Ridgefield Planetarium Saturn that frown upside down!

Outfit!(With black jeans) and a bag

It was high time she explored the clutches spot, she had been wrapped up with moving, setting up her work life with the collage and other things, she finally had some free time. She was still mildly regretting eating with those girls, it had been worth it yet not at the same time. Least food still tasted good.

Tempest would enter the Planetarium, feeling a happy little shiver run through her as she walked in. It felt nice to be apart of a couch and knowing that Monty had done well was great too but now she was going to explore. The woman walked around curiously, adjusting her purse strap on her shoulder some as she meandered through the place until she came to the dome that was having just a planet viewing. Now this was what she wanted to see.

Her head was tilted back as she looked up and around, a bit of nostalgia running through her as she remembered sailing the seas at night and following the stars- that made her smile. As she backing around following a planet though, she would accidentally bump into someone and turn around offering a bit of a smile, "Sorry about that! I was following a planet and not paying attention, you alright? " she asked, her tone kind and easy as she quickly tried to not be embarrassed over such a silly mistake.


How had he gotten here? Caleb himself wasn't very sure, one moment he had been sitting in the back of some strangers pickup and in the next he was being thrown out like some rotting sort of rotting trash. There had been a few angry words, a kick or something to his stomach, but Caleb couldn't really recall it his mind currently on a different planet which was absolutely perfect because now he was walking into a planetarium.

The steps had been a real struggle though, and had probably taken him much longer than needed to get up, but now he was in the building sparkling stars and spinning planets easily becoming the focus of his attention. Swaying and leaning up against a wall for support, Caleb made his way through, the disgusted stares from the few guests around him going unnoticed as his mind struggled to bring back past facts.

In school, astrology had been one of his favorite subjects, but now he couldn't tell you the difference between an asteroid and a comets. It sure did look pretty though, so did the body that came crashing into him just moments later causing his ass to hit the ground with a solid thwack. He might of cried out from the injustice if not for the amount boobage he was currently getting through her shirt.

"Oh I'll be alllllright." He hummed, hand coming up to the wall for support as he tried to lift himself back to his feet. A much harder task than in needed to be, but he would get there eventually. "I'm pretty used to getting ambushed by beautiful ladies." The smile would creep onto his face, eye giving a playful wink that verged very close to the path of creepy.
Tempest could smell the lovely scent of a psychic and it so happened to belong to a bit of a scruffy looking fellow who wound up on his backside. She would face him more as he pushed himself up along the wall to try and stand- she would help but she was a little leary about what he might know about vampires and their skin temperature so she refrained for the moment and gave him a little bit of a sweet smile.

She knew she was wearing rather distracting clothing, she did it on purpose so his staring at her exposed skin just wrung a little smile from her as she let out a slight chuckle, "Ah so this isn't an odd occurrence for you to suddenly get bumped into by distracted women then? Such a lucky fellow you are, " she told him, lightly teasing him a little. His smile, a be it a little strange, didn't bother her. She was formulating a meal plan right now as they spoke and she was going to lay on the flirty charm with this one. "Have you been here before? I just moved into town so I'm trying to explore all these interesting places and could use a little bit of a guide...would you be up for it? I'll repay you by getting you a drink if you like, " Tempest offered to him. Did he even like to drink? She had no clue but hey she was going to attempt to sway this fellow a little bit.
Oh, if only she knew just how lucky he was, he was sure that she would clawing to get him into bed with her. Woman loved men who could get money, and while Caleb didn't appear to be the type, he most definitely could get money. In fact he was about to show her just how he could get money, her request for a guide bringing a very swell idea into his mind. Smile widening to show his teeth, Caleb would shove out a hand in her direction.

"Twenty bucks with a drink and we have a deal." Fingers wiggling out to her for her to take up on the deal.
Oh he was cheeky but she could also return the favor and she was going to boggle his mind by the end of the night- it was a personal swear at that. Tempest would then reach into a hidden pocket on the inside of her blouse above her breast and pulled out two twenties and handed them to him, "You can pick the bar then after, sound good? " she told him, her tone rather sweet as she held the money out to him.

