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The club was loud, EDM music blaring over the speakers as sweaty bodies danced and swayed in the center of the building. Queens of all shapes and sizes would be showing their stuff both on and off the stage as others cheered and clapped. The energy was high, and Evelina found both her excitement and hunger growing with the atmosphere. It would not take very long after her arrival that she found herself in the bathroom with some pretty blonde, sating her hunger before she got to enjoying her night out.

It would only be a few minutes before she made her way back out to the club, the blood thoroughly wiped clean from her mouth as the very drunk blonde stumbled after her. She had been suggested not to say anything, and there was no worry from Eveilina as the other scampered off to her friends again, Evelina's own mind preoccupied on what to do next. Dancing seemed the most ideal, and so she would begin making her way over to do that, only to have the stench of animal fill her nose.

Her opinion on the species was still in development, having met both a good and bad Were in her two encounters. Curious as to what kind this wood be, Evelina would slowly start maneuvering her way through the crowd towards the stench.


Kara was absolutely here, jiving with the jams and the general vibe of the building, just another body in the giant mess of it all. If there was a vampire lingering around in this throng, she hadn’t run into one yet and as far as Kara knew, the only supernatural in this place was her. A shame that she didn’t have a friend to spend the night with, but this wasn’t her first rodeo.

A tip back of a shot brought with it an inhale of death, almost making her immediately spit it out, the dog curling lips. Swallowing heavily after a moment of wondering if it was worth it, she bewilderingly looked at the small glass, rotating it in the light, expecting something at the bottom before an accusatory glare was up towards where her bartender had gone. Leaning over the counter on the tips of her toes, she called out over the music, “Hey man, why’s it smell like shit? Did a rat die in the bottle?”

The only thing given back was a wave that he’d be over there soon. Her face became deadpan, setting the glass down and taking back the tip mentally that she’d almost put down. Nope. With that, she was turning around, back against the bar, already trying to figure out where there might be a place to squeeze in on the floor, unaware that anyone was tracking her nor that they were close enough to stink up the air and the drink.
The roar of the music and crowd made it very hard to distinguish the conversations going around her. A solid hum of noise that went right over her head and blurred into the background. The only thing she could solidly focus on was the stench, and just seek out the person that was causing it.

The source appeared to be a woman, older than herself, darker hair and a face that looked discontent with something that was in the air... Similar to Evelina's own face. Blinking, there was some debate on actually speaking out to the woman, but given that she was a Were in Vampire territory, it was probably best to make sure she wasn't up to no good. She was welcome here, but that didn't mean that she would be ignored either.

"Unhappy with something?" She pipped up after a moment, stepping regrettably close so that both could be heard over the music, nose crinkling with the action.
A red head was right up in her face suddenly, all a ball of sunshine with that outfit, but that perfume was nose wrinkling in its presence and y’know, exactly like a source of something she’d just drank. Was it coming from Ms. Ginger here or had the shot completely made her senses shit? Weird how it seemed oddly familiar.

”Yeah, bar’s got some funky infusions,” Kara chose with a jab of her thumb behind. ”Not my taste.” It seemed pretty rude to go out on a ledge here and declare that the lady smelled like rotten garbage when it could just be her own fault here.
Evelina's gaze would move to the bar at its mentioned, brows coming together slightly in thought. She had come here on multiple occasions before her turning and she had never had any sort of issue with the drinks. It didn't look like any of the other patrons around had any problem with it either and so she doubted that this was just an off night for them. It looked like this girl was either expecting something fancier than they had to offer, or she was just looking for a reason not to tip.

Regardless, Evelina could not really help the next comment that came from her lips, the words slipping out of their own accord as her shoulders gave a soft shrug. "Maybe it is because it is not for animals?"
Was that meant to be rude or because she knew what Kara was? Both? A pulled frown took place as she eyed her, arms crossing, the dog staring with a leveled gaze.

Another inhale and god, this chick. It wasn’t were, but it couldn’t be human now that she had a full face of it. The undertone did seem pretty familiar though… what was she? ”You sure you’re not the one who made it?”
It was unclear to Evelina if this remark was an insult or not, but Evelina would take it as the former, the corners of her mouth turning down as her spine stiffened. It didn't matter that she had presented the sass first, what mattered was that she was the one receiving it now. An unfair thing when this animal was tromping around her territory.

"If I had been the one to make it," Evelina began, fingers coming to rest atop the bar. "You probably would not be standing here right now."
The comment, for all it was up to the other to choose how it was considered, had seemingly been thought of as an insult. A tenseness took hold that she caught, but Kara’s gaze went out to the dancers, the lights flooding over the moving bodies. Maybe, she should just get going and leave the stink bomb behind.

A comment close to a death threat had her letting out a laugh, one of those empty ones that were coming from a place of absurdity rather than amusement in anything. ”Someone thinks they’re hot shit.” Not much could kill her, but it did have Kara taking the girl a bit more serious just in case, gaze sliding over. ”What’re you anyways?”
Evelina's lips would tighten at the comment, eyes narrowing some as her arms came together to cross along her chest. She was aware that this was a childish look, but she honestly could not help herself. Here this animal was, laughing at her and calling her 'hot shit' after Evelina had definitely made a very valid threat. It made her feel small, and that just was not a good feeling at all.

"What does it matter?"
Oh, that’d struck a nerve somewhere. Kara wasn’t one to take attitude without trying to see if she could puncture a hole to see if it was all just hot air. It all came down to confidence in abilities and the like and yet here just one comment had popped it.

Finding out what this girl was did matter, but Kara wouldn’t be explaining what she was aloud either to a stranger so it was understandable. However, she wasn’t the one offering fanciful death threats, so, different rules applied. This wasn’t some question into what type of were, but rather, what was even standing by her.

”Kinda does,” she enunciated with a hand that became unfolded. ”You sought me out. You’re either curious or I’m trespassing in some way.” Thank god for loud music mostly covering their conversation.
Evelina's gaze would move out towards the dance floor as the woman began to speak, her breathing having stopped now so that she wasn't forced to take in the stinking stench of animal. A scent that somehow worse than the ones that she encountered back at the zoo. She hadn't actually thought it was possible, but here they were.

And it looked like animal girl wasn't willing to give up on her earlier question either, but at least she was giving her something to work with now. "Both, but mainly because the second." She answered, arms remaining crossed.
Hmm, that wasn’t much of a clarification, but at least it explained why red hair here had even bothered to get into her face.

”Didn’t realize the place was owned by anyone. Been here a few times already.” And it wasn’t owned by a were, so what was she supposed to do to find out.
She had been here a few times and did not even realize this was vampire territory? Was she nose deaf or something? Evelina was positive that she would know when she was walking around Were territory because she would constantly feel like she was back at the zoo.

"Whole of Alder is owned." She answered absently, "I am surprised that you could not tell."
Alder Heights was all owned. That had recognition slowly clinking into place, remembering conversation with hyenas, bears, all explaining who had a stake in her home. Whelp, it was about time she met a vampire Kara supposed. Better that then some random new thing like a ghoul or something.

”Ah, I actually have. Never met one of you guys like this though.”
Ah, so she was not completely nose deaf then, just had not gotten around to meeting them... Or she had? The 'like this though' addition had her a bit confused, her head tilting some in thought as she spoke.

"Like this?" She questioned.
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