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He was almost certain that soon enough he would die a true death from boredom.

It was very hard to keep to himself to these days. Not that anyone said he had to. However he no longer worked and he was doing his best to stay low for a while. Not to mention that the evening hours were dreadfully dull in places like Lauderhill — or at least in his parts of the town. So he crept over to Alder Heights. Didn't even reach the planetarium before he got distracted by another location.


It was not somewhere he had ever ventured before but it seemed as promising as anything else around. Eventually he found himself in the basement of the building. A smoky room with the pulse of heartbeats and music. Painted in shades of red. An utterly charming place to find himself in for the evening. Slowly his eyes would scan the room for somewhere to settle in — or perhaps some lonely person's space to invade.


Blair was feeling more adventurous as the days went on, she didn't know why but she just felt different. Maybe that was why she was here and dressed a little more girly. She didn't have a bad shape but she often hid in baggier clothing. She just felt good right now and didn't feel like hiding away.

Once at the beautifully crimson lounge though, she noticed everyone was talking. There was a constant murmur of chatter going on that made her head pound a little bit but she would just peg that on the smoke in the area. She would find a nice spot to settle, pushing her stupidly long braid behind her as she settled on a couch with her first hookah and picked it up. She hadn't tried it before but it was smoking and not drinking, so she couldn't get in trouble for this.

After a few tries, her head felt funny and her lungs were not super happy but she was ok. Blair would have her sketch pan once more on her lap at this point and she was sketching a smoke dragon- maybe this place was good for inspiration. There was a smile on Blair's face as she sketched, her free hand playing with the pipe a bit as her mind was just wandering and open as she found herself just listening to everyone in the room somehow while sitting by herself. Occasionally she'd look up and around, give a little smile to anyone looking at her before dropping her gaze back to the paper.
There was some deep feeling of being misplaced. Especially as he noticed that some (perhaps most?) of the faces in here belonged to younger individuals. He supposed most anyone these days would be younger than him, but he looked half of his actual age!

However someone seemed to smile his way for a moment. That was enough for him to feel inclined to engage in some sort of conversation normally. Yet there was something extra in this scene. Something on her lap that she seemed to be fiddling with. Some part of him was ready for the possible chance of social rejection. Rightfully so! Still he would make his move. Approaching her as harmlessly as such a large man could.

"Do you mind...?" He questioned as one hand would sweep out to gesture at the empty space across from her. Half focused on whatever response she might give and the other half trying to figure out just what she was doing.
Blair had gone back to sketching her smoke dragon emerging from the whole contraption in front of her and wrapping it around it to sit on it. As the man approached, her eyes looked up at him, giving a smile as she scooted some, "Please! Plenty of room for two people, " she told him with a bit of a smile.

Noticing him looking at what she was doing, a little pink rose to her pale cheeks but she turned it for him, "Smoke dragon, " she told him with a little shy smile as she turned it back to rest it on her lap to continue to shape it and then add to the wings.

"Have you come here before? " she asked him curiously, her silvery-grey eyes looking up at him as she worked, more than able to chat and draw at the same time.
"Thank you." He cooed thoughtfully as he aimed to settle in. Mindfully of not taking up too much room with his legs. A drape of one leg over the other so that they'd be crossed instead of stretched into her space.

Smoke Dragon. Not once had he heard of or imagined such a creature. Although he supposed for any place to discover such a thing, here would be the most fitting. In a smoke laden room with lighting akin to embers. He was surprised someone had not named this the Dragon's Lair. Granted he supposed Locust was a far more inviting name.

Then she asked the opening question to conversation. "Oh, no." A thin lipped smile and raise of one hand to wave off such a notion. "I decided to take a bit of a venture tonight." Had it paid off?

"And you?"
Blair gave him a smile and nodded in welcome. She didn't mind people, at least not so much anymore and but her confidence stemmed from her art and doing that while conversing truly helped her right now.

His return question made her shake her head, "Truthfully this is a first to come to a place like this but I was curious and felt it might help inspire something, " she told him with a bit of ease to her tone. She adjusted and bit her lip some and reached into her bag and sharted to smudge a little bit of the smoke rolling out of the dragon's nose some.

"So if you weren't out venturing, what would you be doing instead? " she asked him, working on her art but also her eyes glancing up at him to look and listen to him as he spoke. She didn't want to be rude.
What would he be doing?

