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She sort of realized a bit late that maybe Eris would be uncomfortable with going to a gay drag bar. Not that she as assuming the new vampire was homophobic, but it was sort of... a loud place. And inviting a lawyer to a drag bar in the middle of pride month was certainly a choice.

At the end of the night, though, it'd be a good way to figure out what kind of person Eris was. For what it was worth, the show for the evening had already ended by the time they had agreed to meet. There would still be music and dancing and all that fun stuff, but no entertainment aside from the kind they made for themselves.

Outside, Safiya vibed with the music she could hear from inside, and kept her eyes and senses peeled for the vampire who Beau was suspiciously involved with.
Eris appeared within seconds of the appointed time. Punctuality was not an easily unlearned trait; ideally, Eris would have arrived some half an hour early, but she decided to at least restrain herself a little bit. Luckily for her, the woman was already here! Or at least, she assumed that this pulseless woman was the vampire that she was here to meet. She approached, giving a sheepish little wave as she crossed the threshold.

"Hey," she murmured, uncharacteristic shyness settling over her. Business contacts were easy, but this? This was odd. She anxiously adjusted the collar of her blouse and the fit of her suit jacket. She was dressed like she was going to court -- but truth be told, she didn't own much else that seemed appropriate. "Safiya, right?"
From what she'd been told, and what she gathered from the text change, Safiya had sort of been picturing someone a little bit older. But, in walked a young, pretty woman in a powersuit. Definitely not what she expected her to be wearing. Or... maybe it was. She didn't know what she expected a lawyer to be wearing outside of a court room. Apparently, this one wore the same thing everywhere.

Grinning ear to ear, Safiya bounced into action as soon as she was sure the woman was coming toward her. She was pretty, but not overwhelmingly so. "Yep! That's me!" She said with a nod, and extended her hand for a handshake, because that was what seemed like Eris would prefer to do. "And it's... Eris, right?" Said like 'heiress'.
There was still something so weird about interacting with vampires in a setting like this. It was all so... Normal. At least with Beau, there was some air of mystery and intrigue -- a sort of social and cultural barrier that separated him from someone she would meet for coffee. He was larger than life, and therefore easy to file under the Vampire category. Safiya, though? She just seemed like a nice, friendly woman with whom Eris would happily be acquainted under more normal circumstances. It all felt so... Mundane.

That made the feeling of ice cold skin on skin all the more jarring as they shook hands. "Just so," she confirmed with a nervous little smile. This was all so weird. "Thanks for inviting me out. I haven't done much but sit and brood since everything happened."
Score, she said it right. It was a pretty name! With a maintained smile, she gestured for them to venture further into the establishment, bypassing the bar for the sake of not making a big deal about the fact that it was out of the question now. "Of course. It's really easy to slip into that." She assured with a nod, walking close. In honesty, she hadn't ever entirely felt... quite so bad about it all. Maybe it was just thankfulness that she wasn't dead, or maybe it was Raziyya suggesting her into some kind of acceptance.

Be it whatever it was, she eased into this life easily, and she was sure not to take it all for granted. Maybe that's why she liked mentoring as much as she did. Since starting it, she felt more and more like it was something she was meant to do; help other ease into the life she appreciated. Anyway, enough gushy shit. "I'm glad you could come out. Do something normal. Or... well," She gestured to the individual serving drinks while dressed in rainbow spandex, "Semi-normal."
Eris laughed and shook her head. "Everything is someone's normal," she said, "and I'm not in any place to say mine is more deserving of the title than someone else's." She hummed to herself as she watched some of the extravagantly garbed waitstaff pass the pair by. Probably waxing a bit overly academic there, Eris -- but whatever. That was totally her brand. "Suffice it to say, I would totally wear rainbow spandex if I thought I could pull them off. Or if I wasn't mortified of standing out."

And also how did they move in those? Gracious. They were so tight! Eris shook her head with a quiet laugh, trying to ignore how good they smelled.

"So is this a common haunt for you?" she asked curiously. Belatedly, she realized that maybe 'haunt' wasn't the best term to use for the locales favored by creatures of the night. Ah, well.
Wow. This lady spoke like an inspirational Pinterest quote. Safiya wondered what it was like to be the kind of person that could come up with stuff like that on the fly. It made her feel good, though. Eris was accepting of things, even if she wasn't confident that she could try new things. Safiya clicked her tongue as she moved them to a booth, taking a seat on the holographic glitter upholstery that shimmered in the strobing lights. "I basically used to live here." She said with a small laugh. Used to, because now she basically lived at Lotus. She used to come here so often to hunt, though, which was less of a necessity now.

