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While Gokiburi would be on call with Tatianna, Catrina would send a message to him immediately.

I'll be waiting at the Collection. If the situation looks dire with authorities or the like let me know immediately and I will help clean it up, it sounds like she bloodlusted.

The last thing she wanted to deal with was any spotlight on vampires after a bloodlusted killing, so she could hope that that Tatiana had merely run, but it was best to be prepared.


It was simple and easy to follow orders--better than worrying over his own capabilities as a sire--and he was glad Catrina provided.

Of course. I'll do my best to retrace her path through the city.
Thank you

And with that she would wait to hear back from them. This was yet another moment she sincerely wished for that magic to be in residence already. It was irritating to be left blindsided to events and guessing when vampires needed to be seen to.

Flitting off to the cellar, she'd get things ready for the worst case scenario.
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