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Running errands had taken Brooke off to Cheyenne, grumbling against the cold the whole way. Bundled up against the wind helped, but god. Thankfully, her car was parked just a few blocks away and soon she’d be defrosting in the warmth the heater.

Upon turning a corner, a massive building with lion statues out front found Brooke slowing Hadn’t she’d been here like one or two years ago? She’d run into a guy who helped work the place, new were like her and all. Mmm… Maybe, he’d be here?

Climbing up the steps, she was soon opening the door and entering the empty lobby that smelled of floor polish, the welcome heat giving reprieve from the outdoors. There was a faint tinkling of music down the hall, maybe rehearsals? Curious and coyote pinning its ears close, she began looking around. Picking up some advertisements, Brooke snuck up higher and made to try to find an entry to the theater from her memory.

Pushing open a big black door, its hinges softly letting her by, she got darkness and then a sudden cacophony of sound as something fell towards Brooke. With a yelp, she jumped back, mop and buckets falling to the floor loudly. Whelp, wrong door.
The reason that Oliver was here was beginning to escape him. He was pretty sure he'd come here to check on a showing for someone, but who had that been? Oscar? Agostina? That didn't make a whole lot of sense. No, maybe he'd just wandered in here after a daily run. Would make sense considering the workout gear he was wearing. But it scared him just a little bit.

Not knowing why he was standing in the lobby of this theater made him feel vulnerable. As if he'd lost some piece of his memory within a second. He tried to run through the day he'd had in a moment's notice. He'd woke up, he'd eaten at home and listened to a bit of Jordan's podcast, then he went for a run and -


A huge noise broke him from his deep thinking and his glance turned towards the sound. It wasn't far from it, but he couldn't see what it was. Was someone here before him? Had he come before? Who knew.

"Hello?" He called out, letting the brain fog drift to be thought about at a different time.
Staring at the mess, cursing at herself silently, she was just about to grab a handle of a mop when someone called out, causing her to jump.
Brooke looked off to the side, squinting, steps definitely heard. It could be another person visiting if she was lucky. At worst though, he worked here and causing this kinda thing wasn’t exactly the greatest reason to let her stay. Well shit.

”Things’re fine. Stuff just fell out of a closet.”
Oliver looked towards the voice with confusion. He moved forward towards the sound without really heeding what could be happening. It wasn't exactly closed so his fear was really unprecedented, but it was still a vice he had to overcome. Rubbing the back of his neck he rounded the corner to see Brooke near the closet and the cataclysm of janitorial slaughter that she had caused.

"You're not hurt are you?" He asked with a kind smile, though a twinge of laughter tugged at the edges of his lips.
He just got closer, apparently her words doing little to help the situation. She just had to try for a side door and not the main one. Dumb.

At his voice, she looked up, worried which then flattened out ot annoyance at the look he made. ”I’m fine,” she grumbled out, moving to put the mop back into the closet and then grabbing a couple of brooms next. ”Guess the door gave way.” Not true, but he didn’t need to know Brooke had been checking out doors.
She seemed to be less amused by the situation than he. Maybe he should have shown a little more empathy for her misfortune. Oh shit, did it come across like he found her pain amusing? Oh Jesus.

"Sorry uh, I guess I shouldn't be just barging in on..." What was he barging in on, exactly? "Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were good."
Barging? Did he work here or????? Unclear, the brooms went into a slight clacking of wood against wall.

”I’m good, seriously,” Brook reassured, giving a smile and everything. ”I’ll get it all squared away again.” Sorry!
Oliver had a burst of something incredible. More something incredibly strange. He just wanted to ask her one question because he didn't know the answer to it. The impulse just came to him.

"Do you, uh," He looked around. "Do you know why I'm here?"

He regretted it the moment it left his lips, but the deed was done.
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