"And let me tell you, I've met plenty people here that used to say the same thing you just did. This place is made for people like that." A place where those that felt too ashamed of sticking out or letting their freak flag fly could come and feel nothing but acceptance and comfort in the embrace of a six foot, glitter smeared, spandex clad Goddess lip syncing to Shania Twain.
Used to live here! That was quite the endorsement. Eris wondered for a moment if it was literal; perhaps there were apartments above the place? But -- no, that wouldn't make much sense, would it? Eris nodded along with Safiya's explanations as she slinked into the booth seat opposite the one Safiya had claimed.

Just two vampires sitting in a booth, not ordering anything because literally every item on the menu would make them sick. God, vampires must seriously be the worst patrons.

"I suppose that's a fair point," Eris responded, eyes scanning the horizon. This seemed like the sort of place where the regular rules of engagement didn't apply. "...Don't they end up judging you for not ordering anything?" she asked curiously.
A good question! Safiya grinned. "Mm, I usually end up buying something." She answered with a shrug of her shoulders, and leaned back into the seat. "Just not for myself." Said with a small wink. You know, flirting.
Ooooh, right. Like the art of seduction, but if you spliced every other page with excerpts from 'The Joy of Cooking.' First, entice your supper before seasoning with the cooking liquor of your choice. Go easy on the fear, it is easy to overdo it.

"I guess manual is a bit safer than automatic, all things considered?" Eris said, gesturing vaguely to her eyes. "You don't look as stupid if it doesn't take."
She reminded Safi of how Beau or Edvin spoke. Flowery, but it made sense if you stopped to think about it. She laughed softly, head tilting from side to side, "Yeah, but there's always a balance. Still good to make sure your tracks are covered from the get go." She elaborated, weight shifting so she could rest her elbows on the vaguely sticky table. "That's usually my first move. Good rule of thumb, learned it from the Dominus himself. Always try and suggest forgetfulness from the start." Lessons! She felt like she was droning, but it was for a good purpose, she hoped. Unless Beauregard had already instilled this lesson, in which case... reinforcement?
Eris furrowed her brow in contemplation. Safiya's words made sense; it was a sort of failsafe, a way to ensure you weren't scrabbling to enforce escrecy after the fact when something inevitably went wrong.

"How do you phrase it, usually?" she asked, more than happy for the more literal, functional advice that Safiya seemed willing to give. "I imagine the phrasing is very particular. Is it the intent behind the words that matters as to the effects of the magic? Or the syntax of the words themselves? Do they need to understand the language I'm speaking?"

There were so many logistical questions, so many mechanics that Eris didn't understand. How was she supposed to operate without a copy of the rulebook? Not that she blamed anyone in particular for that -- it seemed like that particular document simply didn't exist. Maybe it was hidden somewhere just out of reach -- an ephemeral guide for the gods of this world to peruse.
Wow! This was all very textbook. She wondered how much this girl had to have read in her life to speak like this. Or, really, to need to learn like this. It was fine, you know, Safiya could adapt to it. But it was just different!

Laughing softly, Safiya glanced around once to make sure no one was coming up to them before leaning further in onto her elbows. "Yeah, they way you say it matters. It's gotta be like, a direct order, as weird as that sounds." She explained, hands moving across the table for emphasis, "Sooo, like, I can't be like. 'Hey, Eris, will you give me a high five?' It has to be like, 'Eris, give me a high five.' Or, 'You will give me a high five.'" Did that make sense? "But you can usually disguise it. You can be like, 'Give me a high five,' making sure that you use your suggestion for those words before following up with something like, 'That was awesome!' or, like, 'Look at this cool thing I can do! You will give me a high five!' You know, just dress it up a bit, make it sound like a normal thing to say." Wow, this was a lot! But hopefully she was following?

She shifted her weight some, eyes moving up to see if she could get Eris', "Even if it fails, that way you don't sound entirely insane. Sometimes its hard, but if you pad it enough, the worst that will happen is just kind of sounding weird. Or drunk." Hence, hunting in bars!
Eris was more than happy to meet the gaze of her evening tutor. After all, Beauregard's missive to avoid eye contact hadn't extended to members of their own clutch... Had it? She would have to ask for clarity at some point. Still, she felt comfortable enough around Safiya, nodding and smiling along with her instructions. "That all makes sense, and is more or less what I expected," she responded, thumbs lazily hitching into the tops of her suit pockets.

"The good news is, I'm decent with careful syntax," she said. "How do you know if it worked? Something like 'give me a high five' is obvious, sure -- but what if the idea is more abstract? Or more long-term? Do you just have to hope it worked? Or is there some sort of tell?"
Syntax. Fancy words. Not that Safiya didn't know what it meant. It was just a little funny that this girl probably wasn't much older than she was, and yet spoke like the centuries old members of the clutch. Anyway.

"There's just a feeling you get. I can't exactly explain it. It's just a gut thing, and you'll know if it succeeded or failed." She said with an assured nod. But then, put her finger up, as if to catch a thought before it disappeared. "You know, I'm not so sure about the language thing. Wanna test it?"
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