Pine Peak Sleuth Adoptables
Pine Peak Sleuth Adoptables!

Hey everyone! Here's a couple of adoptable ideas if you're interested in having a violent cuddleman of your own who has guaranteed friends whenever you feel inclined to fling them at a group of bears that is Trying. Side tap Raylers on Discord for deets <3

(All names, levels, and most details are entirely up for change!)

Joanne Davis-
-Suggested FC: Whoopi Goldberg
60-65 | Common/Intermediate Bear
  • Retired nurse. Beekeeping is a hobby, sells organic honey at local farmers markets. Lead singer in her church’s choir. Kind, but not to be tested. Generous, but not easily taken advantage of. How she was turned and finer personality traits are up to player.
  • Has been infected for however long you'd like
  • Could work towards Medic

  • Adelle Bordeaux-
    -Suggested FC: Audrey Tautou
    40-42 | Common/Intermediate Bear
  • Comes from a successful family of morticians. Kept up the family business, and owns a mortuary in Ravenswood. Stern, clinical, with a deeply twisted sense of humor.
  • Has been infected for 10+ years
  • Could work towards Medic or Mentor

  • Samuel Reyes-
    -Suggested FC: Oscar Isaac
    38-42 | New Bear
  • Ex-Military. General Contractor. Always in command. Overly confident in his ability to handle being infected, often making an ass of himself because of it. Basically an overzealous cub child.
  • Has been infected for 1 to 6 months
  • Could work towards Soldier

  • Nautica Palmer-
    -Suggested FC: Kerry Doyle
    20-30 | New/Common Bear
  • Likely works at Eden Project. From California. Chooses to let the cards fall where they may, as long as she is having fun. Overbearingly positive millennial, and intolerant of any sort of negativity.
  • Has been infected for 6 months to 2 years
  • Could work towards Mentor

  • April Ochoa-
    -Suggested FC: Julian Flores
    20-25 | New/Common Bear
  • Half phillipino/half spanish. Former bassist for an all girl band, got infected on a tour in Japan. Grew up in LA, moved here after being infected and struggles to find her place in life. Confident, obnoxious, childish.
  • Has been infected for 1 to 2 years

  • Anthony Curley-
    -Suggested FC: Bruce Hulse
    55-65 | Common/Intermediate Bear
  • Former Field Medic in the Army, practiced in veteran physical therapy before retiring. Capable, clever, but rough around the edges.
  • Has been infected for 1 to 15 years
  • Could work toward Medic or Soldier

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