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There were a lot of ups and downs to practicing new powers, the ups more often than not being the progress that you make with them, and the downs being when that new power turned itself back on you. Evelina unfortunately, had dealt with one of the downs, an attempt to create a whirling source of wind in front of her snapping backwards instead and slamming into her very unprepared body.

Given that her practicing was most often near the falls, Evelina had landed on a slope, her wrist popping into a very unforgiving position. The pain had been enough to nearly send her into bloodlust, but she still managed to convince herself that it was only a sprang, that it would heal in a few days time. Only, as the days came and went the wrist never seemed to heal and after three days of only a compression brace, Evelina's right hand was swollen beyond belief. The bruise was almost a multitude of blacks and blues, extending from the bottom of her hand to the middle of her arm.

She couldn't pretend that there was nothing wrong anymore, and given her current position of vampire, she really couldn't just run to the nearest hospital. This meant that she only had the Clutch, and having heard that Beauregard could help speed things up, that was who she would seek out, wandering the lobby with her wrist pulled tight to her chest.

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If he did not work, what else could he do? Why he'd mull around the clutch's territory for some entertainment. It was fun to harrass locals in the form of a dog, but sometimes he needed something different. His own kind to mingle with in the evening without worrying about being tangled in the delicacies of human lives. So when he came across someone he wasted no time in closing in on them.

A new face! One that seemed to be...shielding her arm? It only deepened his curiosity.

There would be a soft smile on his face when he was close enough to interject. "Is everything okay?" Eyes drawn to whatever she might be shielding.
The man who approached was not a complete stranger to her, she had no idea what his name might be, but she had most definitely seen him around the Planetarium a few times. She did not like the fact that their first meeting was when she had a messed up arm, but she supposed that there was no hiding it. She could not just sit here clutching her arm without expecting some sort of questioning after all.

"Not particularly," she sighed, releasing her hold on her wrist and revealing the nasty bruising. "I hurt my arm during some training, and it just does not want to heal." Which was why she had to seek Beauregard.
An unfortunate incident. However this was a lucky meeting for such an incident!

"Well, I have good news." He offered softly with a slight smile. "I am a healer. Magically and naturally inclined. I would be more than happy to take a look at it, if you'd like?" Unless there was another healer she felt more comfortable with. He would not be offended at a (possible) patient's comfort levels.
If this had been some random stranger on the street, Evelina would have promptly declined the offer, however this was a stranger who also was a clutch member. This in mind, Evelina would come to the decision that he could be trusted enough to see her injuries, despite how much instinct told her to keep it all under wraps. Literally.

"When you say magically, what do you mean?" She asked, a hand moving to unhinge the compression bracelet, face screwing up at the simple movement.
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