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"GOD what a beautiful day!" Casey said to herself as she walked from the parking lot of the college campus. It was a little early before her shift, but Casey liked to get to the library before it opened to organize misplaced books and mentally prepare herself for the day. She loved her job, but, of course, some people aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

It was a toasty 86 degrees outside. Casey was wearing a pair of high waisted shorts with a plain, light pink T-shirt tucked in. Despite it being more on the warmer side, an oversized grey cardigan swallowed Casey. She refused to take it off despite having the sleeves pushed up to her elbows. Her excuse when people asked was, "Well it gets cold in the library." Which it did, but not so much so to constantly wear a thick cardigan or jacket and still wear it outside.

Casey tried to enjoy the nice day, but also wanted to be fully aware of her surroundings, only had one headphone in just in case someone tried to pull a fast one on her. The Neighborhood’s “Cherry Flavoured” played and seemingly almost in pace with her walk. She didn’t think of herself of being overly paranoid, just wanting to be careful. It was days like these she really appreciated. The nice weather and the fact the campus wasn’t as busy since it was the summer classes. Today will be a good day, she thought as a small breeze fluttered through her hair just as she began approaching the campus doors


The sun was up, but Caleb was far from awake, body slumped against the glass doors of the campus as his chin dug into his chest. He was snoring, loudly, a bottle of Sky barely hanging onto the sweat of his skin as drool inched its way down his chin. He was dead to the world, absolutely gone to a dream of black as the sounds of birds, cars and shocked whispers sounded around him.

He would have remained this way for hours, content in this numb haze if not for the sudden ringing of a phone. It wasn't his, of course, for there was no way for him to keep up with the bills, but it was some bitch named Sarah's. A fact he learned promptly after picking the damn thing up, and sliding the button over to answer. She chewed him out, called him a good number of slurs, and then demanded for her phone back.

He had half the mind to deny it, but decided that there was a possibility for money here, perhaps he could convince her to give up a few twenties and he could head back to the bar. Sounded like a plan, and so there he would sit, dazed and tired as a woman came walking up. Red haired and pretty Caleb would lift a brow and raise the bottle high in greeting.

"Aiy, you Sarah?"
Casey jumped as some guy attempted to speak to her. She wasn’t super close to him yet, but she could certainly smell the alcohol off him. Then she saw the dark blue bottle in his hands. Great, another drunk dumbass. Although... he did look a little... old?? To be hanging around a college campus drunk? Usually it was much younger guys who would act like that. Casey wondered if he even went here at all. Or was he one of those creeps hoping to score a naive college woman. His hair was disheveled and sweat was dewing on his forehead. It definitely looked like he has been here for awhile. Maybe all night.

"Um.. I.." She slowly raised her headphone from her ear to be polite. "No? No. Sorry, I’m not Sarah." She tried not to show how uncomfortable she was. She instinctively wrapped her cardigan tighter around her and started to walk more swiftly toward the door. "Hope you, uh... have a nice day. Drink some Gatorade my dude. Will help sober you up." She could see a smile creep across the guys face as she passed.
Oh yeah right, if she weren't Sarah then she wouldn't be moseying on over here now would she? She was just trying to catch him off guard, try to get him to revoke that money idea he had so brilliantly thought of. Well, Caleb wasn't going to allow that to happen, staggering to his feet in flailing mess of limbs he was more than prepared to take her on.

"Now there ain' no reason to lie." He called out boldly, taking a wobbly step forward. "I got yer phone an everything." The hand free of his bottle would wave said phone, lips perking out some as he waited for her response.
"Listen here, sir. " Casey turned toward him. Her face starting to scrunch up.

She saw him waving the phone toward her like a toddler. She was tempted just to take it, run, and give it back to whoever Sarah actually was. But considering how forward he was being already, his reaction probably wouldn’t be great.

"I don’t know who Sarah is, but I’m not her. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get to work." She started walking up the steps. Then she paused. Casey knew she shouldn’t feel bad leaving this guy, but obviously he was in no condition to think for himself. Shouldn’t he know she was clearly NOT Sarah? Plus, she was still SUPER early for work. "You know... I do have a little bit of time. Maybe I can help you find this Sarah? Does she have red hair like mine?"
She was still claiming she wasn't Sarah, but that didn't mean Caleb was going to start believing her now. She was playing some sort of game with him, and while Caleb knew neither what the game was or why she would be playing it, he knew this for a certain fact. He wouldn't be caught playing no fool, and so he would stuff the phone into the front of his pants as he continued to wobble closer.

He would like to see her try and take it from there.

"I ain' even met you before, how am I suppose to know if ya got red hair?" He mumbled, pulling the bottle to his lips to take a swig only to find that it was empty. He really needed that cash now.
She watched him try to take swig of a empty bottle. Completely useless. Helpless. Just when she thought he couldn’t be more of an ass, he shoved the phone to the front of his pants. Ha. Like that was faze her. As inebriated as he appeared to be, she could probably handle this clown. Or, ya know, grab something else roughly first as an “accident.”

But... never even met Sarah before? Well now this was just getting ridiculous. Now he doesn’t even know what she LOOKS like??? She didn’t know what the hell he was up to. Casey stood with her arms crossed and her right leg slightly extended. Her lower lip at a slight pout as she scowled at him. She wanted answers before she decided to pounce. She squinted her eyes at him, "If you don’t know what Sarah looks like, why do you even have the phone?"
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