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Beaver Ditch Cackle

Hyenas • Tiger Pawn • founded May 2020

At first look, Tiger Pawn is windowless but bright, a one-story cinderblock building painted bumblebee yellow. Through the split doors (one ingoing, one outgoing, for security!) you find a dragon's hoard of arguable value under blazing fluorescent lights. On the right, a wall lined with firearms, ending in a cashier's counter with a wide white case full of jewelry. Filling the rest of the store are cheap white metal shelves and racks displaying everything from table saws to throwing stars to a kitchenaid mixer to a mint condition original run furby to a mounted jackalope head. If you look hard enough, or perhaps ask an employee what they're keeping in the back, you are bound to find treasure. Or at least a preserved human arm.

Aside from acting functionally as a museum for garbage, Tiger Pawn also does a brisk trade in short-term loans, and depending on who you get at the counter, you might be able to make a good deal selling your grandpappy's watch. Just remember to be polite!

The back section of Tiger Pawn is roughly one sexy lesbians poster away from looking pulled straight out of a frat house. The main room is dark, with only one barred window over a chest freezer that doubles as entertainment seating, and is crammed with such options for diversion as a Wii U, a punching bag, and a drum set. The surrounding decor is "eclectic", which is to say that each member of the Cackle was given their own budget to contribute to decorating. It's...unique! Also, Pete paid for an addition just to have somewhere to put a pull-out couch and a ping pong table. Live your dreams, folks.

Beaver Ditch Cackle exists because it's hard to be alone when you get strong. Pulled together out of every Ridgefield hyena Pete could get her hands on, it exists as an option for everyone — for employment, for companionship, or for growing stronger. Pete doesn't much care what her hyenas get up to on their own time, as long as they don't disrespect or double-cross her.

  • Try not to out yourself on camera. Treat each other decently. And don't start shit with Pete.


King: Rebecca Peters
Second: Summer Andrade


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