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Oh. Well shit. He'd read the schedule wrong. Like an idiot. Pool wasn't even open tonight because of some event he'd barely registered and had no plans of attending. Not after how his last public outing had gone down. Public private outing? It was hard to shortform. Fight night was shit, was the takeaway. In a couple stupid ways for him personally and then in a real fucking big way for everybody. Wasn't sure how much he wanted to partake in were society and suchlike after all that.

But... Well, this wasn't a were event. Could just be Shane the lifeguard. Who incidentally had left something in his work locker so even after being confused by the line outside, decided to go ahead and head in anyway. Had been hard to miss the getups folk were in. Most had some sort of water theme. Of course he was just in jeans, boots, and flannel, but...

Had trunks in the locker. And his whistle. Costume was lame, but still had a water theme. Good enough. Shane the lifeguard.

Tromped downstairs after changing, trying to decide how much he felt like trying one of Asha's ridiculous cocktails, instead of just sticking with whiskey, neat. Already out of his comfort zone more than a bit, but either of those would help with that. Least for a bit. Elected to go with the whiskey first. Get some kind of buzz going. Feel more daring. Then ridiculous cocktail.

outfit and expression + whistle around neck


Ridiculous cocktail in hand, Amber stepped away from the bar to move further down. Her steps were precise to avoid any stools or wayward feet from stepping on the edge of her dress. She had the Mermaid Prom Queen title in the bag, but not if someone ripped the short train which would make Amber cry and ruin her makeup. Then she'd be a shoe in for the Sad Mermaid Runny Mascara Queen.

There was the smallest resistance on her dress and Amber damn near had a panic attack. She whipped her head back to spot anything amiss, but saw nothing. However, when she turned back, relieved and still looking fabulous, Amber miscalculated her balance and the colorful cocktail tilted in her hand.

The liquid contents remained mostly stable, a few dropets splashing over the side, but her little toothpick of olives flew out and bounced neatly onto the open chest of the guest right at the bar. It landed near his hand by what looked like a very boring drink.

"Excuse me. I think I just assaulted you with my olives."
Barely a sip yet, and already someone was trying to spruce up his drink. Stowaway was a bit on edge with so many larger predators at hand, especially given how that all had gone last time. Sort of expected a fight. Expected he'd have to come out and take care of it because his dumb other half never did. But Shane brain was piloting well enough to recognize a tootpick full of olives was not an attack. He blinked at them where they landed, then looked up at his not-assailant.

"Uh, yeh," he agreed blandly, having a difficult time not just immediately staring at the pearlescent crown. So opposite ends of the costume spectrum, then. Stranger'd clearly put some thought and effort in. Er... not stranger. As he refocused on her face, he found his squint deepening a moment. Had seen her.... where? Fight night? No. Memory was less recent. Fair, maybe? Lot of people moved through his booth. Beer had a broad appeal that way. Beer, right. Ale. That was it.

Turning in his seat to face her more openly, he slowly pointed with a hint of uncertainty. "Amber." It didn't translate to his voice though, which sounded sure. Picking up the toothpick by the thicker end, he started to hold it out to her as well. "D'you want-?"

Oh. Oh there was a short dark hair stuck curled against both olives. It looked like it'd come from his chest. Shane quickly tossed the whole thing onto the floor behind the bar and answered himself. "You don't want 'em."

Wish you weren't so fuckin' awkward, bud.
"Oh heyyyy, Mister Beer Creator!" Amber said with a big grin, shuffling closer. Her eyes flitted over to watch her olive spear sail behind the bar and she let out a snort. It hadn't been all that important and she didn't actually like olives that much.

She stopped a few feet away, appraising his outfit with a lift of her drink. "A lifeguard? That's a pretty clever costume idea. Plus, you can jump into the pool at anytime." A michevious grin accompanied her suggestion. If only she had the hindsight to brink a swim suit as well. No one else was taking a dip, but all the more reason to sneak off and go floating in peace.
There were worse things to be remembered for. Called by. He'd take it. And his own snort came at her suggested benefit to his costume. "Costume." "Yeh." Lifted his drink. Emptied it. "Need a few more for that, likely."

Burned. Whiskey hit fast though, and that's what he was looking for. Maybe another glass of that before... "Yours, though." He gestured to her with the empty tumbler, her glimmery dress and crown, then over to the pool windows where mermaids drifted through the clear water. "Think you'd fit in better. What, uh..." Supposed he could go straight to ridiculous cocktail from here. More even, slowburn sort of intake. "What're you drinkin'?"
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