For her, money was nothing- especially with how old she was but thank goodness she could blame it on old money if he asked, "What's your name? " Tempest asked curiously.
And look at that, his luck was already putting in the work producing not twenty but forty bucks for him. Caleb would take it with greedy sweat filled hands, stuffing the change into his pocket before shoving a thumb up towards the sky as his head gave an accepting nod. "Caleb and you got yourself a deal." He agreed cheerfully before allowing his feet to carry him forward, "now if you'll follow me this way, I can start the worlds best tour.
Tempest would smile still at him, "Caleb, pleasure to meet you. I'm Tempest, " she told him sweetly. Half the time no one believed it was her name, so she was never worried about people using it to try and find her. It was a little comical really but she would follow after him, her arms folded behind her back as she walked leisurely next to him, "Oh please, I would love that. I've always have a love for space and the stars, it's a little magical don't you think? " she'd ask as her eyes would glance at him up and down, mentally wondering what a hair cut might do to him or braids.
Tempest sounded like a stripper name, but Caleb wasn't one to judge. He liked strippers, they showed him good times, and he just had to keeping picking up dollar bills of the floor for it to continue. He wondered if Tempest would be like that, did she only need a few planet facts to get her going? Caleb supposed he could pull some out of his ass as he looked up towards one of the displays.

MARS was what it read, and Caleb would stop before it with all the finesse of an auctioneer at a bidding. "I love space." He answered, hands waving towards the poster. "Specially Mars here, its the only red planet out there and that's cause of one thing," hand would slap against the glass. "Cause it's the closest to the sun, always on fire."

He could have just read the plaque to realize this was incorrect, but then it would look like he knew nothing, and that just wouldn't do.
Tempest would walk with him and stop as he pointed at Mars- this was going to be interesting, was all her gut told her and she was right. "Did you know most of space is as unexplored as our own oceans? " she asked him rather curiously before he went on to tell her about the planet and was painfully wrong. Ok, she at least didn't need a snack to have brains but she could see he was obviously trying at least.

"That is an...interesting thing to say about that planet...what do you know about the planet...Uranus? " she asked all too innocently. Mentally she just wanted to see how he reacted to that planets name.
"Do I know?" He scoffed, eyes rolling as his hand slid off and away from the glass. "Yer talkin' to the best tour guide, course I know." wave of his hand as he started making his way to the next exhibit, his little client deciding that she was going to start leading this tour of his. A part of Caleb said that this wasn't right, but the forty buck burning in his pocket spoke otherwise, so he let it be.

She wanted to know about Uranus huh.

"Err, it has the worlds largest ring round it." He answered, finger doing a spin in the air for emphasis. "Thing never stops spinning, and gots like a shit ton o' rocks on it."
I was rather hard to not smile at him as he went on like this, what an interesting fellow he was that's for sure, "It seems I am then- I guess it is a good thing I bumped into you then hmm?" she asked with a rather sweet smile flashing his way.

Though when she asked about one planet and he gave the description of another, she had to bite the inside of her cheek to not just correct him- she wanted a meal tonight and to not have to chase it so she could humor him a little bit with his mixed up knowledge. It was knowledge just directed at the wrong planets, "Really? That's rather incredible. " she told him as she moved around him and would bend slightly to read a plaque for a moment but she was actually watching him out of the corner of her eyes to see what he might do or say.
It was a very lucky thing indeed, Caleb's hand coming to rest against the wall as the petite woman bent to read one of the plaques. Why she didn't just take his word for it, Caleb did not know, but he would try his hand at patience. Glancing down towards her, a chance to get a look at her goods, Caleb would stop at her eyes, squinting some as he took in their different colors.

How had he missed that? Were they contacts or something?

"Nice eyes."
In truth, she barely read the plaque in front of her about whichever planet this was, she just wanted to see what his reaction was- though it seemed this plaque talked about the space rover. Straightening again, she turned more so that he could see the stark difference between her eyes.

"Thank you, odd genetic thing but I love it, " she told him with a smile. After a moment, she would reach out to touch his hair if he let her, "You know you pull off the wild hair quite well, it looks good on you- have you ever thought of doing viking like braids in your hair? " she'd ask him rather curiously. Yep, she wanted to do something to that hair, grab it and possibly tilt his head to the side and NOM but she was a patient woman and had to remind herself to use her head and not her fangs to think with.
Genetics huh? Caleb would bet his shiniest quarter that one of those colors was contact related. There was no way in hell that a human could be born with these sort of eyes, not unless she was half husky.

Whatever he'd play along, because something much more pressing was being presented to him.

Braids? Did Caleb look like some sort girl to her? He had long hair but that didn't mean he was interested in doing girly shit with it, he just didn't have time to cut it nor was he willing to spend the money to get it trimmed every two weeks.

"Hell no." He answered obstinately, brow raising in confusion. "You ever think of buzzing all yours off?"
Ok now she laughed a little at him, "I did shave the sides of my head once before, pulling it all back into a large braid that ran down my head to my back," she told him, wholly unphased by that comment.

