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this your call?

It was one of those things that had made sense at the time. Given Maxine and all. But he'd honestly been relieved when he'd found out that Jamaal had already made contact with a fox that night, assuming it was the same fox. Apparently not.

'Bruh,' was an easy thing to read into. Whoops.

Yeah, sorry, I meant to give you a heads up but I thought the fox was the one you already met at fight night. The one who was born this way.
Okay- okay. This had his pulse thudding a little bit because like.

No. This was not okay! You know? It would have taken all of three seconds for Wallace to have texted him first before he did that.

But why did he have to tell some forty-year-old that? Surely a dude who built websites knew a thing or two about security?

I'm really not down with numbers being passed without asking first
and this isn't the same person
Welcome to were life, kid, where everyone kind of assumed if you're the same animal you would want at least the potential for contact. Which, haha, honestly, Wallace hated so he should have known better and he should have known that, but he'd been fairly flustered just by seeing Maxine at all. And maybe, to some degree that was unfair to Jamaal here, trusted her to not give such a number to anyone questionable.

All the same.

Yeah, I realized. Sorry, dude. I know how bewildering it can be to be messaged by someone you don't know with your name and everything. Won't happen from me again.
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