Alder Heights tl;dr
He stopped home first to put away Raziyya's diary and change into something a bit dressier. Rushing out to see Raziyya hadn't allowed him time for the latter, but he did not need to race to Safiya's.

A certain tiredness settled in on the drive over, knowing that this would not be an especially lovely discussion for either of them. He wished Raziyya was more capable of carrying the emotional baggage of her "daughter," but he supposed she'd done enough to make her powerful.

Beauregard knocked politely at the door, having nothing in the way of tricks or jokes, simply a small smile so as not to worry her when she answered and a "hello, hello."
Except you did have to rush, Beau, because the entire time she waited, she worried. She tried not to, talking herself in and out of what could be going on with Raziyya, if there was something that she could have said earlier that could have helped her figure it out. But Beau obviously knew more about what was going on here, so she just had to wait and let him tell her.

When he finally arrived, she was laying with Horus on her chest, and Osiris was munching a Greenie. When the door knocked, he picked his head up, ears cocked. He used to jump up and run to the door, but his hearing was getting poorer, which meant he wasn't all that sure if the door had actually knocked at all. Horus continued to purr and snooze as she moved him to lay on the couch, dusting off the fur he left behind as she moved up to her door.

There was Beau, not looking particularly one way or the other. "Hello," She said with a matching smile, not sure how to feel as she stepped back to let him in. What was the last time he was here? Was it... yeah. The time there was a dead body in the doorway :). Haha lets not think about that! Osiris had reached the top of the stairs from the den below by now, and was peering up at Beau with a waggling tail. "We can go downstairs," She gestured to the steps that would lead them back down to her couch. You know, get comfy instead of standing awkwardly in her kitchen.
He forgot that this was a household with dog(s). Beauregard could smell the animals, then spotted the little dog peering at him. It was... easily one of the ugliest he'd ever seen, but he wasn't the sort of monster to express that out loud. Instead he nodded to Safiya's invitation, and greeting the dog with a quiet "hello, curious thing" along the way.

Hm. Raziyya had called Annabel a thing. But this was meant kindly! Somewhat.

Beauregard would follow Safiya to whatever seating she introduced him to, though he'd begin to speak along the way. He could sense her anxiety and did not blame her for it.

"What inspired you to ask about Raziyya?" he began. "We were talking when you texted me, but the conversation didn't wander from her specifically."

He supposed it had to him as well, but he was part of it, after all.
Osiris was happy to sniff at Beauregard's feet as they made their way down. Safiya could guess that "curious" was a replacement word for "ugly." That was fine, she still loved her little gremlin son. Beauregard's prompting drew her gaze back as she found them back at the couch. They'd been talking when she texted. What timing. "I saw her earlier at the Planetarium, around sundown." She said as she settled down into the couch, inviting him to sit with a wave of her hand. Horus, the one eyed cat, pushed to his feet at the sight of a stranger. Stretching, he put himself into a sitting position, and opted to stare for a moment.

"She just seemed... off." Wow, good start.
What a collection of creatures Safiya kept. Beauregard took his seat, wondering if he'd leave with animal hair on his trousers as he eyed the solitary eyeball of her nearby cat.

Safiya's response was vague, but it would do well enough. He nodded, considered how best to word it.

"She is, I suppose," he said. "Not long ago, I reprimanded her for an action I felt was foolish and detrimental to the clutch. This was not an extraordinary scolding, but it caused her to realize that she and I, she and the clutch as a whole, hold different philosophies."

Beauregard kept his gaze on the apartment, on the animals, on places that were not Safiya. This was not his favorite discussion.

"I think you must have caught her in the midst of this realization."

There was more, but he wasn't here to deliver a monologue.
She is. Well, there was no debating if she was or wasn't. The way she had acted hours ago was a far cry from how she used to cuddle on the couch and brush her hair. But Beau had elaboration, so she listened. Apparently, Raziyya pulled something that could have been harmful to the Clutch, Beau reprimanded her and... then Raziyya took that as some sign that she thought differently to the clutch as a whole. It was admittedly hard to grasp. For as long as she had known Razi, she had known he as someone that did nothing but support Beauregard and the clutch in its entirety. That she suddenly felt like she thought an entirely different way was confusing. It would have helped to know more context.

So, seeing no reason not to, she pressed for more. "Can I ask what the gist of these philosophies are? What did she do that was so dangerous?"
This was a question he expected. Beauregard scrunched his face a bit, perhaps a near wince.

"Shifters," he said. "There is not a single one she wouldn't rather see skinned. As you know, I ask members of the clutch to avoid playing the aggressor when dealing with them."

Beauregard leaned back and, perhaps shameless, let his head flop to the back of the couch.

"This is very difficult for her, and an incident clashing with this request was what inspired the reprimand."

Vague to start. He knew Safiya was softer with shifters.

"Basically, she cannot play nice with shifters under any circumstances, and I have built a culture incompatible with this."

Immediately, her mind jumped to Natasha, then Sokol, and his friends. Safi didn't have many Were friends, but the few she did have, she was undeniably loyal to. And yet, it was a topic of discourse for Razi. Apparently, there was not a single one she wouldn't kill. That was... just, very hard to grasp for a second. Beau was essentially telling her that Raziyya would like to be free to murder people at random based on something that they can change about themselves. Her stomach knotted as he went on.

She couldn't play nice. Did that mean she'd done it before? Had she been senselessly killing Weres this entire time? Safi knew Raziyya wasn't by any means pro-Were, but she'd always assumed her to be a sensible enough person that she wouldn't harm someone unless they were deserving of it. There were Weres Safiya would kill, if she had to. There were Weres that wanted to do the same senseless murdering to her and her friends, that Raziyya wanted to do to them. But those were bad people. Evil. People.

