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While attending a spring festival with Charlie, Isolde makes an unexpected confession: she's been thinking about maybe wanting a kid?!
Alby and Imran meet Sayed at his library's opening night. Though they clear up some misunderstanding and have an agreeable--if awkward--interaction, the Eventide vampires are left perplexed and cautious by things unsaid between the lines.
Grace and Rika happen to meet Zelda at the faux charity event. Powers are used, voluntarily and involuntarily, obviously and in secret - and thanks to Rika, they come a step closer to finding out who cheated them all.
A caterer meets a crooked cop and concludes with concocting a cautious cover-up.
Mateo encounters Esperanza while in search of a sense of direction. She does not have all the answers, but their shared experiences and her words of wisdom leave him with feeble hope.
The new moon brings with it a surprise in a bloodlusting rogue after a car crash and Catrina makes quick work to clean up the mess before bringing the vampire back to the Collection to question the next night.
What began as an announcement of a loathsome crime became a risky play and eventually a full blown speech, suggesting Tiffer's been watching too many Captain America films.
Abraham calls Dakila to catch up after the jaguar's run-in with the STF (and a fox). They reassure each other of difficult choices made recently and months ago.
After finishing up with Kaida, Devin checks in with Catrina as promised. The conversation quickly turns tense as lines of disrespect are crossed and the two don't see eye to eye.
Jacky attempts to find a distraction on the New Moon, unknowingly in the wrong town. Mathis is there to violently escort him, though not all of him makes it out of the city.
Ryn get's a bit too sassy with a new moon hangry vampire who basically destroys her wrist and Ryn nopes herself out of there in the nick of time!
Sienna kindly offers to help a broken and burned Halrand after finding him post-shift. The fox, ever opportunistic, takes whatever help he can get to distance himself from the murderous encounter he is fleeing.