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Katherine managed to get herself a date with ZhiLan
-Lexa White
Zoya invites her near-estranged sister, Safiya, to dinner. The vampire struggles with facing a remnant of her human life and also keeping down sushi.
Elizabeth sweeps into Olivia's life revealing herself to be a former lover/sire of one of Olivia's grandparents.
-Lexa White
A full moon shift confirms a suspicion of Abraham's: Asha has regressed as a were.
During a pool party, a Dominus leads three of his Clutch members on a scientific expedition into the question; can blood be microwaved?
Kheira finds herself in the company of an injured Tally. Permanently. The two now live together due to the scary persuasiveness of Tally.
Rose tries to take a photo of an unimpressed Ginger at the drugstore, who retaliates by stealing Rose's phone, throwing peanut butter at her, farting, and by whacking her with a stick. It's perfectly humiliating.
Amira and Ingrid get paired up on fight night! Both exchange several blows that knock each other a bit silly until one wins! Both are friendly at the end and urge each other other to heal up...perhaps a round two in the future??
Instead it turned out it was about were babies. And how Abraham doesn't want them. And Asha does. And now he secretly wants to break up with her because he feels sorry for ruining her life. Everything sad :(
A very excited Grant returns home to tell Barukh that he's found a jaguar. Not only that, there should be more of them downtown. They make plans to make themselves... findable.
Natalie follows Dante out of the Pack’s party to make sure everything’s alright and the two talk and bond a bit.
When Sokol is spontaneously dragged into the ring at fight night to replace Lorena's missing opponent, he finds himself on the receiving end of a hyena's surprising rage. Everyone has a bad time.