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The very next evening after that awful new moon, Asphodel came creeping into Alder Heights looking to lay low for a time. She found succor in the embrace of the clutch magic, but the greater reward would be the blood she knew that was kept stored in the depths of the Planetarium. It represented not just food, but healing. A pint of blood went a ways, allowing her to heal the minor cuts and bruises across her pale flesh but her arm remained in a sling and her ribs, her organs, everything else... She was as hungry as a newborn.

So, blood was her goal, but the array of the buffet was enough to distract her from her quest. She had to pause, to walk the table in mild curiosity and noted the sign. "Live a little" made her chuckle. Quite a lot of it was modern food, she hardly recognized what she was looking at but she smiled to see the empty pail right nearby. Picking up a rope of what looked like it could be red licorice, she glanced around for witnesses. Or... perhaps someone to share in this curiosity.


Evelina was going out tonight, but first she needed to pick something up from the Planetarium, having left her wallet chilling on one of the tables the night before. She would not get far without it, and it was a huge relief when she found the yellow item in the place that she had left it.

Swooping up, Evelina was just about to make her way out when she noticed somebody new, another hurt vampire lurking the halls and currently staring at Twizzler. Curiosity had her turning on her feet and approaching both the woman and the table full of goodies. Why was this even here, vampire's could not eat this sort of thing anymore....

"Will that not make you sick?" She inquired as she got closer, the concern very clear upon her face.


Asphodel regarded the newcomer with curiosity--another injury!--and warm pleasure, glad to be joined by another. "Oh, absolutely." She replied, energetic despite her hunger, "But, someone's... spread out a banquet for us, it feels rude to just ignore it."

She twirled the sticky rope, concluding it was probably a candy from the way it made her fingers tacky, and asked, "I have no idea what this is. Licorice?" It was possible the other vampire knew, but... Perhaps not! You couldn't tell age by appearance.
Evelina was not quite sure about that, she was pretty certain that it was acceptable to ignore something that would cause your insides to churn. Regardless, this woman seemed pretty intent on trying something, and Evelina would not be the one to stop her. She was well aware that there were many vampires who had lived centuries without having taste, and so maybe the risk was worth the small reward that they would get.

Evelina on the other hand, had only been without for a number of months, and the risk was definitely not worth it. Blood had not quite gotten to the point of boring yet.

"Yes, though they are not really my favorite." She answered with a nod, a hand reaching out to pick up a Little Debbie, the Chocolate Chip Cake. "These were my particular favorite of snacks."
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