Las Almas It’s all downhill from here
She probably could’ve invited herself in, but Katya was of the mind that food usually came after plans. Unless the plans were food. So…

you got mail?

Texted from the front of Cam’s place, where she was perched on a rock by the mailbox. Bare knees hugged to her chest, cracked phone clutched in hand.

outfit with converse



Two squinted eyes peeked out from shitty, half-busted blinds. To see...a body by the mail box. Quickly Cam grabbed jeans that had been strewn along the floor from last night. Jumping and wiggling into them before they busted out the door.


Complete disregard for apartment dwelling neighbors as Cam made their merry way to Katya's perched spot.


Despite all the supernatural powers that came with her, Katya was exactly oblivious enough to not see any peeking behind the blinds. Instead she waited, rhythmically swaying her feet up and down, until Cam burst out with all the energy she could’ve hoped for.

Katya enlivened immediately. Grinning, she cackled noisily and, still seated, spread her arms and legs open for a cosy fucking hug. ”Wait, lemme sign for it,” she added, attempting to sneak her free hand under Cam’s hoodie and tickle their waist lightly. Katya could be gentle when feelings were involved.


Cam squirmed against the sudden onslaught of tickling and the whines of nooOoOOooo grew tenfold in that moment. Although they did reach back to try and smoosh them into a hug together. As if being too close would halt the tickles!

"Missed you."
Cute. She ceased tickling to properly wrap her arms around Cam, with her head to the fabric of their hoodie, and her phone clutched precariously between palm and outer fingers. ”Missss’d you too,” Katya said. Aaaand squeeze.

Barely a second passed before she adjusted again, angling her face up. ”So where we riding?”

It was good and they were well beyond the point of cat protesting about dog. At least like this.

"Where?! Babe, we gotta get you to ride the parking lot before we go anywhere." Squeezed! Then released, good to go for now. "C'mon."

Cam meant to now meander and grab the bike from somebody's parking shelter that they kept it under.
Ohhhhh. Awwww. Yeah, being sensible was a thing, she guessed. Katya wouldn’t argue mostly because she got babe’d in the process, and that was as cooling as a dip on a hot summer’s day.

”Cooooming,” she obeyed, tucking her phone into her thrifted bum bag. ”You gotta bell on this thing?”
"Bells are second grade."

Whatever the fuck that meant! They still grinned, delighted with their own joke.

"But! It does have like a little...bottle holder thing. Probably meant for water bottles but it's definitely multi-functional."

And there the biked beauty was!
Katya trailed after them, scoffing.

”Mmm-hmm. Definitely.” She stopped beside the bike, quiet for a second, before a wolfishly scrutinising look developed on her face. With a decisive and happy pat to the seat, she said: ”I dunno if my ass reaches that high, babe.”
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