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Cloud Cove Prowl

Jaguars • The Cove • founded March 2020

Located on the northern end of the city, the Cove's grey granite brick exterior blends inconspicuously with the surrounding buildings. Inside however, the swim club is immediately serene and welcoming. Locker rooms are equipped with easy-to-use digital lockers, so no one ever needs to worry about bringing their own lock. The main pool is large, and features a painted night sky mural on the ceiling, adding to the location's relaxing ambiance.

One of the walls of the main pool has been cut out into several viewing windows. Downstairs is a "hidden" bar open three nights a week; during these nights, the main pool is closed and used to put on mermaid shows and underwater cabarets instead. The bar serves themed cocktails and seafood.

But the Cove also features another pool in the back of the building with quite a different ambiance: here a frosted glass ceiling lets natural light in, and surrounding the water are large rocks, plants, and waterfall formations. This pool is open at all times and is specifically were-only, and shifted swims are welcome. Keycard access is required to get to this pool and the were-only locker rooms.

Additional keycard access is required to access the Prowl's lounge, adjacent to the were locker rooms. The lounge is stocked with comfortable couches, a TV, and a bar and kitchen.

Cloud Cove Prowl is a group of jaguars looking to rule the city and provide a progressive, comfortable home for their kind. The prowl is led by the ambitious and protective Asha Rao. This is not her first rodeo with leadership, but she is looking to move past the past and embrace the future with those who support her — and fight back against the prejudices that have settled against weres since their outing.

  • Living in Ridgefield is not required, but make time for each other. Hang out. Keep an eye on the city together. A close-knit group is a strong group.
  • Weres may reside in Ridgefield after meeting with the Queen.
  • Maintain good relations with Rhiannon Court Vampires; respect the alliance.
  • Vampires from Eventide District Clutch are exclusively not permitted in the city at all. Do not engage in confrontation with any vampires, period — alert the group and let Asha handle it.
  • Do not look any vampires in the eye no matter where they are from.
  • Turnings happen. Let the prowl know so they can take care of you and whoever you've infected.
  • Openness about yourself is selectively encouraged; outing someone else or talking about the were-only areas of the Cove to a non-were is absolutely not. Above all, be careful who you tell. Feel it out, know who you're talking to, and let Asha know if anything goes wrong.


Queen: Asha Rao
Second: Barukh Rakah

Ranks & Roles

Guardian: Abraham Barlet


Axel HohltElena ÁlvarezGrant ArcherJaya ChandraGus Barnes

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