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Evelina had changed before leaving with Greta to the Planetarium, but unfortunately she hadn't been a very athletic person before or after her change meaning she had absolutely no clothing that was suitable for sparring. This meant that she had to settle with just some shorts and a baggy sweatshirt that she knew was probably not the best of ideas, but it was totally cute so justified.

Following after Greta, Evelina would stop as the other did, her hands coming up in fists in front of her. "I am ready." Except not really because how even did sparring work? This was definitely not something she had thought about when human.
Greta, for her part, did not have much in the way of athletic wear, either. What vampire went for a nice cardio-rich run? She changed into slacks and an older shirt anyway, and drove them down to the planetarium, having little to think or say about Evelina's choice of outfit. It wasn't a dress, so that was a start - but again, a skilled fighter ought to have no problem fighting in a dress.

In some empty room in the clutch only area, Evelina was immediately ready, facing her with an announcement and her fists raised. It tickled Greta, but she did not laugh or smile. The girl was starting with what she had, and that was admirable enough.

"Evelina, do you learn best by doing, or by being told?" she asked, facing the girl as she pulled the sleeves of her shirt up.
Evelina was not very sure of the answer to this question, when it came to school she had struggled with every aspect of teaching. Hands on and hands off had both proven ineffective for her, but when she had been training at work, she tended to get a handle on thinks quicker when she did it herself. Words and displays could only get you so far after all, and so after just a few moments of thought she would confirm this aloud.

Doing. Greta favored that response. In fighting, at least, it was often so much easier to just show rather than to tell. She nodded, tilting her weight forward, lifting her own fists. "Very well. Block me, then." And with that to serve as a warning, she made a sharp, quick jab with her fist at Evelina's nose.


Wait, what!?

Before Evelina really had any time to think a fist was flying towards her face with a frightening speed. Eyes flashing amber, Evelina would just let her body drop to the ground, her knees hitting first as her hands flew up over her head. There might of been a squeak of surprise that escaped her lips, but she would most definitely deny it if ever asked.
Oh! Too much, old woman. Greta relaxed from her stance immediately, giving Evelina a moment of space. "Well, evasion is a good defense tactic, too," she decided with a low chuckle, extending her hands to help the girl back to her feet. "Up, up. I won't hurt you, darling."
This was off to a wonderful start, some soldier she would make if she just dropped into a ball in the beginning of every fight. Silently cursing herself, Evelina would take the hand as it was offered, rising back to her feet as she shook her head. "I know, it is just a bit.. A pause as she searched for the right word. "Intimidating to find a fist flying right at you."
Greta smiled for the girl's input, head nodding. "It certainly is. I think I may have started too exuberantly for you. But sometimes, attacks may be just that way - an opponent who intends to seriously injure you will not warn you. And they will not have mercy on you because you've cowered. You're a force to be reckoned with, Evelina - you just need to be shaped a bit." She released her progeny, stepping back, lifting her hands again. "Remember, I won't injure you. Keep your eyes on my hands. Watch the way I move. Now, block me." Again, on the tail of her instructions, she jabbed at the girl's face, watching her sharply.


The words were kind, but she was not quite sure if they rang quite true with her. If she were to be using her powers, sure, she might be able to hold her own against anyone, but simply fighting with her fists was not quite her strong suit. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her arms to release some of her tension, Evelina decided to give it her best despite her insecurities. If this was her worse, then she could only get better from here.

Following Greta's advice, Evelina would keep her eyes on the others arms, head screaming for her to block instead of cower this time around. The first came rushing forward, and Evelina would do her best to mimic what she had seen in movies. She was too slow though, Greta's fist swinging just above her upcoming arms.
Here, Greta had all but forgotten about the girl's powers. She was focused on this, on the art of using the body to fight. Years and years of being practically made of steel, of being able to heal terrible gashes and bruises in no time at all. It wasn't that way anymore - but there was no harm in sliding this skill into the girl's set.

Evelina failed to block her, which was unsurprising just yet - it was a learning process. Her knuckles grazed the girl's forehead, and she retracted immediately. Hmm. Perhaps she ought to pull her punches. Start slow, small, easy. "Again," she announced, striking instead for Evelina's chin.

Not rolling this one :3

She was very grateful for the fact that Greta had not gone pull force onto her head, her eyes widening just a bit as she felt contact being made. If this had been a for real fight, she would probably be back flat on the ground right now. The next punch came a bit slower, a bit lower than it had been before, but Evelina had not been paying attention to that part, more focused on protecting the place that had been hit previously.

She would get her arms up in time this round, but with her fists so close together, her elbows pulled apart leaving everything but her forehead vulnerable.
Still a bit behind the curve, Evelina went to protect her forehead, and Greta, for all intents and purposes, "booped" her on the chin. She smiled some, shaking her head as she withdrew. "Keep your eyes on my hands, Evelina," she reminded. "Don't move blind." Another strike then, aimed again for her chin.
Right, sorry.

Alright this time for sure, Evelina would do as she was told, eyes glued to the others woman's movements as her body tensed in anticipation. Greta's arms would mimic the same movement as the last attack, and this time Evelina would keep her arms together, arms pulling up in front of her face.
Good girl! She'd get it down in time, with plenty of practice. Greta had to remember to keep it easy for now. When her knuckles met raised arms instead of a face, she smiled. "Very good! Eyes up!" And this time, she'd make a swing at the girl's gut, thinking that she'd turn the hitting over to Evelina after a few more successful blocks. Starting small, after all.
Evelina would keep her eyes locked on Greta's arms, eyes narrowing some in her focus as she watched the hand swing outwards. She though at first, it would be like all the other hits to her face but this one curved downwards towards her stomach. Arms dropping faster than she thought possible for herself, she would wrap her arms around herself really unsure how she was supposed to block in this position.

