August Adoptable Spotlight: Raccoons!
August's adoptable spotlight shines down a dark alleyway and onto some wonderful raccoons. Learn more in this write-up by the amazing Sierra!

Raccoons, nature's own personal garbage men (and women). Heroes that the earth didn't know it needed... Heroes you didn't know you needed. Yes, that's right a raccoon can spice up your RP life in a way you didn't know could happen. Sure, big Weres are all good and fun, but can they open doors? Can they run undetected through the night like stealth ninjas? The answer is no, and only raccoons can fill that missing piece in your life.

Alice and Asher have been going at life solo, seeing where the wind takes them and hoping for the best. Now with the rising influx of groups and clutches, the risk of danger increases. There is only so much that two raccoons can do on their own, but as a group those big things suddenly look very small. Adopting one of the raccoons will guarantee you the chance to be a part of something being built, and let you have fun while doing it. Whether your character is coming in to create chaos with the current trash children, or add some structure, your character will become a very valued asset.

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