Apparatus is hiring!
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Apparatus is a newly opened interactive and immersive art experience located in Ridgefield. We are on the lookout for creative, artistic, and imaginative people to fill the following roles.

A Collaborator is any local or national artist that is interested in having their art showcased at Apparatus. Collaborators must reach out directly to management for a consultation.

Art Assembly Team Member
As an Assembly Team Member, your duties will include:
-Assembling and disassembling art installations under direction of a Assembly Team Manager and the Collaborator
-Maintaining the integrity of the installation and preforming maintenance according to design.
-Architectural or Design experience preferred

Art Assembly Team Manager
As an Assembly Team Manager, your duties will include:
-Overseeing the construction of installations
-Assigning duties to Assembly Members
-Working closely with Collaborators to assemble the installation as per the initial design
-Provide feedback and artistic criticism in order to achieve a functional, immersive design
-Extensive artistic and design experience required

Exhibit Officer
As an Exhibit Officer, your duties will include:
-Interfacing with guests in an appropriate, friendly manner
-Overseeing your assigned exhibit and ensuring that guests are following Apparatus rules of conduct
-Being knowledgeable about your assigned exhibit and answering guest questions
-Customer service experience preferred

Experience Receptionist
As an Experience Receptionist, your duties will include:
-Managing ticket sales and front desk operation
-Interfacing with guests in an appropriate, friendly manner
-Customer service experience preferred

As a member of Security, your duties will include:
-Interfacing with guests in an appropriate, friendly manner
-Interfering with guests deemed to be disobeying Apparatus rules of conduct by an Exhibit Officer
-Escorting guests that are causing conflict or damaging property/installations from the premises

All resumes and request for interviews or consultation can be sent to

* - Apparatus celebrates all kinds of art and media, so feel free to have your artistic character take a chance even if you aren't sure if it'll "fit in"

Please start a separate YP thread if your character would like to apply to any of these positions! Tag Raylers or Sierra if you make one! All species welcome pls :3

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