Elysian Dance dance!

Outfit! Criss-Cross!! <3

It was not long before Tempest heard about this place and how could she say no? Who didn't love a lil drag and being able to dress up and feel good about yourself? With that on her mind, she entered the building and would find her spot on the dance floor.

She was enjoying herself, dancing and moving to the beat when a rather unique scent caught her nose- could it be? It had been a very long time since she had caught that scent and being the curious sort followed it until she was standing by a rather short woman; "Love your outfit, " Tempest complimented her, her tone rather easy going as the music thrummed in the background.



Nisha was here not for a date but to just drink and be surrounded by mostly gay people. She didn't have to put up a façade or anything. She could just relax and people-watch and maybe even smile a little.

It didn't take long for that smile to dip, some. There was... not the nicest scent in the air. One she'd encountered before, sometimes, but never directly interacted with.

She offered a prim smile back. "Yours too," she offered.
Tempest had a feeling she could smell the difference in her rather easily, so Tempest did what she did bast and tried to joke it away, "Sorry about the smell, wish there was something I could do about that- always ruins things with those with a nose for things, " she'd apologize a bit to her.

She did have a drink in her hands but it was still full- though she was sorely tempted to sip this martini, "When do they normally do the shows? I don't think I've seen a good drag show in some years, " she'd ask, assuming she had a possibly better idea of this place than she did. It never heard to learn from the locals and this chick was way off menu so just having a friendly conversation was what Tempest happily would take.
Perceptive. She didn't like it — weren't vampires rumored to have mind abilities? Still, Nisha attempted to play nice.

"I don't know, actually. I think they have a website that you can check. I'm just...here by luck," she shrugged. "Are you here to watch or feed?"

If anyone looked, she didn't care.
Oh yes, the internet, she often forgot she could do that even though she used her phone for a lot of things.

"Ah I didn't think to check if they had a website, I'll have to look when I get home. "

That was an innocent enough question and she held her hands up, "Here to relax and not bug the innocent tonight and most are wearing too much make up for my personal tastes, " she said with a little chuckle in her tone as she joked, "It's nice to just go out and pretend to not be the thing people freak out about though- but I wish it let me enjoy a drink, " she told her with a slight frown as she looked at the glass, "Are martinis even good? "
"I'm not sure. They seem mostly to be one of those things society decided are classy."

Who did she blame for this? James Bond? Probably started there.

"Do you get sick if you drink alcohol?"
That made her nose scrunch some, "Really? What happened to a glass of good red wine, " she said with a slight laugh as she would just place the drink away. Not even worth getting sick over.

The question made her nod, "Sadly, though sometimes it's worth to have a drink or ten to remember the taste before hauling up in your bathroom and regretting all your choices for the night, " Tempest admitted with a laugh.

"Is it harder for you to get drunk or even tipsy? " she asked curiously, she knew a little about weres but not a lot- just that they could eat enough to make a full grown man gawk.
F r i e n d l y. Nisha reminded herself to be, perhaps not nice, but personable. "No," she answered with a curious head tilt. "Why would it be?"

This was a lie, of course. But Nisha didn't want to define herself by the damn animal, so. A lucky guess would be shunned in favor of keeping her secrets to herself. She wasn't often much of a drinker off the clock, anyway. Just seemed like a waste of money.
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