Ridgefield Friend of a friend of a friend


He'd followed the directions Natsuki had printed out for him. Down two blocks, take a right, go over three more blocks, take a left and studio C and the café across the street should be there. He only got lost for a short amount of time before find the place. It was a good thing Natsuki had pushed him out of the door early, apparently remembering that he was not the best with directions from the internet.

There were not very many people in the cafe, the few that were had hold up at tables in deep conversation or in front of a glowing screen. He ordered a matcha tea as it was the most familiar and found an empty table to wait at. If he got a few looks from the other patrons he tried not to notice. It wouldn't be long before he felt the heavy presence of a stronger vampire, and assumed the Domina had arrived.


Meeting a friend of Tatiana’s, one Goki and Rushi knew, was by far one of the most interesting things to happen today. She was intrigued, deeply curious to put a face to the vampire.

Outside the cafe she’d said, though could feel the presence inside. No matter, that would work just as well, they’d simply forgo the stroll in mind.

Entering, her eyes zipped to a white haired curiously ornately adorned customer. It had her thinking of her first meet with Rushi as she went through the process of grabbing a tea before eventually approaching.

”Wonderful to meet you,” she smiled brightly, setting down her drink to the table.
He had only heard Cafe from Tati with no descriptors of in or outside, or at least not that he recalled. So he was unsure of the slight pause from the other before they entered. She was easy to spot with flaming red hair. It was his first time seeing anyone with that color in person. It truly looked like she had taken a campfire and turned it into locks. So he couldn't help but stare a bit. It was perhaps rude, especially as she approached him. Her words did pull him out of the wonder of seeing something new.

"You must be Tati's domina."

He greeted an embarrassed smile at being caught staring.
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