Regardless it would hit her arms rather than the stomach, which she supposed was better than nothing.
Well, Greta did find a hit against the girl's arms, even if it was a very rudimentary block. "Very good," she praised. "The best method of blocking is deflecting, or parrying. So, when I come to punch you." One hand reached gently for one of Evelina's arms, holding it out a few inches from her stomach. "You have your forearm prepared, and knock my fist away, like so." Guiding the girl's arm, she moved it through a slow-motion parry, showing Evelina what she meant - using her arm to do more than just absorb the hit, but to retaliate, and push Greta's fist away. "Let's try it." Releasing Evelina, she wound up, offering another pulled punch toward her gut, anticipating properly followed instructions.
"Sounds easy enough." She agreed, putting her arms back up just in case Greta decided to pull a fast one and go for her face again. Greta, of course, was not like that though and she would practice honesty by going for her gut again. Evelina would move to do as instructed her arm coming down to block, but the retaliation would come much too slow, Evelina putting a lot of her focus on getting the hands right rather than the speed the punch was coming.

The fist would connect before Evelina's hand even touched Gretas.
Evelina had it in theory, but not in practice. Again - to be expected. Greta's strike was light, retracting quickly to boot. "Try again. Watch my hand." A gentle reminder, of course. Greta would go again, a slow swing at the gut, and actually would make a point here to carry on after that - slow, measured "strikes" at her gut, her chin, her forehead, occasionally mixing up the speed of her movements, but never hitting hard enough to injure, as promised.
Evelina would do her best to keep up, arms falling up and down to defend herself from the blows. There would be a number of them that would break through, obviously, but Evelina liked to believe that she was doing pretty well on her first sparring lesson. She would even get a parry or two in there, although they were far from perfect, sloppy pushes that produced the outcome that Greta was looking for.

Evelina could only wonder how different things would be if Greta was using her full strength and speed though, surely she would be black and blue already... Perhaps bloodlusting.
It was the rusty, jaunty sort of start Greta expected from a novice, but it was satisfactory. It was here that she realized, yes... she could just use her powers against a threat. Suffocate or burn someone, if she so desired. How simple, a fast track to success in any battle. Still, she persisted, finding joy and bonding in these things.

"Okay. It's your turn to learn how to strike, now." She gave Evelina some space, and held up one hand. "Punch my palm. As hard as you can, right in the center."
Evelina found that she was pretty pumped to throw her first, her back straightening as she pulled in a steadying breath. Greta told her to punch as hard as she could, but honestly, Evelina was kinda scared to do that. She didn't want to hurt Greta, who was much fragiler looking than she actually was, fearing that full strength might break her hand entirely her send her flying back.

Alright, she knew she wasn't that strong, but what if!

"Alright, just don't laugh." She would slam a fist forward after this was said, her fist swinging forward towards the center. As it neared she would find herself pulling back some, realizing that the point of impact would be the side of the hand rather than the actual center.
Greta, as promised, did not laugh, but she did flash a bright smile. When it came to vampire strength, it was quite easy to tell when a punch was being pulled. Her hand budged from the hit, but her arm stayed firmly bent and upright. She wiggled her fingers. "Focus. Center of my palm." She pointed gently to it with a manicured finger, her tone light. "And don't baby me. I only want to be treated like a fragile old woman by my meals."
Greta looked like a fragile old woman though, and even if she was a kick ass vampire soldier, Evelina just could not shake the fact that she was doing something morally wrong. There was no telling how many vampires looked like this though, and if she were to ever be anything useful to the clutch, then she would have to get over this. If they didn't have a heartbeat then they were free game.

If they did, then Evelina would leave them be to live the rest of their life in peace.

"Okay, for real this time." She promised, pulling back her fist and just going for it, if Greta somehow broke then Beauregard had to be somewhere nearby.
For real, this time. Greta smiled briefly, approvingly, and her hand moved much farther for the second improved hit. Her hand tingled with the aftermath of the impact, and she smiled a little wider. "Very good. Now, punch me." She gestured with both hands, palms up and fingers fanned, towards her head and torso, as if she were lowering some great veil over her face. "Or try to, anyway." And then, her own hands were up, prepared to block Evelina, to seek holes in her strategy and defense.
Greta's hand did not break into a million pieces, in fact, the hand hardly budged with the punch that she had offered. It had her feeling much more inclined to use her full strength against the older vampire, less worried for the moralities of it all, and more eager to show Greta that she could pack her own punch. Grin widening at the challenge, Evelina would return to mimicking the movies, fists coming up in front of her as she spread her legs a little wider.

Greta looked ready to defend, but Evelina would spring forward with all the speed that she could muster, intent on getting a punch in before Greta could even think to block.


Greta wouldn't strike back - not yet. Even where the opportunity might arise, she focused just on Evelina's hitting, watching the girl smile wide and lunge at her like some predator. She moved deftly, a forearm sweeping down to crash against the incoming fist, knocking Evelina's hand away. "Good. Again," she said, quickly, an unspoken suggestion for the girl to keep quick.
She had not actually been expecting to land a hit on her first attempt, but there was still some frustration as her hand was knocked away. Greta could have very well landed a punch in retaliation, but was luckily merciful encouraging Evelina to try again. Pulling in a breath out of habit, Evelina would focus her attention back on those hand movements, coming in with quick steps.

A mantra of the previous words circling around in her head, Evelina would let her fists fly out.

hit >:3

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