Raziyya wasn't evil.


Safiya bit at her lip, absently shaking her head. "So. She'd just rather kill any Were she came across?" That's what he'd said, but it just. Give her a second.
He couldn't read Safiya's thoughts, but he could feel her work through it. This was ugly for everyone.

Beauregard found Raziyya's views absurd to some degree. But he understood it. She was from a different place, a different time. Safiya was utterly modern, sheltered further by his particular style of leadership.

The question laid it out quite black and white. He stared at the ceiling, hands coming to rest, fingers knitted, at his abdomen.

"Raziyya has never had a positive interaction with a single one of them. They turn humans. They turn psychics. They proliferate like animals. They have attacked our vampires. They stand to her as an offense to everything she has ever known and lived in the ten thousand years she's been alive."

This was his working around an answer.

"She's not stabbing them all to death. But if she could wipe them away with a snap of her fingers, she certainly would."

As would Beauregard, of course. Truly, who wouldn't?
She stared at the profile of his face as he... explained? Defended? Came up with some reasoning for why she hated an entire mass of people because of the rotten eggs she'd met. Because they turned humans? You know, the majority of the population. Turned psychics... that vampires didn't absolutely need to survive. They'd attacked, but... hadn't plenty vampires done the same to other Weres? And it- Just.

It was so gross?

It made her feel gross.

"Alright." She said. Because speaking any of that aloud wasn't exactly going to help here. Beau wasn't saying that he felt like this, he was telling her what Raziyya had told him. "So. What's the deal? What came of your conversation?" Nosy, but... She cared a lot, here.
Disgust. Something akin to it. He sensed it from her and knew very well it was not aimed toward these half animal disasters. Not when she'd literally fucked one.

This was the mess of it all. Raziyya was his friend, perhaps his closest. And yet somehow, with her by his side, he'd created...

Perhaps the softest group of vampires he could have collected. Certainly Beauregard had reasons for tolerating shifters as a whole. Their numbers were considerable, and banning them would only lead to repeated headache struggling to enforce it. They were people, if brain damaged ones, and it was difficult to wipe away such a large swathe of anyone. He could find entertainment in individuals, but it never truly lasted.

And yet he was raising gentler vampires still. Safiya, who had once said she wanted to play soldier, was one of those. This was Raziyya's daughter, yet so utterly modern that they were unrecognizable beyond the lucky physical similarities.

He felt some guilt for that, but part of it was the world they lived in. Tolerance was everything, if among humans. But shifters were no such thing.

Had he failed to create a clutch with a head on its shoulders? Had he simply been too open? Was this what the modem vampire looked like, perhaps?

Beauregard sat up from his position of suffering, somewhat irritated by Safiya's word choice. Youthful. So youthful, yet so strong. It did not always suit her.

"Raziyya is taking some time away. When she returns, we will discuss if she can be happy within the clutch, or if she is better suited elsewhere."

No need to detail that she'd tried to step down and that he'd begged her otherwise.
It was what she'd assumed would be the answer, but it didn't hurt any less. She was leaving, for some undetermined amount of time. To do what, Safiya wondered if even Beau knew. But she was taking time for herself, reevaluating if she could bare to be surrounded by people that didn't want to cause more problems with Weres just for the hell of it. Just going, without a word to anyone but Beauregard. Safiya inhaled, held it there, looked to Horus for a moment. There were a lot of words she wanted to say, and yet, none came out for a moment.
Safiya was hurt, and he couldn't blame her in the slightest. This was a failure of Raziyya's. She'd pleaded with him to give this girl an eternal life and could not convince herself to stay around for even a few years of it.

Should he perhaps simply suggest Raziyya when she returned? He feared he respected her too much for it. Felt a bit like he was permanently adjusting some force of nature. But this felt dreadful, and sincerely, Safiya deserved better.

"I'm very sorry," he said after a time of that quiet. "I am doing my best to convince her. But she is... I am afraid, a different kind of vampire than I am, and that I have unintentionally raised you to be."
At least she could tell that he was sincere in his words. He was sorry, he'd tried, but she was still leaving. She was a different vampire than both Beauregard and Safiya. Than the one Beau was raising her to be. Her jaw tightened there. She did look up to both of them as more or less parental vampire figures. But it wasn't like... Beauregard was misguiding her by allowing her to have compassion for other individuals. He was acting like it was a mistake.

"I... don't know if thats a bad thing. It sounds like some of her values aren't ones that I'd ever want." Said levelly, without any disgust or resentment. Just... fact. She didn't want to feel the same way as Raziyya. If they had to be considered to be entirely different kinds of vampires, then... so be it.
A fair enough response. Safiya was too soft for her own good, but time would teach her otherwise. She'd find betrayal in the beasts and hopefully survive it.

There was a middle ground between Safiya and Raziyya, but he did not expect the latter to settle for it.

Beauregard nodded. Was it easier to suggest Safiya? Felt just as messy. Politics were loathsome.

"That may be the case," he sighed. "We'll see how she feels when she returns, I suppose."
She exhaled there, head shaking. Return from where? Doing what? There were so many questions, but Beau was being vague about it, and she knew better than to go calling after Raziyya to ask her. Different vampires. There was nothing she could say to appeal, most likely. Maybe later, when she felt less... crushed about this all, she would try. For now.

"Alright. I guess that's all we can do." She agreed with a nod.
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