to walk around the building. Pauli did wonder what would happy if she touched the house and almost did but then pulled her hand away.

Once she made it to the back of the house, she started to look around more, picked up a piece of stray glass, and then swore as she cut her finger, "Ow! Fuck you clumsy nut, " she said but she had gotten a flash of blood and that made her brows furrow- what was with this place.
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