Las Almas it takes four vampires to change a lightbulb
Good god it had been a night. One that he was pretty done with. He had already declared no suggestion talk in his car the moment the other two had gotten in. From there it was just a smooth drive to Las Almas and Nico's house. ABBA was playing quietly in the background and he drummed his fingers to the beat as they pulled up into the driveway of the cabin house that Nico called home. Just most of the clutch coming by. He wondered if anyone had the foresight to tell the vampire that they were coming.

Monty's driving his Volkswagen rabbit convertible.

They did not.

But Samiel was first to leave the car, eager to just get it over with. Get it done. Woosh! Bye! Adios!

In went the INCREDIBLY SECRET code and knocked on the door of the mansion. As much warning as Nico would get...
Kesi was a quiet passenger, relaxed in the backseat while Monty drove rather well.

When they did arrive she was a touch surprised at the location and place but glad that Samiel seemed familiar with it at all.

She'd leave the car and trail after the dux. Here's to hoping that Nico could undo this or they'd have to try again tomorrow evening.
No one warned Nicodemus.

The ancient vampire was busy in his study—VERY BUSY. Gently petting Mr. Tufts who was sprawled out across the albino’s lap, purring happily at the undivided attention.

Everything stopped when he heard a sound, followed by footsteps and Mr. Tufts immediately scampered off to investigate. Nicodemus followed behind… with an axe.

Sneaking through his oversized house, he used his vampire speed, rushing at the intruders.

Luckily for everyone involved, Nicodemus was under careful control of a suggestion keeping him from harming Samiel, who just so happened to be the first person in sight.

Nicodemus, unable to swing, appeared in front of them, axe inches away from Samiel’s throat, unable to bring the blade any closer.

They were all stupidly lucky.
He was the last in line, giving his old car a pat for not breaking down on them. Being the last in line did mean he didn't get to see the axe, or that his suggestion worked. Probably good as he would have been upset either way. Instead he was stuck behind Kesi, not being much attention as he was sending Memes back and forth with Michael. Which really did need his immediate attention. Sorry Samiel.

"Maybe we got the wording wrong or something."

He piped up as an idea struck on the horrible suggestion failures.

Samiel just stared at the axe for a long second, then stared at Nico, just sort of... resigned. Yeah, whatever, he should be used to this.

"Get this thing out of my face before I shove it up your ass."
"I don't know if it was the could have been; perhaps Nico might have a different way to word things to try and help, " she told Monty as she walked in behind Samiel only to see Nico with an axe at the Dux's throat.

What. The. Fucking. Hell.

Was this common? A dangerous glit rose in Kesi's eyes as she stepped around to the other side of Samiel who seemed oddly calm. Turning her head she looked to Monty, "Didn't you tell him we were coming? " she asked softly; she sure didn't!
No one had warned Nicodemus.

He lowered the weapon the moment he realized who it was and cursed softly under his breath.

"Samiel-!" Looking over to the others then looked down a bit in respect, thank god for that suggestion or Samiel might've been murdered. "I-I am sorry, I did not know who was here." Immediately apologizing, but this was quite the surprise!

Since when did anyone come visit, let alone the WHOLE crew.

What was wrong?

Awkwardly, he held the axe.
Alas by the time he stepped in the axe had already been lowered so he was oblivious to any threatening that had happened. Probably for the best, they didn't need to break each others knees again. As he entered he'd send on last meme before slipping his phone away and giving the whole event his undivided attention. Hopeful that Nico would be able to get this all worked out.

As to Kesi's question though. He gave her a confused look.

"I thought you guys did."

It had been their idea to try Nico, and with all the time he'd given them getting his car ready he'd assumed one of them had contacted the viking.
"Kesi, I gave you my phone..." Then Samiel just shook his head and handwaved it. "Nevermind, no harm done... Let's get down to business."

He was so mentally exhausted.

"And once we're done, please knock me out, I want this night to be over."
Oh, so it was on her and she felt a touch embarrassed, "I did not...I was a little mentally preoccupied. Nico, it was my fault for not contacting you before we arrived, my apologies, " she said more then willing to take the blame for this whoopsie.

Kesi gave a nod, "If I can knock you out I will, " she promised him before looking to NIco, "We have need of your help, " she told him, looking to Monty to let him fill in Nico since she was essentially just another wheel to help this move on.
The three talked amongst themselves, sharing secrets and backstories about something Nicodemus was entirely in the dark about. He might've taken his exclusion from their mission personally if the pang of being forcibly removed from his praetor rank wasn't so fresh. No, he could hardly blame anyone for the secrecy around him, did he even trust himself? Nicodemus was just silently glad they weren't here for his head... minus Monty, of course.

The Axe was tucked under his arm as he crossed them, turning to the side to allow them safe passage into his home.

Mr. Tufts, however, was hardly a kindly greeter, scowling angrily at everyone, making his opinions known with soft meowing. As angry as he sounded, the large cat was all threats and no bites, warming up instantly to the first person who would offer him pets. Such a sneaky little lad.

Nicodemus led him to the massive sitting room, still looking for answers to all the secrets.

Kesi mentioned they needed his help? He hardly found that believable, no one looked like they needed healing, which meant Nicodemus was entirely useless.

