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Asha and Jaime cross paths at an art event. He questions her on the library incident, and she gives her opinion on Sayed. It ends politely.
Mainumbi takes Ryn out for her first hunt as a vampire on the new moon! Ryn does surprisingly well and is embracing this new life as a vampire with her sister-sire!
Beauregard executes a horrific plan to punish Tempest for defying him. Tempest makes a bold final stand, but with Raziyya's help, Monty is left unconscious, Samiel is left suggested, and Tempest does not survive.
Tempest informs Beauregard that Samiel will become a vampire. But a multi leveled miscommunication builds until Tempest is pressed to admit she prioritizes her own over the clutch. Beauregard expels her; Tempest challenges him back.
Warrior Yara comes across a stuck Ender and tries to ends up with her having to be a living reptile claw machine to grab him and pull the spazzing vampire out to safety.
Dove and Zelda finally meet again, but things don’t go the way that everyone wanted.
Rika and Grace get together to practice pushing their limits in the wake of failing to pact with Vanessa. Both manage to get a bit better!
Cassidy, Grace, and Joseph hang around towards the later half of Ted and Richard's party. They unwind and uplift one another until a suggestion leaves hurt feelings and regret running on all sides.
Kara and Wallace arrive at fight night on the sound waves of Shakira and learn more about each other’s weaknesses – scary things.
Mainumbí and Aurore welcome Ryn to the undead club.
Theo meets Ruth who suggests they'd have two drunk clubgoers for dinner. Unfortunately, the situation seems a bit too similar to Theo's traumatic turning, causing him to bloodlust and injure two people in the neighbourhood of MUSE.
On a new moon, Kai mistakes a hungry vampire's car for her own. After an explosive altercation, Seven is left to face the consequences with one less eye, and Kai still doesn't know where her car is.