Hunting, perhaps. Tucked away in the planetarium by his lonesome until another clutch member rolled around. Running about as a dog for attention. However none were thoroughly appropriate answers for a stranger to hear in this smokey room.

"Working, most likely." He offered with a small smile. Which was not exactly the truth. He currently was not hired anywhere after stepping away from his job in the city. Something to be remedied soon.

"I’m sure that makes me sound horribly boring." His face split with a smile as a low chuckle rolled out of him. "If you hadn’t ventured here like me...where would you go? What sorts of places do you usually haunt for inspiration?"
Blair stopped what she was doing as she swore she heard that, her eyes looking up at him curiously before he gave a verbal answer. It was only a brief moment, her eyes flicking between silvery-grey to violet and then back again but it happened as fast as she blinked.

The answer did make her smile, "I can relate to working but days off are always a welcome respite, " she told him as she would reach for the glass of tea she had and then take a drink before setting it down, careful to not let any moisture drip onto the page.

"Not really, work takes up a lot of time- trust me I know that myself, " she said with a smile to him as she was mentally trying to push away what she thought she heard. Easy to do in a busy place thankfully. That made her bite her lip for a moment thinking, "Sounds silly but I'd probably be finding some old building to sketch or visit the gardens again. There's something about places like that, that always tickle inspiration- or even cemeteries," she told him without really thinking about how weird that might sound for a moment."Something about the quiet places that people don't really visit speak the loudest to me- I was a little surprised to find inspiration here honestly, " Blair told him with a smile as she would then lean back before looking over at him again.

"Do you draw? "
Ah, a shame to be youthful and burdened with work. Although it didn't seem to bring her down any. In fact, she seemed to be the exploring type. Old buildings and gardens. Cemeteries even! There was something dreadfully delightful about that. Granted he didn't press on the topic much as she landed on their current location. A low laugh slipped out of his grin as his eyes crinkled at the corner.

"This place certainly isn't a garden or cemetery, that much is certain." It was bustling with life and loud people. Some surely drunk and others shrouded in the smoke plumes they created. "And I'm afraid I'm not an artist. Never had the interest in my youth and afraid the time wasn't there as I aged." There had been no room for him doing art on the farm and soon he enough he had been swept up in war before he found himself in morgues or hospitals.

"Is this your day work as well?" He asked softly as one fingered briefly pointed to the sketch.
He had a nice laugh, it made her smile. She often didn't find herself talking to guys and at the moment, she was kind of enjoy the bit of attention she was getting- even if it was totally chill attention, it just felt nice.

"No it really isn't, it's not a place I go normally but...can't stay in a safe bubble forever," she said with a little smile to that. As he spoke and said he didn't, she would give a nod. So far she had only found one other artist but her art was different from her own."Never too old to learn to create something- there's something rather satisfying turning a blank page into something unique, " Blair explained to him as she looked down and blew some of the dust off of her page.

"I wish. I think I'd give up any day job to just draw and make a living off of it, " Blair told him with a bit of a smile, "What about you? " she asked before realizing that might be vague, "Is your hobby your job? "
Why not? He was certain there were people who lived their whole lives in safe bubbles and did just fine. Did he condone such a living? Not exactly, however he understood it well enough.

"I'm not sure I have the imagination for such a thing." A touch truthful as he reclined some with a soft smile. Then she was asking him about what he did. Was his hobby his job...he was not sure.

"I don't think so. I work plenty enough and I enjoy my work, but I do not think it's my hobby." A low chuckle. "Besides, is being a doctor a hobby?"
Now she had a fun thought, he might not think he was creative but everyone has creativity inside them somewhere and she couldn't help but poke at it a little- what harm was there?

"Are you sure? There's nothing that you would try to create just for the fun of it? " she'd ask a little curiously, her tone rather gentle as she prodded since she didn't want to poke a nerve.

The mention of him being a doctor made her suddenly flinch and for the briefest moments her eyes went violet and a little dish popped next to them. Jumping some at that as she shook her head, "It could be as long as you like your job, I know people need a good doctor and you seem to have a rather welcoming feeling about you, " she told him with a smile, totally brushing off what happened. It seemed that doctors were still an embarrassing trigger for her that made her react without thinking and she was hoping internally that he wouldn't think much on it.
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