"How can I help?" Peering at them all with calm curiosity, his lavender eyes exchanging glances with his clutch.
Well it seemed none of them had contacted Nico, which actually made him feel a bit bad for the overgrown man. Which did mean he was going to have to explain all of this. That sucked. What didn't suck was scratching cats, which was what he decided to do when Mr Tufts meows caught his attention.

"Samiel has a suggestion on him we're trying to remove. Both Kesi and I tried already but it failed."

He'd talk as they walked into the sitting room.

"I have bellodonna on me Samiel."

A quick note to their Dux.

"From what we've worked out he was suggested by Eventide to not be trouble."
Well, again, Samiel couldn't confirm nor deny, so he just gave a non-committal shrug.

As for belladonna...

"Yeah, I'll take it gladly. Crash here if Nico doesn't mind..."
Kesi just gave a small nod to that.

That was all, the chaos of what has been this evening right now and then Monty with the promise of a good hard sleep for their dear Dux. He was so young yet had so many things to sort out still.
They had attempted to unsuggest Samiel and they failed.

If Nicodemus was capable of such dramatic facial expressions, his mouth might've opened and fallen onto the floor; for some reason, these vampires thought Nicodemus would ever be capable. If Nicodemus recalled correctly, Samiel had demanded he never suggest him again so his arms crossed, considering again if this was a trap.

His wrapped sense of logic could not possibly wrap his head around why the others had essentially thrown a clutch party to suggest Samiel and it was a game, while Nicodemus had tried the very same thing (not) and had been chastised. There were many things he did not understand in this world, and this one was in the leading.

A deep, 'hmm' left his throat, scratching his ivory scruff with one hand.

Problems aside, it was a conversation to have with Samiel privately, not to be aired out to everyone else. It was clear he was misunderstanding something here, and he wasn't about to make that known to Monty, of all vampires.

"Tell me what I need to say and I will do it." Leaving nothing up to chance, he would do exactly as they asked of him.

Strangely, Nico was being quite the helpful Viking.
If Samiel crashed here it meant he had to crash here too >:[ .
At least Nico's cat was cute.

"We need to negate the suggestion soo just suggest the opposite generally."

Please do not ask him for suggestion advice. He wasn't even the oldest vampire in the room.
Samiel just braced himself and maintained eye contact with Nico. Remained silent, as he couldn't really add anything here.

Let's get this over with...
Kesi just moved close to Samiel, placing a comforting hand on the back of his shoulder. It would be alright and Monty already told him what needed to be said to undo it.

She had faith in the viking man.
Everyone was staring at him expectantly, like his magic was just supposed to work like that.

Samiel had told him before, and even suggested him in the past, not to suggest him anymore. It felt like he was going against it, and perhaps it was with that heavy sense of doubt that led him to half-ass the attempt.

"Samiel, you told me not to-" Looking genuinely confused. With everyone staring, even Samiel, his lavender eyes slid to his and he tried to speak magic.

"You can create trouble for Eventide", but he knew before he even spoke that it was not working and his eyes fell away.

Suggestion fail

Yet another failure. Samiel just flopped his head onto the table, tired. Tired!

"I need that belladonna, Monty."
Kesi frowned and sighed, her head hanging as she moved to stand beside him before looking to Monty. Seems this was the only way to help him rest for this evening after all of them failed.

"We can all try again will work, I was able to undo one of them and we can undo this one, " she said calmly and confidently.
Well they were either getting something wrong or they had rolled really bad dice tonight. He wondered when Samiel became a full Dominus if the magic would just wash away the troublesome suggestions. Was that to much to hope for? Well either way it wasn't happening tonight.

From his boot he'd draw his belladonna knife and lightly approach Samiel, offering it for a light knick.
Nicodemus has little understanding of what was happening, why their Dux was asking to be drugged, all of it was strange and Nicodemus responded in blank, lavender blinks.

"Samiel, please wait until you are seated--you might fall."

He wanted nothing to do with the belladonna, and the suggestion to 'never harm Samiel' made him take a step back, as if even being near a possible threat to him felt too horrible. Instead, he looked to Kesi, trying to wave off the concern he was experiencing.

"Kesi, might I offer you something to drink?"

Taking a step back to allow everyone to come inside.
Samiel just sat down, reminiscent of Napoleon after the loss of battle of Waterloo. Gave Monty a little nod to just nick him.

He wanted this cursed night to be over with. Bye bye, sleepy time, adios, bon voyage.
Kesi gave Samiel a light squeeze of his shoulder in her attempt to comfort him as Monty helped him off to just sleep this night away. The poor man, she felt for him, truly in the frustrations that it must be to have this suggestion laid on him.

As Nico spoke though, she'd move around and give a nod.

"Yes please...I'll need it before I return home, " she told him as a soft sigh left her. As her own personal preference, she chose the sanctity of her own home to rest in and not others. It was a very old habit of hers.
A light nick and their Dux was off to the land of the dead for the day. Tempting to do it to himself as well. But he had to go figure out if Nico had guests room. He'd wander after the others after making sure Samiel was in a comfortable position. Nothing like coming out of a deadsleep with a neck ache. At least they didn't toss in deadsleep or anything and fall off stuff.
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