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Luisa had seen the call for help online. Had thought about reaching out to the person who posted it for a good hour before finally pulling up her email.

Hi there,

My name is Luisa and I'm a were. I saw your post online and thought I'd reach out.

If you have any infection or were-related questions, I'm happy to discuss them with you and help you out.

I'm sure everything feels awful right now and for that, I am truly sorry. Let me know how I can help.

In truth, she wasn't sure she was going to be able to rely on the random internet post she put up but someone replied to her. A little surprised but it was a good surprise as she sit up in her bed with her phone.

Hello, it is a pleasure to met you; I'm Hinode. I was attacked just a few days ago and my friend has tried to help but he knows little. I would not say no to trying to understand what is going on or what my options are because I truly have no clue.

Warm regards; Hinode Natsuki
Hello Hinode,

I can't really talk much about psychic pacts, unfortunately, as my information is only limited to what's been reported about them. It's possible there are some in the city though if you want to go that route.

How are you physically feeling? I'm sure this is difficult to talk about but do you know what attacked you and where? Did the wound heal quickly? Feel free to provide any details you are able/willing to, and I can see what I can do from there.

Truly I am not sure what route I am going; I'm still wrapping my mind around everything changing.

Physically I feel on fire and like I am in a constant state of PMS...I nearly yelled at some poor soul for bumping into me and that is not me and I can not seem to stop eating. The claw marks healed incredibly fast; where they bit me is even gone. What it was I am a big fuzzy on as it was dark but I know it was feline in nature and heavy. I sadly don't remember much other than stabbing it in the eye to get away.

The where is in my home country of Japan; I left to seek out my friend to see if he could help.

Warm regard; Hinode Natsuki
Okay, so it didn't happen here and it was something big and feline-related.


Luisa was a little in over her head here, considering it wouldn't be safe for her to go and join the woman on her first shift if she chose to ride it out or couldn't find someone to unturn her.

Hi Hinode,

I'm very sorry. That sounds absolutely horrible. It definitely sounds like you're becoming a shifter. If you do not go through with an unturning, you will become whatever it is that infected you on the next full moon. Which is, unfortunately, soon.

I don't mean to alarm you. I only want to be upfront with you. I'm a weasel. Yup. A tiny critter that can get into almost anything no matter how much I try and stop her. Being a weasel was my choice in order to help cure my cancer. In my case, it worked and it was lifesaving.

Being a were comes with many perks but it also comes with many cons as well. Your grocery bill will skyrocket to help feed the animal inside you. You won't remember any time while shifted until you learn to connect with the animal in your head. It's disorientating at first and miserable. If you are a big animal, you also pose a more serious threat to others. While weres are stronger and faster than humans, we can spread infection easily -- both while shifted and not shifted (saliva and bodily fluids, scratches, bites). At first shifts can happen more frequently from extreme emotion/stress as well as every full moon.

It's... a lot. To say the least. A big life-changing experience that is now preventable if you are in touch with a pact who can help. I believe they can also help after you shift if you decide it's too much and not for you. Though I don't know how rare pacts are or how often they can perform such feats.

I know this is a lot, so feel free to digest it and ask any questions that come to mind.

Sending love your way.

Natsuki read it and did not know how to handle it other then setting her phone down and leaving it on read for an hour as she took a shower to just let all sink in. She touched the scars on her back that were healed a bit more thanks to a little help. When she got out of the shower, she sat down to look at the phone again.

That is a lot more than I ever expected for information.

First; I am glad that it was able to save you; that is not a way anyone should go out so congratulations on your new lease on life.
Secondly; I don't even know what sort of cat it will be but I would not risk someone else's life to help discover it so I wholly understand where you are coming from.
Third; I only briefly heard of pacts being the only thing that can change this but I am new to this country, so I do not know any but I am not ruling them out yet
Fourth; I do apologize for having to break it down like this but it is the only way my mind was able to register it all. Question wise; do you know if someone is infected by a were already, can they also be infected by a vampire? I will not change until the full moon which is next week; nothing will force me to change sooner? I am still trying to process; there is a lot to just absorbed.

Many thanks; Hinode Natsuki
Hi Hinode,

I know. Thank you for reading it and taking the time with it. I know it's a lot.

Thank you for the kind words as well.

To be honest, I have no clue if you can be infected by a vampire now. I wouldn't want to risk it, as I don't think it's very easy to become a vampire either. At least, not as easy as becoming a were. You will definitely not shift before the full moon, so you don't have to worry there.

I wish there was more I could do to help. I can see if I can connect you to any pacts in the area if only to take the burden off your shoulders. Otherwise, I'm sure there are weres that are bigger than can help you. If you were small like me, I'd be able to monitor your first full moon shift but as it stands, it would not be safe for us to go forward with that idea. I'm sorry.

Reading all this, it had her hand rubbing against her face a little bit. She was right on many things and many things made sense but it still made her already pounding head pound harder.

Understand; I will not attempt with the vampire route, I mainly was curious about all else. And good, I was worried that if I got too stressed or something that I might trigger it early so it's a comfort to know that won't happen until the 5th. believe I would like to at least talk to other weres first and learn more. My life is already flipped but having options is nice; do you happen to know any larger weres? I personally would not ever want to put someone at risk given my one brief interaction with one and I don't want someone who's been helping me get hurt.

Thank you again;
Hinode Natsuki
Hi Hinode,

You got it. I know someone who might be able to send someone else your way to help.

In the meantime, if there's anything else you need, let me know.

This woman was very kind, she smiled a little bit but still she was rather confused on everything. It was just a lot to absorb in such a short period of time

Please then feel free to share my number [insert cell number] or email with them. I would greatly appreciate any assistance right now

You have done so much for me, I don't think I could bother you for any more. If you need something now or in the future please don't hesitate to ask me.

Thank you for your help
~Hinode Natsuki

Hi Hinode,

Sorry for the delay. I've gone ahead and passed along your information to my friend who knows someone (another large cat). Hopefully, she'll contact you soon.

In the meantime, be well. Eat well. Rest as much as you can. And if you need a friend, don't hesitate to contact me.

Was sat in her room eating some okay sushi; not the greatest but it was good enough as she worked on her computer when her phone binged. Setting her chopsticks down, she felt a mix of emotions between relief and some anxiety.

Thank you and please, it's alright. Please pass my thanks onto your friend.

I will and when I get things sorted out, I will contact you again. Thank you once more; perhaps when things are settled I can take you for a coffee as a thanks

Warm wishes and many thanks;
Hinode Natsuki

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