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Once she figured out what she was going to do, she pulled out the long strip of butterfly stitches and decided to just dab the ointment on over the wounds as gently as possible before apply the bandages to close the skin together.

"After all this? I can comfortably say I'm taking a break from men...I might try the other side for the first time, " she admitted while she continued to bandage the belly hole up. It was looking a little funny but the torn flesh was realigning again so it was working spectacularly. Talking and working made things go by at an easy pace in her opinion.
Aha, there it was. Raziyya might have laughed, chuckled, anything — were she not in a delicate position to stay very still, especially at the gut. It was as much anticipation that caused her tension as it was whatever stray pain escaping the woman's care as she patched away.


"You'll like it more."
A dark brow lifted accompanied by a flirty smile.

"Really? Is it better? " she asked, unable to help but play a little now as she finished with the butterfly and straightened up to grab one of the larger bandages to cover it. It was extra security mainly, even if it might not be needed she didn't want to take a chance.

Peeling the back off, she'd apply it as smoothly as she could with one hand.

Belly done! Next was arm.
A held breath, just to steady her core for the bandage application before an answer.

But. What Raziyya wanted to do was reach for her chin and guide her to meeting her lips. Just a little soft lock in the process of recovery.

Fuck it. She was shirtless, god damn it, and had released some pent up tension in this fight. She reached her useful hand over to do exactly that.
To say Zara was expecting the touch was a big fat no. It would come as a surprise as she gripped the fresh gauze.

Daring to, she looked Noora right in the eyes and let her tug her close until her blood stained lips met hers.

Okay, she liked a woman taking charge like that. Using her good hand to steady herself, her lashes drooped as she'd attempt to deepen the kiss.
As always, the reminder of vampire blood was unpleasant. Raziyya persisted, however, akin to persisting through the stale breath of a living human. Given enough, they could thin it, dissolve it. Enjoy each other.

If anything, it was victory in itself, the way this brokenhearted woman returned interest to a greater degree. She chuckled into it this time, a sly smile as she kissed back.

Raziyya wanted to escalate a great many ways, all of them particularly foolish given the extent of their injuries. Lust could provide a distraction that would hurt worse after. But much like the fight, would it not be so damn savory while it lasted?

Her hand moved from her chin to caress the side of Zaharia's perfect, delicate face. As far as she recalled, she bore no injuries there. But it was to kiss her a few moments longer before pulling back to look at her very close, an expression of amusement.

"Now you can say your first time was taking advantage of a nude woman in a forest," she teased, meaning nothing negative by any of it.
Zara ignored the acrid taste that lingered on both of them; she was rather invested in her first kiss with a woman that she'd fought with. A healthy fight between two powerful woman- now that was a turn on right fucking there.

Feeling the smile had her using her teeth to deliver the lightest nip against her soft lower lip; that from what she could tell was not split at least so win!

When she touched the side of her face though, Zara just melted, a soft moan leaving her as she'd deeply missed affection of any sort and it showed as her body pressed a little more into the beautiful woman's space until she broke it off.

Zara had an amused smile on her face now, "I do believe the nude woman took advantage of the recently single woman, " she teased, "I do believe I have a bite mark to clean up on the alluringly beautiful nude woman though, " she said softly, her face leaning in for just a moment. She hadn't realized how touch starved she'd gotten over these last few months of being alone.
So her predation had been caught! Raziyya didn't hate it — self-aware prey meant that they wanted to be caught.

"Mm? Don't let me stop you," she let her eyes trail down along her side, wondering how far she'd let herself be pursued. For Raziyya, she preferred a tangle of sheets to actually fucking in the dirt. Not that she hadn't participated in such crudeness before — it would simply be nicer, especially if she was in fact a virgin to women.

Men were given less standards. She thought back to John for a moment, the routes he'd taken his enjoyment in. It was good he was dead.

Still, she had a free hand to be terrible with. So she used it to stroke down the side oF Zaharia that had not been gored, simply enjoying the freedom of being allowed to do so.
Oh that was sweet, she hadn't overly intended it to but then again, she'd not anticipated this sort of outcome before. If she wasn't hurting and both of them essentially down an arm, she'd be tossing everything out of the back of her jeep to continue.

The touch to her side had her leaning into her touch a bit as she reached with her good arm to pick up some of the soaked gauze pads and started to clean up her own bite mark on the woman.

Gross blood but now her mind went straight to wondering what nibbling her skin might be like. "Perhaps...once we are both not having limp arms...I can take you to a spa day...a soak and full body massage... " she was a sucker for those and that would give them both the time they needed to get right as rain again.
She spoke in trails, as if she was shy to make the offer. Raziyya was charmed enough. "We could," she answered more definitively. "We'd be watched, but perhaps you'd like to put on a show."

She could go either way with such things. In the end, it was quite easy to kill anyone who troubled them. Or come close to it.
Continued to clean up her bite mark left on her arm, internally grossed out with herself for even doing that to another vampire knowing how foul their blood is. A rather disgusting thing to add to what she's put into her mouth.

Smiling a little bit, "I'm not exactly the shy type, " at least with physical affections or her body. She had no problems being in public and showing it and she imagined that anyone in a spa might expect a little bit of frisky behavior if a pair came in that was already flirty.
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