"Vikings wore braids for all sorts of things, mostly for status. Long hair was well kept and even decorated to show signs of status and wealth, " Tempest told him with a little smile. " I can see how some would react to that- though long or short hair, I think you look rather handsome," she told him sweetly as she let her hand fall.

"Want that drink now? " she asked him then, if she got him a little drunk, she would get to enjoy that little buzz herself- least she hoped because after the bad facts given, she really wanted a buzz.
Last Caleb checked he wasn't a viking, and men didn't wear braids. He wasn't sure what fantasy land two eyes was living in, but Caleb was living in the present and there was no way he was going to go walking around with a giant braid stuck to his head.

The comment about his looks did have him cooling down some, a hand coming to run through his free greasy hair as a soft chuckle built up in his chest. "Well, you ain't so bad yourself." He decided, hand dropping back down to his side as the next offer was thrown out. He had thought that he would be forced into fake facts for longer, but lucky for him that this chick wanted drinks, and who was Caleb to deny her?

"Lead the way." He would definitely be following.
Aw he was sweet, "Why thank you, " she told him as she tucked her hair behind her ear so that it was out of her face now. She would wait for his decision on that and once she heard it, she would take his hand if he let her to lead him out- if not she'd just walk ahead of him a little bit.

"So...I am curious about something, you seem rather...money driven, am I right? " she asked- since he did ask for money right off the cuff so it was her current assumption and if she was right she wondered how much he did love money and what he'd be willing to do for it.
Caleb didn't mind the hand holding, in fact, he welcomed it. Holding hands was a sure fire way of getting into a girls pants later on, and it looked like he was on the fast track to that tonight, especially with how well things had been going so far. Stumbling after his escort, Caleb's eyes would skim over the walls of the planetarium, wondering if he would be making a second appearance here later in life.

There weren't booze so it wasn't very likely it'd be soon, but it wasn't impossible either.

"Course I love money." He answered eventually, eyes dragging away from a particularly bright piece of work. "America's built on the rich, an' if ya wanna survive ya gotta have it."
Her fingers held onto his hand as she led him through, an eagerness running through her that would have made her dead heart flutter once upon a time ago. Her head turned as she looked at him as he looked around still while she calmly led him to the front.

"Hmm...that is fair...and what if I were to offer you more money to be able to enjoy your company even more tonight and possibly to mmm do what I'd like with you- all safe mind you, " was she sounding like some kinky dominatrix? Yes but did she care? Hell no, he smelt good and she wanted a taste of that and some possible fun along with it was never a no in her book though she still debated cutting or braiding his hair on him.
Gosh had he been right about the whole planets thing? Could she barely contain herself now? Caleb didn't know, but he was sure that he'd find out soon enough, only... She was treating this whole thing like a deal.

Did she think he was a male whore?

Fuck it, he'd play at being an escort if that's what she wanted. "I think I would be more than happy to oblige." He answered, eyebrows giving a little wiggle.
Tempest was more than happy to just drag this man along into a hotel, give him more alcohol then he needed to make him loopy and have some fun. She'd make sure he lived but he'd have a fun memory from it she bet.

The wiggle was met with a wink, "Then I am changing our destination to a hotel- still with drinks- and a promise for a fun evening for both of us then, hmm? Don't think I didn't notice you staring at me, " she playfully teased him. There was nothing but pure mischief in her mismatched eyes now and she felt like she had caught the easier prey in her life.
Did hotels have drinks? She seemed to think they did and that was he really needed to continue following her, steps zigzagging each way as his sticky fingers continued to cling to her hand. She was really the only thing supporting him from just each cement again, which was pretty nice considering she was over here buying him for sex.

"Can' help where my look." He snorted, zigging back towards her. "Specially when ya got it all hangin out like that."
Tempest would lead him out finally and take him down a sidewalk, turning to face him as she gave him a smile, "If I wanted to have my bit's hanging out, I'd wear nothing but a chain necklace shirt that would barely cover anything- this is tame compared to what I have hidden in my closet, " she happily told him.

Over the years, she grew more and more confident in her own skin and just said to hell with it and started to wear things that showed it off a bit more than normal- if she felt good and wasn't flashing people, she didn't see the harm.
Oh Caleb liked the sight of that, his head would bend as his gaze focused a little harder on her chest. There wasn't much hidden under that shirt, but in comparison to what she was currently describing, she might as well of been in a ankle length skirt and long sleeves.

