Ike Quarry Icy Paws
Having some sorta free time was weird, especially after the whole insane rush of the holidays. It felt that now it was her time to finally let out a breath after working too many damn shifts.

Ike’s Quarry was peaceful at the moment, a dusting of snow adorned where ice was taking root around the edges of the body of water that had frozen over. As she walked along the edge, the want for summer was driving intensely. Just a few more months, right? And then she could go swimming and have more sunshine in a day and have outside gigs again.

Kicking up a small rock, it flew and then skidded across the ice before nicking off a chunk and dropping. Pausing a the reverberating sound and eventual bloop of water, Brooke was soon looking for more to kick. One, two, crack, bloop, bloop. What if she got a whole big one though? Looking around, she was soon pulling up one the size of her fist before moving closer to the edge. Finding a nice area of ice that seemed to thin towards the end, she pulled back her hand and then let the rock go to arc on down with a huge splash, ice giving in and splintering away.

What if she found a bigger one?


Lyra had just been walking, enjoying the cool weather while also mentally drifting. She let her head drop back as her arms kept the warm sweater-coat wrapped around her as her boots crunched the snow and rocks. This was a nice place, it felt peaceful and calm, something that was very welcome.

She pulled her phone out of her pocket, checking for any messages from a number she did not delete or block; nothing. It had been weeks and it was still nothing. She debated breaking her own promise to herself to not be the first to reach out when the musical notes of a stone skipping on ice caught her attention.

Tucking her phone away, she looked up and saw a young woman skipping stones across the ice. Looking around, she found a large flat stone and walked over to them, "This one might get some distance, " she told her as she held out the UFO shaped rock to her.
The sudden approach had her looking up and man, something was definitely similar. Was she a were too? Coyote scrambling behind her, Brooke could only take her in with an air of hesitation.

A rock was offered out and she looked from it to the lady’s face and back. Distance… she… oh for skipping. Well, Brooke was actually being a lot more destructive with the rocks, but honestly she didn’t need to clarify. Brooke would continue to let the stranger think she was just skipping stones.

Taking the offered stone, there was a flash of something just hazy around her which seemed like vibrant fur. Yeah, something. ”Uh, thanks.” The stone felt smooth in hand and she turned back to the quarry as it crooked into fingers just so.

With a practiced hand, it took off, skipping across the ice, noise ricocheting before plopping into freed water. ”You a professional skipper or something,” Brooke asked, looking back to her, impressed a tad that the stone had gone so far.
It took a moment since she had not really met others but Cricket was more aware than herself at spotting another were in the area; on accident again as well! She smiled some as the rock was taken and she wrapped the coat around her body a bit again, nodding some, "Welcome, " Lyra told her as she just watched her skip it across the ice until it bounced right into the water with a plop.

Laughing, her head shaking a bit.

"No no...not at all but you have a wicked wrist to make it skate across the ice that far, " she complimented her with a bit of a smile, "Want me to help you find another? " she was rather entertained by this; it wasn't something she knew how to do at all but watching it was sort of magical.
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