Humans and Psychics
Psychic Pacts
Experienced psychics have the power to form a metaphysical bond called a pact. Pacts bring psychics together to strengthen their abilities, ward off potential turnings, and more! Psychics in the presence of other members of their pact are likely to feel more in touch with and in control of their abilities. Pacts are tight-knit groups built on bonding of the members, and the magic that binds them is based on this closeness. Pacts can only sustain three or four members because of the close nature of this bond and magic.

Pacts do not claim territories or have ranks or formal leadership. It is not possible to sense if another psychic is in a pact.

Pact benefits

Being part of a pact offers several straightforward benefits. These benefits occur even if other members of the pact are not nearby. They are:
  • Increased hit chance when using psychic abilities
  • Increased healing to twice the speed of a human
  • Reduced chance of being vampirically suggested
  • Ability to metaphysically determine specifically if someone is a psychic, vampire, or shifter (with practice/time spent correlating how they metaphysically sense a person with what they learn the supernatural to be)

Pact powers

Members of a pact can also come together to perform powerful metaphysical feats. Performing these abilities requires all members of the pact to be in physical contact, focusing their metaphysical energy together for one specific cause. (How your individual pact accomplishes this is up to you.) After using one of these powers, psychics are likely to feel exhausted for up to a few days as a result!

Ability swapping
Once every three months, pact members can come together to trade up to one power with another member. These trades are permanent unless, after three months, this process is performed again to trade back. (Not all members of a pact are required to trade a power, but all are required to be present to facilitate the process.) This cannot be done accidentally.

Infection and turning reversal for psychics in the same pact
Once every two months, pacts can reverse the were infection or vampire transitioning process in one of their members. This must be done before that psychic shifts into a were on their first full moon or fully turns into a vampire on their first new moon.

Infection and turning reversal for humans
Once every six months, pacts can reverse the were infection or vampire transitioning process in one human. This must be done before that human shifts into a were on their first full moon or fully turns into a vampire on their first new moon. This ability applies only to humans and not psychics outside of the pact.

Suggestion lifting
When all members of a pact are within six feet of one another, any suggestions placed on any pact member are temporarily nullified. If one member of the group leaves this boundary of proximity, the "lifting" effect vanishes for all members of the pact. This ability cannot bring back erased or altered memories.

Forming a pact

Pacts are made of at least three and up to four psychics. Inexperienced psychics (those who have been a psychic for less than six months of their life) cannot join a pact, as they lack the metaphysical control to form such a bond.

To attempt to form a pact, psychics must first complete the following threads:
  • Two threads where at least two future members both utilize their powers
  • One thread where all future members of the pact utilize their powers
After these threads are complete, the psychics can begin the process of making the pact. This requires an hour of sustained physical touch (hold hands, boop each other’s noses, just don’t let go or the attempt fails!) and focused metaphysical energy. All psychics will suffer the side effects of their powers (even if not using them) during this time, and this may be enough to force members to abandon an attempt if they’re too inexperienced or not healthy enough going in. They can always try again later and do not have to redo any of the creation threads.

How much you choose to let these side effects dissuade your characters is up to you, but a first (or second, or third…) failed attempt can make for exciting drama.

Once this process is complete, the pact is officially formed! If it formed with four members, no more can be added. If it formed with three members, an additional member can be added by completing the following threads:
  • Two threads where they utilize their powers with at least one other member of the pact
  • One thread where the pact performs the creation process again, this time including the new member

Leaving or dissolving a pact

Leaving a pact can be done at any time by choosing to sever the metaphysical bond shared with other members. However, it comes with a cost. A psychic willingly leaving a pact will lose one of their abilities for a month. (Psychics with more than one ability will have that power chosen via RNG! Hit up a staffer to complete this roll.)

Pacts can also choose to expel a member if the remaining members agree to do so unanimously. However, if a pact of three expels a member, the remaining members "kicking out" that psychic will suffer the loss of one ability for a month as a consequence of deliberately breaking the pact.

If a pact drops to two members at any time, they have up to two months to gather a new member. The remaining members lose all pact benefits that require a full group to complete (preventing a turning, swapping abilities, overcoming previously made suggestions) but do not suffer the loss of a power. To add a third member again, that new incoming member must complete the threads listed above for adding a new pact member.