"Well then why don' you just take it off?" He chuckled, a hand waving towards her blouse. "If you don' care that much."
Oh this was getting fun for her, she would let go of his hand and grab the cord that tied around her torso and slowly unwound it until it was off but the shirt stayed in place- thank you invisible tape.

"You can see more at the hotel, " she told him with a wink as she took the cording and tucked it into her bag. She could use it for later if she needed to, "So...do you like it when the girl is in charge by the way? " she asked curiously because honestly that was a bit important information to know and she wasn't looking to send the sweet psychic running away.
Wow she was actually doing it! Caleb stood in quiet anticipation, blue eyes following the cord as she swooped it from her shirt. Time seemed to slow down as Caleb's anticipation grew higher and higher.

Only to be suddenly let down.

There was hardly any movement there, and the shirt was still in tack. How fucking lame!!

He wouldn't bother trying to hide his disappointment, huffing to himself as he turned back to follow her lead. The answer to her question coming with a heavy shrug of his shoulders. "Don' matter to me."

Really just as long as it was happening he was good with just about anything... Except, "No butt stuff though!"
The look of disappointment on him was palpable from him right now and she almost laughed, "Do you know how many times a punk teen as ripped the cord off of me as a joke? A girl has to think of another option so she doesn't flash everyone, " she told him as she would reach in with her free hand though and peel off the tape and roll it between her fingers. Now the shirt moved easily with her as she walked.

That made her laugh, "As long as you leave my ass alone as well save for grabbing it, we'll be fine, no I just like being on top, " she told him sweetly. So many reasons for that one.

The hotel in the distance was coming into view, it looked like it was at least a nice one- the only kind she really would ever go into honestly. Tempest bit her lip, she did like to treat most of her meals nicely and he had been very agreeable so she had an idea to make up for teasing him with a possible peep.
Caleb didn't know how many times this had happened, but he didn't particularly care either. If the woman was as care free about her body as she claimed, then he didn't understand why- Oh there she was pulling the tape off. Nice, the grin would return, tempted to sling his arm around her waste but not having the confidence to keep himself standing if he tried.

Best to keep things as they were and he could feel her up later. Gaze moving forward again, he would take notice of the hotel, heart speeding up at the idea of more alcohol and sex. "Top is alllllllll yours."
oh he was singing the best song to her and she was humming along to it happily, "Mmm I think this is going to be one of the most fun nights i've had in a while, " she all but purred out, bringing his hand up to her lips so she could place a rather soft kiss before nipping at his knuckles.

It only took a few more minutes to get to the hotel and once inside the building, she went to the front and pulled out her card, "Best room you have for three nights, along with your best wine and liquor, " she told them smoothly as she handed over her card where she paid for it all and then took the room keys and her card back. She would then then hold the keycard out to him with a playful grin, "Shall we? "

No, she had no issues showing that she had money- what was the point in having it if you didn't go a little wild at times? And she would be able to take care of any problems should they arise but she was comfortable enough to know that things should go her way. Tempest just needed him a little drunker.
A tongue would flick out to run across dry lips, Caleb watching the movement of his hand with hazed interest. This was probably going to be one of the best nights for him as well, it wasn't often that a woman showed this much interest in him. It was different but nice, especially when he was not only getting drinks out of it, but money as well. He hadn't remembered using his power tonight, but he must of done it at some point during his flop up the stairs.

No way in hell this sort of thing was normal.

As they entered the hotel, Tempest was quick to show off her money, but Caleb had very little interest in that part of the transaction. No, she had ordered the best liquor, and he was absolutely dying to find out what that would be. Grey Goose was about as fancy as he typically got.

Taking the card as it was handed to him, Caleb would wave it through the air like a battle flag. "Off we go!" He cheered, legs tumbling forward as an arm came to grab at Tempest in an attempt to stop himself from hitting the ground again.
Tempest gave him a wry smile at that as she would take his hand and lead him to the elevator. She was so glad that hotels did not have that ask for permission bull crap that was needed to be able enter a place.

They would soon find themselves on the top floor of the six-story hotel, Tempest just turning to face to keep the excitement building for him would lift up and if he allowed, place a small kiss that would lead to a nip on his lips. A grin was ever-present on her face, looking eager and excited, and more than happy to slake her ehem needs with this fellow. He really was the easiest target she's ever stumbled upon by sheer dumb luck.

At the room, there was a cart there with a bottle of red wine but also a bottle of brandy and tequila with some glasses for them and a bucket of ice, "Perfect, " she purred as she let go of him to open the door then open it to let him enter first so she could bring in the try. It took a fair amount of will power to just not pounce him in the hall to the luxury suit.
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