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Asha and Jaime cross paths at an art event. He questions her on the library incident, and she gives her opinion on Sayed. It ends politely.
Asha tells Nika about what happened at Sayed's library, steps down from queen, and unexpectedly de-levels as a result. Nika is hurt, but supportive and strong.
Blair gets a surprise patron at her booth; Asha. After nearly a year of zero contact, the both of them are able to talk a little and laugh. In the end, Blair gives Asha a piece of art while Asha hugs Blair and meets her jaguar for the first time!
Jacky tries to go to a pawn shop to buy a knife, and instead gets bullied mercilessly by double royalty! Also, Pete and Asha get a chance to reconnect after a long hiatus.
In the wake of Cloud Cove's guardian leaving, Asha and Katya spearhead an effort to find Yuna. They eventually end up at Nightshade, learn tidbits about the owner, and leave safely glued to one another.
Though Levka and Asha are both suffering the abandonment of some of those they'd considered dear, they find comfort in common ground. Friends? Not really. But something. Maybe a vampire's worst nightmare.
Indira's jaguar is welcomed into the world.
Axel talks to Gabriel about what he is and things are generally a dumpster fire.
Abraham comes over to Asha's to discuss memories.Through various detours, they talk about him maybe part-timing it in the prowl in the future, marriage, therapy, and cultural differences in love. At the end, they celebrate the festival of lights together.
Nika comes to check in on Asha after an uncomfortable text with Beauregard. Asha checks in on Nika's well-being too. Both realize they have to learn to rely on each other more.
Beauregard tells Asha about a group of jaguars living in downtown. They both know it isn't news to her, and the dominus tests to see what boundaries he can push in her territory.
After finding a drunk Axel in the bathroom of a bar, Rhett gains information that was probably best left private.