Ridgefield Planetarium A Conspiracy for Two

anytime pre-werewolf fight, @edvin!!!

A vampire’s animal form was so curious. There was nothing actively telling her how to behave, giving her animal urges, but once she assumed her raven form, she seemed to instinctively know the bird things. How to fly, groom, bob her head, flutter.. Essentially look undistinguishable from any other raven. Screaming her lovely corvid music did take practice but the rest seemed to come without a manual.

Including an infatuation with shiny things! Someone’s purse had spilled somewhere outside the planetarium earlier that evening, spilling spare change everywhere. The unfortunate person was gone by now, after having collected their things, and a majority of their change, but a few coins still glinted under the street lamps.

Swooping down onto the sidewalk, the huge raven immediately busied herself with gathering the coins and starting the foundations of a small tower. It was a slow process, one by one as she strutted back and forth and carefully set it up with her beak.
Coincidences only worked out so perfectly.

As it turned out, the vampire within the Clutch with whom the newest addition shared an animal form was not on wing this evening. Instead, his discovery of the strikingly familiar black bird was made as he strolled up to the Planetarium, whistling some idle tune beneath his breath. The coincidence was not only that he came across a raven, but that he'd come here specifically to look for any of the newest additions to the group. How lucky was he to have found one right on the doorstep!

Slowing his pace, Edvin observed a moment as the vampire went about their business, stacking coins in a curious manner. If not for the signature of power that radiated from the inky creature, he may have assumed this to be the antics of a common raven. It benefited to know better. Smiling softly to himself, delighted to have found another that had this handsome form, he moved closer. "What is it you are saving up for?" He questioned.
Likewise, Asphodel sensed this man was more than he was, marking him as more than a rude intruder. Hardly an intruder. This was quite welcome and exciting! Another of the clutch, someone who would likely forgive--perhaps, even understand--a bit of pointless animal indulgences. Such as making a lovely stack of quarters.

"A ribbon for my hair, perhaps!" She chimed brightly, pausing to look up at him before dipping her head low to scoop another coin from the mulch on the side of the path. Trotting back over to her little tower, she gently placed it on top before turning about.

She did some approximation of a bird curtsy, wings swooping out to either side as she bowed. "Asphodel. Who, may I ask, comes to admire my tower?"
Perhaps a ribbon! The voice that came was that of a woman with an accent he recognized quite well, having spent so long in England. It was a welcome surprise, and as the raven dipped into a curtsy, he found himself energized in a way that could only be described as whimsical. Chuckling softly, Edvin took a step forward as a man, and a moment later, another hopping step forward as a raven himself.

He was slightly larger, as was the nature of their avian forms, but otherwise the two mirrored one another perfectly. The change was made both for the sake of not appearing to be a man speaking to a bird on the sidewalk, and being admittedly eager to demonstrate how alike they were.

Once on her level, he wasted little time in tipping into a grand bow himself, cartoonish in how he extended one wing to the side, whilst he tucked the other forward over his breast. "Edvin, if you would be so gracious as to allow me."
Charmed, absolutely charmed. Asphodel couldn't help bouncing in place a bit as he returned the bird-etiquette in none other than their shared form. A very human gasp dragged its way in through her open beak and she fluttered a bit in excitement.

"Edvin! Well, this is a pleasure. The Regent comes to see little old me on my humble strip of sidewalk." Her sidewalk, because she was standing on it, obviously, "How is this evening treating you, sir?"
Her reaction was delightful, to say the very least. He fluttered in a more subdued manner, but very much found it difficult not to mirror her. A small chuckle came from his chest as she spoke as if she'd heard of him. A comfort, if a small one, to know he was being spoken about upon a new members' joining. He did wish he was present for more of those.

"Much better, now that I have found someone so alike by coincidence." He answered back, head tilting some so that he could peer around them, looking for any incoming pedestrians. For now, they were alone in their concrete drawing room.
The he polite answer, she was sure, but she allowed it to fluff her up all the same. He had that stately formality that seemed to mark the members of Eventide and made her feel all the more comfortable in their ranks.

Asphodel couldn't smile, but the raven continued to flicker with energy. "I'll admit it's a bit startling, the number of coincidences? The Dominus and I were born only a year apart." Resuming the task of collecting coins, she made sure not to leave him out of the proceedings. "How long have you served as Regent with this clutch?"
More than one coincidence, it seemed! Ashpodel (a unique name) was apparently almost exactly as young as Beauregard. Interesting! It felt nearly perfect, as if the stars had aligned it themselves. But he knew better that to put any stock into that way of thinking. He was curious instead on what brought her here, and where she was before then. But, first, she had questions of her own. He would oblige to answer as he hopped over to help uncover a nearby penny he spotted. "Since it's conception. Beauregard and I were among three that had the notion to create this clutch." Three, though Carmen was long gone now. Lost to what Edvin simply had to assume was insanity.
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