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Tati, I am sorry to disturb you but I have a pressing matter that I need help with. Do you know anything about curing a shifter infection?
The text was a surprise and one that made her eyes squint a bit
Please, don't apologize! And curing an infected shifter...that takes a group of psychics called a psychic pact. It is the only way that I have learned can cure of vampire or were infections but I am not sure how easy they are to find I'm afraid.
A pact of psychics. This was good information at least, now he knew that it might be possible. He would have to tell Natsuki and maybe have her help him check the internet.

Thank you, I will see if we can find a way to contact the psychics here.
You're most welcome. If you need anything else, please feel free to ask and I will see what I can find out
Strange question but not her place to pry. She'd just keep an eye out for more interesting texts from him.
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