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Frisbees lightly tugged at his memory of the cheetahs and jaguars doing a get together several years back. It was one of those moments that really put into light how much time had passed and how much hadn’t at all. And as he passed the frisbee off to Andy and back, really he found himself able to slowly loosen up throughout the event. It was nice, being around new faces and old. With Abraham and Asha here, it even brought back good golden tanned ones of bbqs and swimming together, though this time the jaguar was easily in its element and Frank nowadays much more comfortable.

With Andy tapping out though, that left Frank with a frisbee in hand and still energy to go. Finding an unfamiliar face, he walked up to someone who seemed not especially tied up at the moment. ”Think I could convince you into a game of frisbee?”
Grant was just fascinated.

The prowl was big, he'd known that. But the fact that there was another, littler one? WILD. Absolutely just... what! They seemed nice. Young dude and that super white chick were fine. But what really had Grant's sideways interest was the old guy. The King.

He'd never met a King before. And while it wasn't really any different from a Queen... it also was.

So he was very !!! and also pleased when the guy approached. Grant grinned, partially real, partially like his face got stuck like this while trying to process that this incredibly important man who had a prowl all his own was talking to him like... casual like!

"Hey, yeah, absolutely. I'm Grant."
A smile broke out onto his own face at the guy not turning him down. Frank wouldn’t have to throw in the towel and figure out some other game just yet.

”Frank,” he supplied back, offering a hand to shake. The panther would have zero restraint once contact was made, quickly shooting forward to sniff in all its weight, paw at the ready to smack if needed.

”You were at fight night, right?” As much as he couldn’t exactly place him, there was a thrum of familiarity now that he’d had a moment to place him.
Frank, what a name for a guy who looked like this. Older but... well, Grant had to admit to himself that he was in his own forties and calling other people old like this was probably ill advised when he'd be there soon enough. Ugh, yikes. Anyway!

There was a tense moment between male jaguars. Not exactly unfriendly, but it was easy to become a bit star struck and uneasy at the same time in such a presence. Grant's handshake was firm and held fast to allow the interaction even as inside he was sniffing back, sunk lower and deferring to the other's power.

At least he was getting used enough to this kind of power being real and tangible so he could listen and respond without stammering hard through it. "Yep. Fought some wiry little wolf chick." Katya, he remembered, and would not forget. Not anytime soon. Really needed to see how she'd healed up, honestly.
No smacking needed, the jaguar relaxed at the display and offered a long sigh. On the outside though, Frank was nothing more than himself, simply happy to meet another new face.

As his hand pulled aware from the sure shake, he laughed at the description of the wolf, easily clocking her. ”She’ll keep you on your toes even outside the ring,” he grinned.
"Doesn't surprise me at all!" What did surprise him was the fact that he'd beaten her at all, considering. But he loved a hard won victory. Sighing with a smile of satisfaction as the recollection

"What does surprise me is you! Didn't even realize there was a King around town. You guys are in Alameda, right?" That was what he'd heard since he'd been made aware of them in the first place.
He was surprising?

Ah, well, he hadn’t exactly ventured too much downtown as of late so that made sense. It was another good reason for this event, get too know each other more. His prowl were out and about, but they were small which didn’t exactly increase the odds of bumping shoulders with other jaguars that often.

”Yeah, good ‘ol Alameda. The cheetahs are there with us as well.”
"Hey, that's cool." They'd had raccoons for a while, allegedly, but Grant had never seen any of them before that went belly up. Bonus vampires! Which Grant just made a point of not worrying himself over. They never seemed invited to anything anyway. "Alameda is a pretty nice spot. I got enough of big city living growing up so I'm just in Starling Hills." More happenstance than choice, but he did find he preferred suburban vibes.
Honestly, Grant’s summation of the set up was nice and it was the sort of conversation easily leaned into.

The feeling of having enough with the big city was more than understood by Frank and he nodded along. ”Yeah? I looked at houses over there, almost bought one a few years back,” he said, agreeing with liking it. ”Are you from Ridgefield originally?”
That put a grin on the younger man, a rise to his shoulders as he made the confession people this far west almost never expected. "Nope. Born and raised DC." And then just outside of it when being inside of it had become less of an option due to prowl things. He was glad to have that sort of worry well behind him. He felt so light around other jaguars.
DC! That hadn’t been on his list of guesses and his brows moved up in surprise.

He moved the frisbee to his other hand, question already popping up to chase understanding here.

”I don’t think I’ve met anyone from there before. Why head west?” He was genuinely curious as Colorado from DC was a huge jump.
"My uh... sire, he had a property out here. And well, we weren't really all that welcome around DC, far as prowls go. Well, he wasn't. And I'm with him, so me either. But it's all good, decided we'd try our luck here and it's been even more than I was counting on." Case in point, there were so many genuinely incredibly nice jaguars around here. Really, the meanest one was Baru himself!
His sire had found it best out here, Grant coming along for the ride. The tense as if the sire were still in the picture had him curious, wondering if the man was a part of Asha’s prowl as well. There was a big possibility and the agreeable relationship being hinted at was still strange to run into at least from a jaguar perspective. It was interesting to be honest, especially since he’d never even gotten to know his sire and hardly felt any kind thoughts towards him.

”That’s great to hear. I’m glad it worked out for you and you seem to be getting along well.”
"Yeah, me too, man. You don't know how long I waited to get to know other jaguars. Too damn long in coming." He clapped his hands together in a sort of finality. "You been around here a long time, then?"

They could play a game, definitely, but Grant was too curious to not keep talking.
It’d apparently been a long goal to get to meet others like him and here he was, part of a big prowl meeting yet another one. Surely, Grant was no doubt having a great time today all things considered and he was happy for him.

”It sure feels like it sometimes. I moved here in twenty eighteen.”
"Half a decade." Great observation, that one. "Man, I am excited to be able to say I've been here ages, too. You want to toss that frisbee back and forth a bit? Got a lot of energy, surrounded by all these cats."

He was definitely doing a shift later.
Well, when you said it like that, that certainly added some weight to it. Half a decade. How had time flown so quickly? And apparently, Gus an experienced were too which made sense based on the way he carried and talked of himself.

Offering the frisbee in question, he laughed. ”Yeah, that’s what I was hoping for.” Just a slight tease and humor in one as he began to step away so they could find a place to throw it.

What better way was there to get to know someone than to play, right? A jaguar knew that better than most.
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