Opal Wash A sparkly new location

Outfit!((boots and a coat on)) at this Place(not all furnished up, under some TLC) its here

Amira was excited, this property had popped up as available; it was close to the river and could be a nice little spot to drive to. She loved how the wilderness was lush around the space giving it a rustic vibe that matched the rest of Opal.

She hadn't wanted to bring the other tigers here yet, since she was pretty sure that they'd just go YES; especially Sabrina who was all excited and jazzed to be able to get stronger like herself. So, she'd asked if Frank wouldn't mind coming and giving his honest opinion. She had the file of the place in hand like an adult looking at the property would have- she felt like it, almost sixteen and with some help from her Ba she was going to get her first property!

It was exciting- even if she didn't understand half of what these papers said, she still read it.
A call from Amira was a welcome reprieve from the whirlwind that his life had spiraled into as of late. The exciting part of it was a surprise as he hadn’t expected a potential group hub for tigers to be a need. It was great news though as Amira deserved a bunch of other weres like her to hang out and have each other's back. He wasn’t sure what he’d do without his own, the companionship always welcome. That she’d want his opinion on the place was also not something he would’ve dreamed of and was honored Amira had even thought of him.

So, arriving at the time and place agreed upon, Frank was parked and was looking at a promising building.

Spotting Amira, he waved a hand and walked up with a grin. ”Hey, how’s it going?”
Amira perked right up at seeing the other jaguar leader approach, a happy bounce in her step as she walked over to him with a happy wave, "HIi It's going really good! How are you? " she asked him with a big smile.

It was nice to talk to Frank when she wasn't needing bandages or something to clean her up from a crazy incident that landed her hurting. She was whole and in one happy piece who was about to start an ambush and she was wildly excited for this!
Exuberance immediately and it was easy to push back any negativity that had clung onto him from home.

”Glad to hear it. I’m doing okay myself,” he responded, easily sweeping his own clouds under the rug. This was an exciting day and Amira wasn’t the person to dump all his woes on.

”So, you’re looking into a group hub,” he questioned, brows going up with a wide smile, hoping she’d add on.
That was good to hear, she liked Frank, he was really nice and had always treated her kindly- especially when he ended up being the one to patch up her injuries at fight night!

Nodding, "Yea...I managed to find or we all found each other...but more tigers and the topic of groups came up and they agreed and said it would be okay for me to lead them...won't lie I'm a little scared and nervous because I've never done that before but like...I've really missed that connection, " she told him. There was hope in her voice. Hope that she'd do well and so she'd found this place and here they were. Checking it out and seeing what was what.

"So I thought this place, a nice little cafe surrounded by wilderness was the safest spot for tigers, " big cats need big spaces!
‘We’! So there were definitely more than just her and he was ecstatic for this update, finding it wonderful that they were all wanting to group up together. That they wanted her to be leader had him surprised, but in a good way as he listened, wanting to hear everything before cutting in.

He looked towards the space and back to her. ”I think the idea’s perfect. I can’t wait to see inside.”

A hand would go to her shoulder and squeeze. ”And how awesome that you’re going to be a leader, you’ll be great I’m sure of it.”
"Oh! Come on in. They need to finish cleaning up the inside but it's nice and cozy inside, " she told him as she'd lead him to the front door. Using the key she had, she'd open the door up and let him go inside.

There were boxes that had display shelves inside the boxes, the walls still needed to be painted and the back was a bit of a mess.

"Really? I'm so nervous, I've never done anything like that before- how do you do it? " she asked him curiously as she flicked the light on. The electricity at least was working!
Spurred on by her excitement and his own curiosity, Frank followed closely. They’d meet a door, it soon opening and pushed to the side to let them in. Boxes welcomed the duo, the smell of wood and cleaner, but also stale air of a building having not been used in a while.

Stepping in, it was immediately apparent how big the space actually was, promise easily spoken into each wall especially as the light brightened the space.

”I hadn’t either,” he assured with a reassuring smile. ”I just… well,” Frank looked back towards Amira, getting his thoughts in order. ”I focus on what’s best for everyone who put their faith in me to lead and try to do right by them one day at a time.”
Amira listened, chewing her lower lip a little bit as she listened to him tell her how he went about it.

"I...I honestly am a little scared they might regret having me lead them; even if I'm doing my best...I was never turned like all of them so I can't really relate on certain things, " she told him as she brought him over to one of her favorite spots that was nothing but glass. It gave a perfect view of the river not too far away and had a nice clear view all around.

Here she was planning on putting a rounded seating area for everyone to enjoy this view.
Being scared only made sense and was one of those things that was reassuring to hear. A leader who was too full of themselves to run things perfectly wasn’t always for the best. And, oh, wait… Hold on. There was a chunk of information he wasn't following and felt entirely new.

He followed as they went further inside to a room that appealed, easy to feel as if it would be especially perfect when the sun shone more in the day again.

”What do you mean… you were never turned like them? Like bitten?” Had she been a weird case like him with vomit or spit or some other fluid?
The question had her looming at him a bit confused for answer but then realizing she may not have told him that she'd been born like this and had never been turned.

"I was born a tiger, no bites or saliva...none of that. My ba was bitterly and my mamma but she went on to have myself and my brother...so yea... I've always been like this," she told him, explaining her family a little but to him

It was normal to her so she still had to get used to others not thinking its normal.
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